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It’ Friday.Lighten up and enjoy,unless you’re a lib you probably wont like it.

Just found this guy on YouTube. Passionate Pachyderms  Man I really like his video’s and thought I’d share some with you. Hope you enjoy them as much as I did.Very talented!

Whether you like her or not. This is just a great video.BTW I like her!!
Sarah Palin “These Boots Are Made For Walkin”

Last and certanly NOT least. Love this one!!
Dee Rock, The Colors I Fly

GOD bless America and you!

Truth and fact haters,don’t bother.IF your waking up or care about America check it out.Educational.

If you don’t car about America or what happened to us or the direction of the country.
If you think everything is OK or your more interested in what celebrity’s are doing or the latest I phone or fashion.
You ARE part of the problem and should just move on.
OR,get educated.

If, however your kinda getting that uneasy feeling about the country and the resent Obama scandals have kinda sparked an interest.
Then maybe you should take the time to check these two videos out.

IF,by chance you don’t have a clue about the Obama scandals,believe it or not they are out there. I’ve talked to a few that just don’t know or only know what the lefts talking point’s are.

Here’s some Google search results for you on the scandals to get you started.
Obama scandals
obama scandal list
obama scandals so far

Both videos are a little over hour in length but well worth the time!
If you have to do there things at least listen while you do them.

The Progressives have been at “The fundamental Changing of America” for about a 100 years.This administration is just working on steroids.

This video is most relevant right now though. I think it shoes the most recent history and covers 63 when they started kicking GOD out of our society.
BTW,speaking of kicking GOD out of our society.Guess who step’s in?
Muslim group CAIR has hijacked Michigan school system
Just one more.
Could a Christian Baker Who Refused to Make Wedding Cake for a Gay Couple Really Go to Jail?

Unfortunately the one I was going to use from a couple days ago YouTube says the user took it down.Hmmm

Have know fear though.Found another one that’s more detailed.
Encase it gets taken down here is a YouTube search result for it.
agenda grinding america down full movie
Here’s a little 4 minute teaser.
The Agenda-Grinding America Down

AGENDA Grinding America Down Full Movie

Found this on on, The Third jihad Check them out.
Published on Nov 21, 2012
Learn more at http://www.clarionproject.org – The Third Jihad is an in-depth documentary film that exposes the war the media is not telling you about. It reveals the enemy our government is too afraid to name.

One person who is not afraid to speak out is Dr. Zuhdi Jasser, a Muslim American and former physician to the US Congress.

After the FBI released a radical Islamist manifesto describing how to destroy America from within, Dr. Jasser decides to investigate.

The Third Jihad is about what he discovered.

Check out Clarion Project’s website to learn more: http://www.clarionproject.org

DVD’s can be purchased here: http://www.thethirdjihad.com

Must watch, Get educated, fact’s a history lesson and a warning. Sick, sick people. We HAVE to take this seriously, they are. About 47 min in dirty bomb. How much more tolerance till we get hit?

A shout out to, We The Kids
“The mission of We the Kids, LLC is to reach, educate, and inspire America’s youth with patriotic and positive messages that encourage them to learn American history and to become engaged in its government. The goal of WTK is to bring the Constitution and American History to life for our children … through our children.”

Where I found this.Lets bring some pride back.
Pledge of Allegiance With Real Meaning – Red Skelton

Manowar – Fight for Freedom

GOD bless America and you.

You have to check these out.Both sad and funny.

I got turned on to this this morning from a friend on Facebook.

Check it out.Wonder why the liberals,progressives are getting away with so much?
Here’s the one that was shared with me.
“Media critic Mark Dice told Brian Kilmeade this morning that he started the fake petitions as a social experiment.”

Check this one out.
“Published on Jun 3, 2013
As a social experiment, media analyst Mark Dice asks California beach goers to sign a petition to prevent the Holocaust Beach Party from being canceled due to budget cuts, calling the Holocaust a “Jewish festival” to see if people are so out of touch with reality that they don’t understand or remember what the Holocaust was.”
The Holocaust Beach Party in California (Petition Experiment)

Check him out on YouTube. Mark Dice
Here’s his play list of petitions.You got to check them.
Mark Dice. Petitions for Crazy Things

A few headlines you wont see in the “Lame Stream Media” that might interest you.
Media blackout: Epidemic of child rape being committed by illegal aliens

How Obama, Hillary wrecked Libya

Seriously Jacked Up: Obama Admin Cuts Hot Meals for Afghan Troops

A very good article.
“America is now called a post-Christian place; its government is overtly attacking Christian beliefs about birth control, abortion, and gay marriage. The threat to these beliefs is a small though telling symptom of the larger social changes that, though little considered, are proceeding as traditional Judeo-Christian integrity departs. The problem is, abandoning America’s traditional religion discards its related moral behavior, too. And societies without a strong moral order are very unpleasant places to live — try Afghanistan, Somalia, or Mexico.”
Integrity in a Post-Christian America

Part of the weekend dump and news you probably weren’t supposed to notice.
Lets start with islam.
Obama Tells Senior UN Official “The United States Will be a Muslim Country by 2016″

Encase you missed it.
 “A U.S. attorney in Tennessee is reportedly suggesting that anti-Islam postings on social media could actually be considered civil rights violations.”
U.S. Attorney: Anti-Muslim Speech Could Be a Civil Rights Violation

And in response.I wish I could go but I’m to far away but may be you can.
AFDI Protest: Free Speech Battle in Tennessee, FIGHT, June 4, Obama’s DoJ seeks to criminalize offensive speech about Islam

“I was born and raised as Muslim. My whole family is still Muslim. I know every genetic code of Muslim. I know Islamic brain. I live and breath with them. I am an insider. I left Islam when I understood that Islam is a sick and evil religion. The following are the Islamic message to the West.”
A warning from a former Muslim

Small Town USA

Check out the video on link Liberty vs Sharia

With whats going on “Across the Pond” America would do well to pay attention and learn.
“Published on May 28, 2013
Paul Weston, chairman of Britain’s counter-Jihad party ‘Liberty GB’ speaks about the Woolwich murder, Islam and the state of Britain today.”
Paul Weston It’s not racist to defend your country

Published on Jun 2, 2013
Westminster, London
Demonstrations and marches in memory of murdered Lee Rigby went ahead yesterday despite the best efforts of the far-left. Despite left-wing violence and road blocks, Nick Griffin MEP was joined by several hundred Party members on our ‘Hate Preachers OUT’ demonstration.

Let me share some good Conservative sites I just came across and some that keep up with islam.
Arra news service
Mr. Conservative
Very Conservative News
Council of Conservative Citizens
Presumptive Philospher
Sharla’s Labyrinth
The muslim Issue
Loganswarning islam sharia101sharia-mosques-in-america
Defend our Freedom! ACT NOW! – Stop Islamization of the world

And lets finish it up with Judge Jeanine.
Judge Jeanine Calls for Holder’s Indictment

GOD bless America and you.

Politically Incorrect headlines and things you may have missed.

With the holiday and just still recovering from the election you may have missed some of these headlines.

Also some must see video’s, sites I joined or just found and posts from friends.
Also check out my Blog Roll. I’ve cleaned it up and added some new ones.

Lets get started.

This first one, I agree with Marl Liven.
Mark Levin: Tea Party Only Thing That Stands ‘Between Liberty And Tyranny’

I also posted on The Tea Party Patriots post.
The difference between the Republican Party establishment and the Tea Party

Robert Fleming said on November 17, 2012
The Tea Party has done good but now it has to organize and select leaders.
Leaders like Sara Palin, Allen West, Bachmann, Mia Love and some of the “Young Guns”.
There is A LOT of people out here trying to organize and get something done that agree with your post.
The Republican party is dead to real conservative I think.

In a earlier post I posted some video’s from Wild Bill a great patriot some may have not heard of.
Here is his website and YouTube page.
Wild Bill for America
YouTube Wild Bill for America

You have to watch this one,almost an hour of you’re live but it is very interesting.
The interview took place pree-election.He was right about the Republican Machine and has some very interesting thoughts on our future.

Take the time.
Joel Skousen August 16 2012 World Affairs Brief with Dr. Stan Monteith

This is an excellent commentary by Glenn Beck on “History will repeat itself if America doesn’t learn from the past.”
Parallel Paths

Another great video from Glenn.
Glenn’s special message for Israel

This is kind of inspirational, hope others would follow but wont hold my breath.
News Anchors Stun Audience & Resign Live On-Air: Told to Do ‘Unbalanced News, Politically’

A couple of patriotic video’s then we’ll move on.

My Name is America by Todd Allen Herendeen- The Official Patriotic Anthem-Super!

Stand up for America

And a Reagan address in 1964 that is just as timely today.
Ronald Reagan: A Time For Choosing (1964: Warns Of NWO)

Moving on.

Who killed Hostess?
The left is madly spinning (aka, lying about) the impending demise of Hostess, trying to blame the free enterprise system, and even Mitt Romney’s former firm, Bain Capital. This is a lie. It was inside job of the left, with a prominent Democrat helping himself to consulting fees and a hundred thousand dollars a year sinecure for his son.”

Lesson from CA: Socialism Doesn’t Work
“How many times is society going to have to revisit the issue of the failures of socialism before we can rule it out as a viable system capable of producing long-term prosperity? It is getting exhausting.

California recently achieved a new milestone as it is now the leader of all fifty states in poverty. In a recent finding by the federal Census Bureau, California has the most people living in poverty with 23.5% of the population living in poverty, stealing the last-place spot for the most impoverished state from Mississippi.”

That’s it for now.Still cleaning things up and getting focused and preparing to protect and preserve my family

GOD bless you and America.Not Omerica

Post debate headlines,videos and some news.

Got most of these headlines from Twitter this morning and re-posted on Facebook.

Like most are saying,if your a Conservative or Republican.
Romney won.

If you’re a Liberal Democrat Obama won.

Personally all Obama did was regurgitate talking point’s,lie,mislead and no answers or like a lot of people are saying,no plan for the next four years.

Romney had fact’s on his side and he wasn’t afraid to use them.

That one time Obama got up as to say what’s up and challenge Romney looked disrespectful and like what someone would do on the street or ghetto and made me feel like I had to get and give it back to him,(street mentality),or, Chicago style.
Here’s a great new video about President Obama’s shabby treatment of Israel from Rick Santorum and Patriot Voices

MSNBC Edits Obama Dodging Question ‘Is Hillary to Blame for Benghazi?’

Benghazi Consulate’s 3 AM Phone Call

Romney Wins the Three-Way Debate at Hofstra

Obama’s Campaign Bus Parks on Top of Hillary

FACT CHECK: Romney right that Obama made major cuts to oil permits both off-shore and on-shore

A President Without a Plan

VIDEO Statements from the White House on Libya –


John Sununu to CNN Anchor: ‘You’re Outta Your Mind!’

Clapping seal Michelle disgraces ‘Presidential’ Debate

Hollywood’s Hysterical “Cancer Screening” Lie for Obama

Think Progress appears to defend online death threats by Obama supporters

This afternoon,

Romney Campaign Presses Obama on Benghazi

Somethings you should know,

Terrorism Some little known facts about the views of Muslims in America

I would like to draw you’re attention once again to this video and one more from today.

I really hope you take the time,excellent pieces,common sense conclusions and just plain scary!!
What happened in Benghazi

Crowley saves Obama

America vs Europe

Just switch from Direct TV to Dish after about 12 years D-TV,I’m loving it. D-TV adds are very deceptive.

Didn’t know there was a Blaze TV,you can sign up for it and pay or get with with the Dish package.

GOD bless America and you.