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This is crap. This needs to stop. VA waste.

This is ridiculous and shameful. With all the money this country wastes in the government, on welfare abuse, immigration, left leaning policies, refugees, the UN, this should not be. This should be one of the most smooth running organizations we have, we owe it to the Veterans. This makes me sick.

From the famed Sharyl Attkisson. Thank you. “A medical doctor-turned-whistleblower was part of a team that reviewed veterans’ medical files to see if they’re entitled to compensation for Agent Orange injuries. He says he caught reviewers pushing through files at an improbable rate, failing to give them a proper review and often denying vets their due. The company, a V.A. contractor, denies it.” Continue reading

If I wanted to declare Martial Law in America I would…

I would stared to defund the Military and weaken it as much as possible. I would start by getting rid of the top General’s and high ranking officers with experience in war, those with an outstanding carer and loyalty to God and country and replaces them with younger, inexperienced and probably more sympathetic to the progressive movement.

I would probably want to take control of as much of the American economy as possible. Let’s say maybe Healthcare and from there make sure I take control of by putting my friends and sympathetic leaders to the progressive movement in place of powerful arms of the government. Let’s say the E.P.A. the I.R.S. and D.O.J.for starters.

I would do everything I could to disarm the American citizen and start buying up all the ammunition making it harder to get a hold of and raising the prices at the same time and to make sure I was well supplied. Then I would start doing the same thing with supplies of survival type’s of food that people and patriotic type groups might be buying up for themselves  I would also star Militarizing the local police department’s, they might be more willing to take orders and control their community’s also because there will probably be parts of the Military that won’t fall in lien.

I would alienate Americas allies and make it easier for her enemies to influences and take a foot hold in the country via “Political Correctness”, not enforcing laws and by any other means possible.

I would promise and give as much free stuff/ benefits to community’s loyal to my party. I would also flood the country with illegal immigrant’s not loyal to the country and be more willing to go along with the program and supply them also with the aforementioned free stuff and benefits. I would ask illegals to join the Military and promise them citizenship for there service. They would be more likely to support the agenda and ad to the weakness of the Military.

I would do everything I could to dived the Nation along racial lines, economics, “economic inequality” and anything else that would keep them from coming together and uniting.

I would make as many executive orders as possible to seize more control, see how far I could go and to enrage the opposite party to possibly get them to react in a unpopular manner. I would blame everything on them and stop everything they tried to do in government in an effort to dived them and maybe even destroy the party.

With everything in chaos and constantly getting worse, seemingly out of control at any time of my choosing like right before my last term as president or riot’s might start to spread across America, I would become king.

One more thing that might go along with this agenda. If I Were the Devil –  PAUL HARVEY  

Just a thought, what if? Does this sound like anything happening in America today? God bless America and you AND the Patriot that would fill the gap and hold the line.




Fergusen obama holder built



Happy 4th of July. Military tribute. Try not to cry on the last one.

I love my country so much. I’m thankful first of all to GOD for letting me be born in America the greatest nation on earth! For allowing me to serve and for ALL our Soldier’s, Marine’s, Sailors, Airmen and the rest that serve and keep us free.


I’m a Soldier so I’ll start with that. I’m a Soldier (Warrior Ethos)

Let’s get the blood pumping. U S Army Tribute – The Warrior Song

Marine’s. The Warrior Song – Hard Corps

Navy. My Dad served, thank you sir. The Warrior Song – Leviathan

Air Force. My niece served, thank you young lady. The Warrior Song – Aer Vis

To all of the United States Armed Forces, with our thanks. The Warrior Song


Like only they can. Red White and Blue, Lynyrd Skynyrd: Military Tribute

Take a minute. Watch, listen, read. This is the one that got me teary eyed.

US Military Tribute – Far Away – Nickleback


more room



For the Christian.

GOD bless America her troops and you. Happy 4th of July.

Soldier’s Chilling Letter Reveals How Obama Is Shaping Our Military Against Us

Don’t worry when the time comes patriots will be standing with you.

Socialism is not the Answer

The Free Patriot

A soldier’s letter sheds chilling revelation from a militant’s point of view on what President Barack Obama and the current Administration are doing to the U.S. military.

“Here’s the problem for us soldiers: we can’t trust each other, as there are those who are extreme liberals, socialists, and those who love the current administration.

View original post 211 more words

Pentagon OKs beards, turbans and religious body art for some soldiers

This B.S. you know who this is meant to benefit given Obamas sympathy toward islam and muslims. No problem at all with it in regards to chaplains and the rest in the performance of their duties. We are a nation of religious freedom, supposed to be any ways.
The ARMY, the Marines and the rest are ONE! Not a rag tag band of misfits. This is the ways it is and always should be.
The Military should NOT be another social experiment for the progressives liberals.
As many hail it as a good thing, Of course right of the back they attack the Christian and or afraid of Christians being able to share their religion or beliefs.

Failed Duty – No Honor

More truth comes out. “Robert Gates slams Obama Cabinet”.

What many have believed and have been saying for years has finally be gone to come out. Eventually, the truth always comes out.

Communist Style Purge Of U.S. Military Over 200 top military leaders forced out.

Brit Hume reacts to the former Defense Secretary’s remarks

“Public confidence in the commander in chief and his team is taking another hit today in the wake of new allegations about President Obama’s political calculations on military strategy.” GATES RAISES NEW TRUST QUESTIONS FOR EMBATTLED OBAMA –

“Syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer said Tuesday on “Special Report with Bret Baier” that former Obama Defense Secretary Robert Gates’ revelation in his new memoir that his commander-in-chief didn’t believe in the war in Afghanistan and subsequent surge in troops was shocking.”

 “Obama doesn’t believe in the surge or in the war, or in his own actions,” Krauthammer said, “He doesn’t believe in [General] Petraeus, he hates [Afghan President] Karzai, he thinks the war isn’t his. How can a commander-in-chief do that?”

Krauthammer on Gates’ revelations about Obama: ‘How can a commander-in-chief do that?

Did President Obama believe in his own war strategy?

Gates throws the book at Obama

Questions? Anyone?

“Budget deal rips vets retirement”.

Outrages to say the least!!

From a friend on FB.

“[Why is it that they (politicians) never reduce / cut their pensions/spending and lifestyle but go after those who have very little, those who actually put their very lives on the line? Politicians will never sacrifice a ‘dime’… or their comfort, it is always ‘OFF THE TABLE’ or rather never discussed; Lifetime pensions, healthcare and security are theirs and non negotiable … THAT IS SO DAMN WRONG!!!
  Keep in mind most if not ‘all’ of these politicians are multi-millionaires. Yet with all their wealth they continue to live off taxpayers in such gluttonous hypocrisy.]”

From Allen West. “My fellow veterans, below is the text of an email legislative update I received from the Military Officers Association of America. Please read and take action:

”A proposed bipartisan budget deal threatens to significantly slash retirement benefits for current and future military retirees, and it’s scheduled to be voted on by the House tomorrow.

The FY 2014 budget proposal drafted by Sen. Patty Murray and Rep. Paul Ryan includes a provision that cuts the annual Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) for military retirees by 1 percent a year until reaching age 62.

The cuts will have a devastating and long-lasting impact, reducing retired pay for those who serve a 20-year career by nearly 20 percent at age 62. An E-7 retiring at age 40 today would experience a loss of $83,000 in purchasing power — an O-5 would lose $124,000.” Read more here, Budget deal rips vets retirement

TAKE ACTION. Legislative Action Center

This is a must sign!! I just did and it went to, Your e-mail message was sent to:
President Barack Obama (D)
Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA)
Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA)
Representative Ken Calvert (R-CA 42nd)
“”A proposed bipartisan budget deal threatens to significantly slash retirement benefits for current and future military retirees, and it’s scheduled to be voted on by the House tomorrow.”

GOD bless America and you.

One of my friends shared this on FB."This will make a grown man cry." And some headlines that might do the same.

Thanks to Jeannette,one of my friends on FB for sharing this one.
If this doesn’t get you emotional I don’t know what would!

“This will make a grown man cry.”

You can find more at,  Welcome Home blog Very cool!!

Now that you’re happy and feeling good. Time to get fighting mad pissed off!

Look what this freaking Traitor! Anti American communist progressive back stabbing lying occupier of the White House is doing now.

(FOX NEWS) — “The Pentagon is eyeing plans to eliminate danger pay for service members in as many as 18 countries and five waterways around the world, saving about $120 million each year while taking a bite out of troops’ salaries,”
Obama Plans to Remove Danger Pay For US Troops Overseas…

AP NewsBreak: Pentagon eyes cuts in danger pay for 56K US troops in up to 18 countries

Quote from Lou Dobbs on FB this morning.

“We should support our military, not weaken it”
Pentagon: 56,000 troops could lose danger pay

Encase you missed the headlines awhile ago,here’s a video about it from a friend.
Pres. Obama Disbands “The Band Of Brothers” 101st Airborne Div.

Moving on to more news of what the racist traitor in the White House is doing to destroy and divide America.

Documents Obtained by Judicial Watch Detail Role of Justice Department in Organizing Trayvon Martin Protests

Obama Uses Taxpayer Money to Finance Trayvon Martin Protests

New Black Panther Party allegedly busing mobs to Sanford, Florida for expected riots

COME ON PEOPLE. Haven’t you seen enough? This administration is openly and secretly dividing and destroying America.

“As the Zimmerman prosecution falls apart, the country faces the threat of race riots. A case that lacked any evidence of malicious murder was wrongfully brought to court under political pressure. And our president, who instigated this mess, is floating above it all, having moved on to other things. Will Obama speak out to avert the racial violence he set in motion? Unless he sees some political advantage, the answer is no.”
President Obama vs. George Zimmerman: America Loses

Moving on now. Politics,there is just so much out there today.

18 and Counting: Obama Donors Take Top Embassy Posts…

18 and Counting: Plum Ambassador Posts Go to Obama Campaign Bundlers

Treasury Refuses to Explain Obamacare Delay to Congress…

House Panel: We Need Answers from Treasury on Employer Mandate

If you’re not sick yet of the liberal, progressive movement in America this is the next great administration they have lined up for you.
More lies,more cover ups.
Clinton Covered Up Ambassador’s Pedophilia

On to islam.
After local Russian man is stabbed to death by Chechen Muslim, townspeople demand ouster of ALL Chechen Muslims from the area

Even Beckel is starting get it.Sort of.The headline is misleading but there is hope.

Personal note,I like Beckel. He’s out there sometimes granted.I like him and think the vicious attacks on him are wrong.

“TheBlaze.com is reporting that Bob Beckel, the liberal co-host of Fox News’ “The Five,” on Tuesday said that if it were up to him, there would not be any new mosques built in the U.S. until “we got it worked out who was not a terrorist.”
He was reacting to a story about a radical Islamic group called Boko Haram, a militant group suspected of killing dozens of children at a school in Nigeria recently.”
Bob Beckel says if it were up to him there would not be any new mosques built in the U.S.

A good read.
Obama and Morsi: Two Peas in a Pod?

A shout out to a new site I just found a couple days ago. THINK AMERICA check them out.

And finally. I’m not a “Birther” but given all the lies,cover ups,scandals and so on.
Kind of makes you go hmmm.
Forensic findings on Obama’s birth certificate: ‘A 100 percent forgery, no doubt about it’

GOD bless America and you.

Police & Military – Time to Choose

From my friend on “YouTube”.  StormCloudsGathering
Published on Jan 7, 2013
“You took an oath to defend the constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic. The congress, the senate and the executive branch have made themselves into a domestic enemy, and they are going to attempt to use you to help them in their push to eliminate the 2nd amendment.”

Police and Military – Time to Choose

Another good one,check it out.

Published on Jan 21, 2013

“The United States is a nation in its death throes, on the path to total collapse, in this video we’re going to explain why.”

Somethings to think about for sure.
Are you prepared?

GOD bless America and you.