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Dr. Ben Carson: From my devotional. (God is a nice guy).

As I’ve done in the past I like to share from my devotional. A few of them have been from Dr. Ben Carson and have always been inspirational, thought provoking to me causing me to ponder my own walk and to look inside and helpful in tough and dark time’s in my walk. This devotional was given to me by my father years ago, way before Ben Carson became a public figure or Presidential candidate . Sharing these posts from him I think would help to get to know him apart from the “Lame Stream Media’s” agenda, spin and other political sources and references and share a rare look at the man’s heart and faith if you’v never had the pleasure before.

I would be very comfortable with this man running the country along with my favorites of the Republican candidates, Fiorina, and of course love Ted Cruz. Personally I think both Carson and Cruz are godly, faithful men and we could do a lot worse with theses guy’s in charge. They both have a clear record on what they believe and stand for. Florina would be a good leader too, I voted for here when she ran in California and I think she is faithful and her sharing of her faith has been truthful though I do not agree with her on her comment’s last night on the talk show when she said ” a Muslim shouldn’t be prevented from serving as president “ I think that was a “Politically Correct” answer.

Though I may agree with most of what Trump say’s in regard to immigration, the border and the way he has forced the conversation to the front of issues we are facing today that need to be dealt with. I think we’v had enough of a prideful arrogant, divisive leader for quite sometime. No doubt he’s a good business man and if he were to get elected I think it would be a sad commentary on our nation, showing the world we are hateful, childish, arrogant, a generation of me, me, me and screw the rest of you. I respect and agree with what Scott Walker did and said yesterday another godly man! “I believe that I am being called to lead by helping to clear the field in this race so that a positive, conservative message can rise to the top of the field,” Walker said. “… I encourage other Republican presidential candidates to consider doing the same so that the voters can focus on a limited number of candidates who can offer a positive, conservative alternative to the current front-runner.”  That’s my two cents anyway, moving on to the devotional. BTW on subject of politics’s one of the most excellent tool’s I use fro none bias look at politicians  is VoteSmart.org , give it a try.

“The Love of the Father” Author: Dr. Ben Carson.

“ABOUT my faith in God, I want to express a few heartfelt thoughts that may sound simplistic or irreverent. As I continue to develop my relationship with him , I have discovered that God is a nice guy.

 I confess that while growing up, I had bought into the concept of God as a stern individual who busily jots down in a book every mistake we make, so that on Judgment Day he can call us up and point to each one, saying “Why did you do this? I know you did this,” and then divulge to everybody present the unpraiseworthy actions of our lives.

 I have slowly matured, and have experienced God’s help in many crises. I have come to realize the God does not want to punish us but, rather, to fulfill our lives. God created us, loves us, and want’s to help us to realize our potential so that we can be useful to others.

 The relationship that God wants with me became particularly clear to me after Candy and I had children of out own. I realized how much I love my sons and how much I want for them. Of course I want them to be successful, and want to give them everything I can to make them happy. And I realized that God loves me even more than I love my own children.

 I cannot give my children everything, but I try to arrange their environment so that they can learn to stand on their own feet, to respect others and to become valuable citizens. 

 If I lavish everything on them, they will never reach those goals, but as long as my children know that I love them- that I will stand behind them and do everything within my power to assure their success in life, I feel that I have done what I can for them. They will develop confidence in my love for them and will know that I only want good for them.

 As I have considered my relationship with my sons, it makes it clear to me the relationship that God wants with me and with all the children he has created in the world.” 

Been there, through that and still maturing. Though I don’t have children of my own I have nephews and nieces. I’m 50 something and about 22 years old as a Christian,( still young and growing) I tried and and I can only hope and pray what I’ve shared with them when they where young and coming up would be pleasing in your eyes Lord and help them some how on their journey and relationship with you.

Again I wouldn’t mind having a man with a heart and knowledge like this running the show for a while, especially after what we’ve been through these past seven years and opposed to the “front runner” now. Wouldn’t it be a nice change?

God bless America and you!

It’s not just the sin and perversion of homosexuality. Redefining Marriage.

There can be no doubt that homosexuality is a sin and a perversion of the original design, especially when it comes to redefining marriage. Matthew 19:4-5 King James Version (KJV) 4 “And he answered and said unto them, Have ye not read, that he which made them at the beginning made them male and female,And said, For this cause shall a man leave father and mother, and shall cleave to his wife: and they twain shall be one flesh?” But that’s what satin does, he perverse s and call’s into question anything God does or say’s. “‘Did God really say that you must not eat from any tree in the garden?” ( Bible verses about Marriage ) Progressivism is a cult and of the devil. It all has to do with the original sin of pride and wanting to be god’s. The very reason satin was thrown out of heaven and to the earth, pride, he wanted to be God. ( Why did God allow Satan and the demons to sin? ) From their founding fathers who also believe in “Population Control” BTW and channeling spirits for guidance. Progressives, truly do believe that through science they can become god’s, through government and legislation they know best and all anyone else has to do is conform. I’ve done the research and posted about it, if you would only take the time to research it for yourself you’d see the difference between their cult and God is that God allows choices/freewill, where progressives do not and attack relentlessly those that oppose their beliefs or opinions. They’v been at “The fundamental change of America” for some time, some say 100 years at least but in 1962 when they got prayer banned in the public schools they went main stream and they’v been at the business of removing God from society ever since. Their agenda should have been realized. Sad for us it wasn’t or no one thought how devastating that small step would be. I’m sure that there had to be people sounding the alarm bells but like now and since 2008 no one payed attention. They where and are to caught up in the sin of pride, me, me, me and only me matters and what can you do for me. Who has time for God when it’s all about me. Let me be clear here. Though the “Cult” and perversion is of the devil most of the people behind it are lost, though some know exactly what the are doing. But there is hope for the lost.

John 3:16-21Modern English Version (MEV) 16 “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish, but have eternal life. 17 For God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world, but that the world through Him might be saved. 18 He who believes in Him is not condemned. But he who does not believe is condemned already, because he has not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God. 19 This is the verdict, that light has come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil. 20 For everyone who does evil hates the light and does not come to the light, lest his deeds should be exposed. 21 But he who does the truth comes to the light, that it may be revealed that his deeds have been done in God.”  

And as far as Christians are concerned it’s NOT the people behind all this, Ephesians 6:12-18Easy-to-Read Version (ERV) 12 “Our fight is not against people on earth. We are fighting against the rulers and authorities and the powers of this world’s darkness. We are fighting against the spiritual powers of evil in the heavenly places. 13 That is why you need to get God’s full armor. Then on the day of evil, you will be able to stand strong. And when you have finished the whole fight, you will still be standing.”

14 “So stand strong with the belt of truth tied around your waist, and on your chest wear the protection of right living. 15 On your feet wear the Good News of peace to help you stand strong. 16 And also use the shield of faith with which you can stop all the burning arrows that come from the Evil One. 17 Accept God’s salvation as your helmet. And take the sword of the Spirit—that sword is the teaching of God. 18 Pray in the Spirit at all times. Pray with all kinds of prayers, and ask for everything you need. To do this you must always be ready. Never give up. Always pray for all of God’s people.”  So our fight is in the heavenly s in prayer, “against the rulers and authorities and the powers of this world’s darkness. We are fighting against the spiritual powers of evil in the heavenly places.”  

Also walk with integrity in our own homes, walk the walk. Choose leaders that do the same and understand the the principals of the founding fathers of this once great nation, Judaeo Christian principals and values. As I’ve said in other post’s I’ve started reading the bible over again and am in the Old Testament. You want to know what causes a nation or people to fall? NOT following God’s directions  rejecting His guidance and warnings. The bible say’s, Romans 15:4  “For everything that was written in the past was written to teach us, so that through the endurance taught in the Scriptures and the encouragement they provide we might have hope”. 1 Corinthians 10:11 “These things happened to them as examples and were written down as warnings for us, on whom the culmination of the ages has come”.

“For whatsoever things were written aforetime were written for our learning, that we through patience and comfort of the scriptures might have hope.” (Romans 15:4)

“Let no modern Christian ever think that he can ignore the Old Testament and base all his faith and practice on just the twenty-seven books of the New Testament, as vital as they are. Even the apostle Paul, who wrote more of the New Testament than anyone else, depended heavily on the Old Testament Scriptures for his exposition of the New Testament doctrines he had received “by the revelation of Jesus Christ” (Galatians 1:12). Read more,  Written for Our Learning

From Apologetics Press , What Use is the Old Testament? and, Only the Creator has the Right to Define Marriage 

Well, that’s my two cent’s for now. Check out these headlines and then what the bible has to say about all this. CONTENT WARNING: IMAGES FROM THIS WEEKEND’S GAY PRIDE PARADES



The Unlikely Turning Point in the Same Sex Marriage Battle

What Life Is Like When Children of Gay Couples Don’t Matter

“A family who own a farm in upstate New York that hosts weddings on occassion was successfully sued by a lesbian couple when the owners said that their Christian beliefs would be violated if they hosted a ceremony for that particular couple.” Read more here. Farm couple sued for discrimination say they were ‘set up’

People are saying “What’s next”? Can you believe this? Child Trauma Expert: Pro-Pedophilia Groups Are ‘Grooming’ Public to Accept Adult-Child Sex

From the progressive left in California. home11-660x320

“First we accept homosexuality, some social conservatives said, and next we’ll accept pedophilia.  If we legalize gay marriage, they said, next we’ll have legalize polygamy.  “Nonsense!” came the reply.  “You’re committing the slippery slope fallacy.”  Well, we are slipping and sliding on that same slippery slope.  That’s the point made by  Joe Carter, who analyzes the latest effort to de-stigmatize pedophilia; that is, to use a more politically-correct term “minor-attracted persons.” Read more here.  Normalizing “minor-attracted persons”

“People can classify themselves as heterosexual, homosexual, asexual, metrosexual. There are endless sexual orientations under the sun, and now, pedophilia can be added to the list” Read more here. Pedophilia Now Classified As A Sexual Orientation



List of pedophile and pederast advocacy organizations

Love him hate him, Bill O’Reilly had some things to say about the The Supreme Court rules and the Rainbow White House Display. 

The Supreme Court rules O’Reilly Lashes Out At Obama For Rainbow White House Display After Marriage Equality Ruling 

So, what does the bible have to say? Be glad and thankful for the New Testament and Jesus Christ. If Christ hadn’t come to save us and we where still in the Old Testament times. Leviticus 20:13  “If a man has sexual relations with a man as one does with a woman, both of them have done what is detestable. They are to be put to death; their blood will be on their own heads.”  Deuteronomy 22:5  “A woman must not wear men’s clothing, nor a man wear women’s clothing, for the LORD your God detests anyone who does this.” 

The destruction of Sodom Genesis 19 

“Therefore God gave them over in the sinful desires of their hearts to sexual impurity for the degrading of their bodies with one another.” Romans 1:24  “He said to them, “You are the ones who justify yourselves in the eyes of others, but God knows your hearts. What people value highly is detestable in God’s sight.” Luke 16:15 

I think I’ll have to make this a two part post. I’ll leave you with some wisdom from Proverbs. “The wicked flee though no one pursues,but the righteous are as bold as a lion. 2When a country is rebellious, it has many rulers,but a ruler with discernment and knowledge maintains order. Read more here. Proverbs 28

See you on part two of the post hopefully, there some good commentary there.

God bless America and you. 11659424_10202840614255387_4584173739424779103_n

“God don’t make no junk.”

I’ve started reading the bible over again from Genesis finished Revelation a month or so a go, not sure how many times I’ve don it but will keep doing it till the Lord comes back. Every time it’s good and find new things I missed before and reminded of important things I may have for gotten and how the Lord has kept his promises and been faithful, provided and protected. Also how I can relate to Israel in the desert, their rebellion, lack of faith and not following through on all God commanded them, how Impossible it all is and the undeniable fact we need a savior! Thank God for Jesus! I would have fared no better then them in the desert or Adam and Eve in the garden. None of us would have if we where honest about it. Can anyone relate? I’ve been in a desert place for a while now, the cloud hasn’t lifted from the tent and I think the rebellion part is being killed off as I wait and wonder through the desert like the ones that rebelled and had to wounder through the desert till they all died off. I’ve been a Christian since 1992. I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior at Greg Laurie’s church Harvest in Riverside California. There has been a lot of up’s and down’s, hard times as well as good, great times. The Lord used me to enlighten my Mother about her relationship with her Mormon Husband and get her in a right relationship with GOD before she died of cancer. I also had the chance to lead my brother in the Lords prayer, man has he changed since then! In 2009 through 2011 I lost everything I had worked my whole life for, a home, good credit, money in the bank, investment’s, a good paying job, everything! Through it all God is good and has blessed me and drawn me closer to him and showed me what’s really important. Since then God has blessed me with a great wife, a better home that is what I had actually been praying for in a setting that I had dreamed about and God provides for our need’s. Anyways, a short history.

I just started in Deuteronomy today. This bible I’m reading is also a devotional with daily readings my Father gave me many years ago. It’s gotten a lot of use and have written post from it before. This time instead of reading it by the daily reading I’m just reading straight through and reading the devotional part as I come across them.

The devotional part I came across today was for a Monday and written by, you might know him Dr. Ben Carson. “God don’t make no junk”.

“I have watched people react to waiters, secretaries and receptionist, and who, afterward, despite identifying name tag’s and signs on those workers desk, could not tell anyone anything about the people whom they considered invisible, anonymous beings-individuals not worth knowing.

I’m glad I learned differently. Mother worked with [my brother] Curtis and me, teaching us not to prejudge others – not to decide on their value till we knew them. She stressed treating everyone with kindness and giving every person a chance.

As surgeons, if we do not consider all other workers as having value and as worth knowing- we are prejudice against which the bible speaks strongly [see James 2:1-4]… Why can’t a janitor know significantly more about certain situations then a neurosurgeon does? A person who performs manual labor can certainly be as intelligent as one who sits at a desk, performing clerical work.

Being nice translates to accepting each person for his or her individual worth. It disturbs me that some still decide that certain people are not worth bothering with simply because of their socio-economic class, job title or national origin. Every one has value. Or, as a popular saying of my growing-up years reminds: “God don’t make junk”.

These under-recognized people can teach us, encourage us, and even be important allies for us. Over the years, I have gotten know a great number of such people whom I still know and talk with often. When I am in the midst of a group of doctor and a clerk comes by to day hello, I want that individual to be treated just as well as the CEO of an important company who comes in as a patient. Medical-assistance patients are as important as wealthy patients are. All of them have medical needs that we can minister to.”

Man, I’m guilty of this. I’m a loner and have never really had more then one or two good friends at any given time. I’m not a real people persons. My wife on the other hand is just the opposite, she’s friendly and loves to talk to anyone. She always ask’s the people’s name where ever we go be it a restaurant, doc’s office or what ever and she always say’s nice to meat you and will carry on a conversation with them. She really does bring a smile to everyone face she meat’s. What a blessing she is and God has used her to soften me too.

I worked with the public for about 17 years before I had to retire, driving a city bus. Doing this kind of work you learn about people, culture’s, community’s. I drove in L.A during the riot’s (the only transit company that did, for the first day anyways) at the first transit company I worked for. The second one I worked for I drove city routes, rural and country routes. Some would call it “Profiling” what I learned about people, cultures, community’s. Me, I call it experience. Don’t get me wrong I will give anyone a chance. Unfortunately, not as easily as I used to especially in light of the past few years.

We all need help, healing and God’s work in our life’s. No politician, election or one man can change things for the better.

Pleas pray for America. God bless America and you.12527_1102387379788129_7964815829127888969_n10258766_547987208655516_2510133947547482093_n

Stand for Marriage.

Published on Apr 23, 2015

Beginning April 28, 2015 the United States Supreme Court will consider arguments for and against redefining marriage in America. Though marriage between a man and a woman has existed since the beginning and is the cornerstone of ordered society, the time-honored institution is in serious trouble. Before federal judges began to overturn marriage laws, voters in 30 states had preserved natural marriage in their Constitutions. Now the High Court is poised to decide for us all.

The consequences this decision could have on our religious freedom, the freedom to believe and live according to those beliefs, are staggering. Should the Court redefine marriage, our religious liberty — the foundation for all of our freedoms — is at risk. That’s why Family Research Council has partnered with Echolight Studios to create a short video that explains the importance of this decision, and the impact it will have on everyday Americans who seek to live out their faith. Find out more at http://standformarriage.com andhttp://onegenerationawaymovie.com

Stand for Marriage Family Research Council

“A “March for Marriage” Saturday begins a week of protest and prayer to influence how the Supreme Court will rule on whether states can ban same sex marriage.

Thousands were gathering on the Mall and plan to march to the Supreme Court, which will hear oral arguments on the case Thursday.”  Read more, ‘March for Marriage’ opens week of prayer, protest over gay marriage

God bless America and you.

He came for the common folk.

I wanted to share my devotional read for this morning with you. No one is more for, understands, relates to the common man better then Jesus.

The great physician and friend

“Why have people been so attracted to Jesus down through the centuries? The bible answers that question in a simple phrase, “We love because He first loved us” (1 John 4:19). As you look at the special relationship Jesus had with so many people, you must be convinced that Jesus is on the side of common people. Anybody who was heart, sick, mistreated, lonely, disenfranchised or condemned-people like you and me-where the ones Jesus came to help.

Mathew wrote, ” when the Pharisees saw this, they asked his disciples, “Why does your eat with tax collectors and sinners”? On hearing this, Jesus said, ” It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick” ( Matthew 9:11-12). In essence, Jesus was saying, “My job hear on earth is to get sinners back to God, not to worry about the good people.”

  Jesus does not present himself to us as ” holier then though”, but rather as a friend. He said, ” I no longer call you servants, because a servant does not know his master’s business. Instead, I have called you friends, for everything that I learned from my Father I have made known to you” (John 15:15).

We are not second class citizens. The bible says we are part of God’s family. Hebrews 4 records that Jesus, who is now in heaven, intercedes for us that He understands our weaknesses. We are encouraged to “approach the throne of grace with confidence, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need” (Hebrews 4:16). AUTHOR: Jim Conway

The passage of the day, that goes with this reading is Hebrews 4:14-16. I read the whole chapter for context and the beginning starts with “Therefor”. I was taught when I see “therefor” I have to read before the verse to see what “therefor” is there for. I started in Hebrews 3:12-19 and then Hebrews 4:1-16.

Hope you enjoyed and got blessed like I did. NO politician, no man or woman or anything else understands or has your back like Jesus does.

God bless America and you.10258766_547987208655516_2510133947547482093_n

If your a Christian I know you’ve been here.

I’ve been going through it for some time now with small intervals of peace. You know the place in the desert where your all alone, it seems. When it seems like prayer stops at the ceiling, like you might as well be praying to yourself. Where you continue to struggle, wrestle and it just seems like things get worst. I’ve been here many times in my Christian walk and like all the times before, it works out. Turns out just fine and I become that much closer to God and my faith strengthened. Praise be to God! It’s just a rough place to be I’m sure you would agree especially after enjoying God’s peace for a long time.

I caught the tail end of The Hall Lindsey Report last weekend on DayStar. He was talking about faith and breaking “The Faith Barrier”. It was so right on time and I had never heard it explained like this and wanted to share encase someone may find themselves in the same situation. i found it in written for online. Take the time to read it all the way through, it to long I think to copy the whole thing here.

Here’s the first page, follow the link afterwards.

Journey To God’s Rest
#7 Breaking Through the Faith Barrier
“Chuck Yeager, a pilot in WWII, climbed into the cockpit of an experimental, rocket-powered
aircraft dubbed the Bell X-1, which was attached under the belly of a B-29 bomber. Up in
the stratosphere he was thrown back against the seat as he ignited the rocket engines and
rapidly accelerated toward what the test pilots had nicknamed “the demon that lurks at the
speed of sound.” As he approached the speed of sound, the plane shook violently; he thought
it would disintegrate at any moment. The control stick shook violently. Just as it seemed the
craft would rip apart, there was a loud boom and all became quiet and serene inside the
cockpit. The buffeting stopped, the controls responded again and the mach meter had
zoomed past mach one. Man had cracked the sound barrier. There were still great pressures
on the outside of the craft, but turbulent air had shifted from the leading edge to the rear.
“He was flying smooth and stable and the screaming noise and violent air was left behind as
he soared toward the dark blue edge of the earth’s atmosphere.”
Is there a Faith Barrier? We all have to “break through” the faith barrier in our lives. It is
very difficult to penetrate. To “crack the faith barrier,” we must STAND STILL and EXERT
NO HUMAN EFFORT which defies our human experience and logic.
We MUST learn to depend upon God and not self.
What causes the Faith Barrier? As we approach a circumstance, trial, etc., in our life, there
are great pressures and turbulences that fight against our feelings and experiences.
We are prone to use our own limited strength and knowledge.
At times, it is very difficult to stop trying and simply believe the Lord’s promises.
When you finally “crack through the faith barrier,” you will find the most wonderful
experience of God’s rest. It is an inner peace and strength that defies all external
Truth: “Even though the pressures and problems still exist, you will experience an incredible
peace and assurance in your heart. Amazing works are produced through you while you are
resting in the Lord, because it is not your effort that is the source, but the Holy Spirit’s.”
Point to Ponder: If I don’t “crack the faith barrier,” I will not have a victorious Christian life
that is fruitful for the Lord.
Hebrews introduces the principle of how to “crack the faith barrier” and enter God’s rest.
The only way to enter God’s rest is by FAITH.
Background of Hebrews: Written around AD 66 to the Hebrew-Christian community in
Jerusalem. This is shortly before the siege of Jerusalem by the Roman Tenth legion which
began in AD 68. They destroyed Jerusalem and the Temple in AD 70. There was severe
persecution of Christians during a few years before the siege”. Read the rest here. Journey To God’s Rest #7 Breaking Through the Faith Barrier  Can’t you just relate to the opening part of the sound barrier being broke in you’r Christian walk, when you’r going through it? When you’re faith is being stretched, when it’s time to go through some trials, when it’s time to grow some more, time to take part some more in His sufferings, time to become conformed more into His image. “As he approached the speed of sound, the plane shook violently; he thought it would disintegrate at any moment”, “The control stick shook violently. Just as it seemed the craft would rip apart, there was a loud boom and all became quiet and serene inside the cockpit.” “There were still great pressures on the outside of the craft, but turbulent air had shifted from the leading edge to the rear. “He was flying smooth and stable and the screaming noise and violent air was left behind as he soared toward the dark blue edge of the earth’s atmosphere.”  Remember in past experience when you’ve come through it all? Strike that, when He’s brought you through it all!

Encase you’ve forgotten it or for some reason never seen it or read it. I have it hanging on the wall in my bedroom. Footprints in the SandFootprints-in-sand-4


This one would be a good desk top back ground. The footprints of God.

I want to share something I read this weekend from my devotional now that goes right along with this. “As long as Jesus is one of many options, He is no option. As long as you can carry your burdens alone, you don’t need a burden bearer. As long as your situation brings you no grief, you will receive no comfort. As long as you can take Him or leave Him, you might as well leave Him, because He won’t be taken halfheartedly. 

 “But when you mourn , when you get to the point of sorrow for your sins, when you admit that you have no other options but to cast all your cares on Him, and when there is truly no other name that you can call, them cast all your cares on Him, for He waiting in the mist of the storm”. Max Lucado.

If I’m honest, I find myself most always having some sort of back up plan if God doesn’t move or answer a prayer. If I look back on my walk I guess it’s always been like that. God has blessed me so much in spite of it though and I have enjoyed His peace before many times, for long periods of time. There is nothing like it in the world to be compared to. Guess it’s time to drop all other options. What a scary thought. God have mercy on me.

Remember 2 Timothy 1:7 “For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.”  For some good readings check out the books of 1st and 2nd Peter.

God bless America and you.


Look what I found.

My wife is forever the yard sale and estate sale junkie. She does seem to find things we are looking for though often just at the right time and she is a relentless negotiator, second to none. When we go to buy something that involves negotiating I will try to do it first, I’m not that good at it at all never have been. When I’m done, gone as far as I can go. I release my secret weapon. She’s small in stature but relentless. Like a pit bull locking on and never letting go until called off. I actually feel sorry sometimes for the person on the other side. It’s actually kind of funny sometimes. I will say talk to my wife and the salesmen will smile or you can tell he’s really OK with that. You know, the woman thing. Anyways it’s fun to watch.

She fond a purse at a resent yard sale, She’s the Imelda Marcos of shoes and purses but aren’t they all./s In it she fond a gold looking Jewish medallion. Looks like Hebrew writing to me anyway’s. Been trying to look it up online but can’t find it and don’t understand Hebrew. Tried to figure it out by looking at the Hebrew alphabet. No such luck. Take a look at the two images, if anyone knows what it is or what it say’s please feel free to comment, sure would appreciate it.



While I was looking at images of Jewish Medallions way down by the end I fond this, don’t know why it would show up in the search results. Jay-Z Wearing Anti-White Five Percent N  

Black people are the fathers and mothers of civilization, white men are the devil, the Christian god is nothing more than a ghost and only a small percentage of people understand the world. These are just some of the ­beliefs behind the bling — the gaudy Five Percent Nation ­medallions worn by Jay Z and Carmelo Anthony.” Read more here. JAY-Z WEARING ANTI-WHITE FIVE PERCENT NATION MEDALLION

I came across this too, HOLLYWOOD FALLS IN LOVE WITH SATANIC RELIGIOUS CULT O.T.O I remember reading about this awhile ago. They have said this stuff about Hollywood for ever though. I believe it and could make the case for a lot of it. It’s interesting because I have been reading allot lately about cults, the end times and how Christians are being fooled and led astray in some cases by the church it’s self.

I’ve been reading a book I fond in a friends yard sale a couple years ago. Just came across it about a month ago. It was written in 1985 but is so relevant today and foretold of a lot of what is happening right now and how we got here, as far as the Church and Christians being deceived by the “New Age Movement”, “New World Order Movement”, “Progressivism” which at it’s core like all other “cults” have at it’s foundation the belief  that we can all become god’s ourselves, know better and can do a better job then God Himself and many have openly confessed their reliance on and knowledge comes from satan or other demonic influences. I’v written about this before in other blog post. Anyways if you get a chance pick it up. “The Seduction of Christianity “Argues that the future of Christianity is challenged by religious cults, self-help philosophies, and the new age movement.”

“The Bible clearly states that a great apostasy must occur before Christ’s Second Coming. Christians today are being deceived by a worldview that is more subtle and seductive than any before. We will look at some of the dangers in the growing acceptance and practice of:” 

Google Search, seduction of christianity

Check out these two videos and related videos to the right on the YouTube pages. The Seduction of Christianity Part 1 – Faith

The Seduction of Christianity Part 2 – Self

Well guess I got off topic a little 🙂 If any knows what it is or what it say’s please let me know.

God bless America and you.

Think about it.

Was reading in Mathew this morning. You ever notice that where JESUS first walked and where the gospel was first preached, Middle East, Asia, Magog which is Russia now, Africa… Are the most hostile, dangerous, oppressive places on earth right now.

Why? Because they all have denied CHRIST and have the most anti Christian-JESUS CHRIST, religious restricting policies on earth. With the exception of Israel who is still waiting for the MESSIAH, all part of GOD’s plan so that we ALL have a chance to except HIM as our LORD and savior, forgiver of our sins.

Now, take a look at America and the path we are on. The progressives have been taking GOD out of our society since around the 60’s, ( With our help as we silently stand by and do nothing )Before the 60’s actually but that’s when they got a little more open about it when they started taking GOD out of the schools, the courts and eventually especially today all mention of HIM in public or anything to do with Christianity. Their foundation is godless and they believe, man and science have all they answers. Do the research on them for yourself. it’s plain to see they think they are little god’s.
With this administration progressiveness is in full view. Remember the democrat’s convention in 2012? Going out of their way to reject GOD.

I remember in the 90’s I was at a mall in Riverside California and I found a cool t-shirt. It was like a concert t-shirt with the bands name and locations of the tour. This t-shirt was a Christian t-shirt. On the back it said the second coming and then had a list of all the country’s if I remember right. The young girl that helped me was probably in her 20’s maybe 21-22 I guess. She asked me what it meant? I remember I was shocked and just couldn’t comprehend how someone didn’t know what it meant. I was a pretty new Christian back then but even before I was a Christian I knew about this kind of stuff basically, thanks to my upbringing. I was just floored, I always remember it and needles to say I got a chance to witness that day.

That in mind for those of you who have never heard of the “Gog and Magog War”  here is a nice little article on it, with a map of the region given the event’s of today with Russia and Israel.

“Ezekiel 38-39 reveals a fascinating and detailed prophecy about a future war campaign against Israel. This war is known as the “Gog and Magog War” because the people of Magog and their leader Gog will lead the attack. Scripture clearly teaches that this particular war will be a turning point for Israel, with regard to their relationship with God.”

“The sobering, yet exciting aspect of this study is that for the first time since Ezekiel penned these prophecies, the countries that will gather against Israel have built an alliance in recent years. The prophetic puzzle pieces are now in place. It is just a matter of time, that is, God’s timing before these prophecies find fulfillment.” Read more. The Gog and Magog War

With what we have allowed and are allowing today as we Christian cower and remain silent, is there any surprise America isn’t mentioned in the bible? We need to get our Christian balls back. Remember who it is that said,19 “I have given you authority to trample on snakes and scorpions and to overcome all the power of the enemy; nothing will harm you.”  Luke 10:19New International Version (NIV)

And 7 “For God has not given us a spirit of [a]timidity, but of power and love and [b]discipline.” 2 Timothy 1:7-10New American Standard Bible (NASB)

Think about the for-mentioned areas-county’s where Christians are really being persecuted, tortured and killed for being Christians and standing up and NOT denying CHRIST. As apposed to Christians in America where we are just basically called names and easily intimated . We should all hang our heads in shame and repent!

Make no mistake about it the LORD has been talking to me on this subject and I, with HIS help are in the process of making some changes in my life.

I have been getting  Decision magazine in the mail recently for free, ( Not sure how I got it but I plan on subscribing next pay day ) some articles are available on line. Anyways check out a couple of the articles. From Franklin Graham “Heaven is not for cowards! Recent comments I made while speaking at an event in Washington, D.C., have drawn some controversy. In a challenge to those who are afraid to speak out on moral issues addressed in the Bible, I referenced a chilling passage—a warning from God about the most catastrophic indictment the world will face someday:” Read more. Cowards or Overcomers? Standing Strong on God’s Word

A friend of mine shared this video with me before I read the article above.

Franklin Graham at Watchmen on the Wall 2014

And this one, I remember seeing it in some headlines but honestly didn’t pay to much attention to it.

“Five seconds. Maybe less. That’s how long it took identical twins David and Jason Benham to recover from the kick-in-the-gut feeling they had when HGTV officials told them on May 7 that their new show had been canceled amid complaints about their stance on biblical values.”

“All of a sudden it was like my back stiffened, and I kind of bobbed my head like a fighter who wipes away the blood (before continuing),” David said. “We knew instantly we were going after the bully.”

“The “bully,” they say, is the obnoxiously intolerant side of the gay and pro-choice agendas—not a cable network, or any person or people group.” I like this from the article, ““We’re not men who follow a purpose-driven life. We follow a Person-driven life. We let the Person of God take control of the purpose.” and this, “When you say ‘anti-gay,’ you’re saying anti-people because there are people who are gay,” Jason said.

“We’re pro-people,” David added, “because Jesus is pro-people.”

“One of the most critical lies permeating society is the redefinition of sin.” read more. No Backing Down: Benham Brothers’ Faith Firm After Losing HGTV Show

Have a good Sunday. GOD bless America and you.




Looking for Nehemiah.

Been reading a devotional my Dad gave me a couple years ago for the second time because I don’t read it every day as I should. So I’ve missed some readings but it it always seems to be right on target for what I’m going through or what’s been on my heart. Hmmm, imagine that. GOD’s word always on target. 🙂

The introduction to the book in the devotional goes like this: “The book of Nehemiah recounts time as governor of Canaan when GOD’s people where returning from Babylon. He rebuilds the walls of Jerusalem, along with Ezra he leads GOD’s people in worship, and he administers their affairs. Important to his daily work is prayer, through which he expresses his dependence on GOD. As you read this book, ask you’r self how GOD wants you to serve his people; be sure that everything you do is accompanied by prayer.”

While reading this morning it came to me that as we begin the long hard journey of taking back our country and repairing the damage the godless progressive, liberal agenda has done to it. We need governors, congresses, president’s and community leaders with the heart of Nehemiah. Encase you forgot or somehow missed it. At the 2012 Democrat convention the progressive – liberal  true colors where on display for all to see.

The Party That Booed God ,

Convention floor erupts as Dems restore references to God, Jerusalem in platform ,


Jerusalem And God Vote Gets Booed At Dem Convention

Amidst Boos And Multiple Votes, DNC Reverses Position And


Saturdays reading goes like this: “REGARD” “We must dispense with the myth that commitment to CHRIST means becoming a clergymen, or that work done inside a church building or in a church organization is more holy, somehow, than work done in the market place. CHRIST came to give us a sense of calling in everyday work. This is where the world is changed, and where the kingdom is built.” By Bruce Larson.

Saturdays verse Nehemiah 4:6-20 but of course you need to read the whole chapter to get the context and as you see the clips of someone attacking someone on the news or where ever. Always good to get the context of the situation. To many politicians. people that love to attack Christianity or the bible it self and of course our friend on the left love to take things out of context. Nehemiah 4:6-20 (New International Version)

Nehemiah 4 (New International Version)

I like the first couple verses of Nehemiah 4 and through out the description of the wall being rebuilt. Is this not what the enemy’s of the country, Christians or anyone that denies the fact that this country was founded on Judeo Christian values or is a Christian country do? Nehemiah 4:1-2 (New International Version)  

Opposition to the Rebuilding: “4 [a]When Sanballat heard that we were rebuilding the wall, he became angry and was greatly incensed. He ridiculed the Jews, 2 and in the presence of his associates and the army of Samaria, he said, “What are those feeble Jews doing? Will they restore their wall? Will they offer sacrifices? Will they finish in a day? Can they bring the stones back to life from those heaps of rubble—burned as they are?”

Some good articles I came across in my morning tour around the social media that really show how they work. Excellent read, take the time. Heard about his comments but haven’t had the time to research it to see the context or the whole story. Was amazed at how many where quick to abandon, this article puts it into perspective. Saul Alinsky Tactics and the BLM War  


A good read. “The progressive march to the future is destroying America. What the Democrats and the progressives are doing behind the scenes is a more frightening and unjustified power grab than Putin’s on the Ukraine.” Read more here. THE PROGRESSIVE MARCH TO THE FUTURE IS DESTROYING AMERICA

Another good read I got from a friends post on FB. Twenty-Five Ways To Suppress Truth: The Rules of Disinformation (Includes The 8 Traits of A Disinformationalist)  

12 Ways To Use Saul Alinsky’s Rules For Radicals Against Liberals is a good read too but bottom line is the way to take our country back is by prayer, Christians doing our part in our daily lives to live to the glory of GOD and honor HIM in our daily work and walk and electing  servants of WE The People that will do the same and have the same heart.

Again, “We must dispense with the myth that commitment to CHRIST means becoming a clergymen, or that work done inside a church building or in a church organization is more holy, somehow, than work done in the market place. CHRIST came to give us a sense of calling in everyday work. This is where the world is changed, and where the kingdom is built.” By Bruce Larson.

Just some thoughts. GOD bless you and America


For those of you that come across this post and don’t know GOD yet here is a simple way to get to know HIM personally. Be forewarned, HE will change your life.


State of the Union 2014. Continued.

I dusted of a old lap top till I can get my computer fixed. Like I said in the last post I’ve lost all my notes and links for the post but I found some great post today from bloggers that I follow that go in the same direction I was on in regards to the Progressive and “Politically Correct” agenda and mind set. The division of the country, attacks on Conservatives and Christians.

First up from Politically UnEZ And I believe this is why Obama will never be impeached. Because he’s black no one want’s to be labeled a racist. No one has the political courage to stand up and do it despite the fact there is overwhelming evidence for impeachment and when viewed in history the people would have asked, what took so long?

I heard today on the evening news a clip of a twit announcing “How Dare the conservatives attack the potentially First Woman President” in response to the conservative press and Conservative Caucus Members of Congress continuing to push Hillary on her involvement in the cover up of the murder of our four American Diplomats in Libya.

Have we not learned anything over the past five years?  Didn’t we make that mistake twice by allowing the Socio-Communist Left to Race Bait the American People into quiet acceptance while our Establishment GOP Co-Conspirators in Congress cowered in the darkness, desperate to be seen as inclusive and not to be called Racist instead of railing against the incompetence and criminality of everything Obama just because he was black?

Who are the real racists here?

We should never have allowed the fear of being labeled cause us to accept the Constitutional Perversions pervasively practiced by this administration over the past 5 years.  I have listed the areas in which our Country has been put at risk through the incompetence of Obama and the steadfast ideology of Progressivism in a previous post.  Their ideas and direction are mis-timed and unfitting in a dangerous world, yet we allowed it to happen despite years of warning about the dangers of Political Correctness.   Our failure to call incompetence and subversion what it is out of fear of being called Racist, Biased, Non Inclusive, Anti this or that, has nearly cost us our Republic.” Read more here. Its Deja Vu All Over Again

This is such a great post on this administration and Progressives agenda. A lot of talk about Obama’s “Executive Orders” and the constitutionality of them. Though I do agree with them the bigger picture is how he has taken over and used the E.P.A. D.H.S. and other branches of the government to do his dirty work.

“Many legal immigrants fled their homelands in fear for their lives, from regimes which started out as this “Progressive” administration did in 2008 and continued to progress past this point to all out totalitarian rule.  Can’t Happen Here? Well they are not so sure it can’t.   We got close under Wilson and Roosevelt.  But have we ever been this close?  The current Progressive Liberal Government is socializing our education system, our healthcare system, our banking system, our Auto Industry, increasing taxes and fees on small business, advancing unemployment and advancing unemployment compensation, increasing the rolls of welfare and various entitlement programs, allowing millions of illegal immigrants across our borders and vying for amnesty, legalizing drugs, providing more disinformation then facts thus resembling a ministry of propaganda, spying on everybody through DHS and the NSA, using the EPA and the IRS as political weapons to stumble and punish their enemies at all levels, abandoning our allies, dismantling our military, making deals with our enemies, decapitating conservative military leaders through phony scandals, indicting writers and journalist and conservative politicians, and captains of industry who express disagreement with the current ideology on trumped up charges, and engaging in race baiting, class warfare while implementing comprehensive wealth redistribution policies and so much more” Read more here. Its Not Paranoia If They Really Are Watching You

From Citizens Militia of Mississippi

Interesting read, It’s Not Gun Control; It’s Population Control

“Prominent indicators confirm that the U.S. is the chief facilitator of the persecution of Christians around the world today.

According to the recently released 2014 World Watch List, which ranks the 50 nations where Christians are most persecuted, Syria is the third worst nation in the world in which to be Christian, Iraq is fourth, Afghanistan fifth, and Libya 13th. All four countries receive the strongest designation, “extreme persecution” (other designations are “severe,” “moderate,” and “sparse” persecution).

Aside from being so closely and harshly ranked, these four nations have something else in common: heavy U.S. involvement. Three—Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya—were “liberated” thanks to U.S. forces, while in the fourth, Syria, the U.S. is actively sponsoring “freedom fighters” against the regime, many of whom would be better labeled “terrorists.” Read more here. Confirmed, U.S. Is Chief Facilitator of Christian Persecution

“Republicans have blatantly refused to stand up to Obama, they have demonstrated such by allowing his tyranny to run this far…To plead with legislators is to speak on deaf ears…They have chosen their side & one day they will meet their maker for the carnage they are responsible for bringing to America…We are heading into dark days, folks…prepare your families and friends, for no Democrat or Republican government ‘leaders’ are willing to see the forest for the trees…” Read more here. ICE Officers Plead With Republicans To Stand Up To Obama

From We The People one of my favorites.

Is anyone surprised about this? From the Kelly File: BREAKING: Obama Caught Red-handed Plagiarizing Bush’s 2007 SOTU Speech

I didn’t watch the Obama rant last night. I caught a glimpse while I was waiting to see Mike Lee and Rand Paul’s response. Of course It was the part when he looked and sounded like he was attacking the G.O.P. again. So what’s new. Of course you have to look for these. From what I hear no on really covered them, except of course sites like The Blaze. So here they are.

The Blaze article. Sen. Mike Lee Delivers Official Tea Party Response to Obama’s State of the Union Address

FULL SPEECH: Tea Party Response to 2014 State of the Union – Senator Mike Lee

Sen. Rand Paul Delivers Response to President’s State of the Union Address – January 28, 2014

Some of the topics or links I lost was about Black mob violence and how it’s sky rocked since Obama has been in power and how it’s not covered except for a minute at the end of year. Also how it’s all but encored by Eric Holder and his D.O.J. except when he decided to do something or get involved when it looked like a white guy was playing “The Knock Out Game” on a black person.

The immorality, the division and destruction of the country from the Homosexual agenda. Also. Did you know there is a national organization and one headquartered here in California for the rights of the sex offenders and that pedophiles are considered to fall in the category of a lifestyle and should be protected all complements of progressives.

The racism and the attacks on America, the constitution, American citizens, Christian’s, Conservatives any one or organization that doesn’t fall into lockstep with this administration by Eric Holder and his D.O.J.

The I.R.S. scandals which I blogged about before, Benghazi, the out right lies by Obama and the Obamacare disaster. The constant siding with islam, muslims over America here citizens and Christians.


Any reasonable person can see what’s happened to America and the path we are on. The G.O.P. with the exception of a very few is gutless and addicted to their own power, lavished life style, perks and are not much different at all any more from the progressive, liberal, democrats.

I’m sure you’ve hears of Alinsky Rules for Radicals. Get reacquainted with them or if you haven’t checked them out before you need to on top of everything to understand what they are doing and how they are going about it.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Rules for Radicals
This one is great! Rules for Radicals

By Saul Alinsky – 1971

    “Hillary Clinton’s 1969 Political Science Thesis (“There is Only the Fight”) refers to an earlier version of Alinsky’s training manual. “In 1946,” she wrote, “Alinsky’s first book, Reveille for Radicals, was published.”

Obama learned his lesson well. I am proud to see that my father’s model for organizing is being applied successfully beyond local community organizing to affect the Democratic campaign in 2008. It is a fine tribute to Saul Alinsky as we approach his 100th birthday.” –Letter from L. DAVID ALINSKY, son of Neo-Marxist Saul Alinsky Obama helped fund ‘Alinsky Academy’: “The Woods Fund, a nonprofit on which Obama served as paid director from 1999 to December 2002, provided startup funding and later capital to the Midwest Academy…. Obama sat on the Woods Fund board alongside William Ayers, founder of the Weather Underground domestic terrorist organization.…  ‘Midwest describes itself as ‘one of the nation’s oldest and best-known schools for community organizations, citizen organizations and individuals committed to progressive social change.’… Midwest teaches Alinsky tactics of community organizing.” Read more here. Rules for Radicals By Saul Alinsky – 1971

The only way we can even begin to stop and start to repair what the last 5 coming up on 6 years has cost this country besides impeachment  is the upcoming midterm elections.



GOD bless America and you.