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California insanity at it again.

Every election cycle I do my due diligent s and actually go through and read all the propositions on the ballot. This year with the lock-downs I hope more Californians have the time to do the same.

My one little conservative vote doesn’t make much of a difference in this liberal state but I try and do my part, it makes me feel better and like I’m doing something, maybe if more did, we might have a chance of changing things here.

There’s 12 propositions on the ballot, just a couple I wanted to share with you. Please take the time, check them all out and vote.

For those of you who don’t live in this bastion of liberalism, let me share some of the insanity with you.

Prop-16 commercial make’s me sick every time I see it and made me want to write this post, take a look. Yes on Prop 16 – We Rise Together

Can there be anything more racist, divisive then this one? Of course the left plays on emotions because they have nothing to offer. While looking for this video I came across some encouraging video’s against it. Here’s just a couple. Mr. Ward Connerly on Tucker Carlson to Discuss Prop. 16 | No on Prop 16

Here’s another good one.
Justin Kotz
Started off making a video about recent events and affirmative action news with Tucker Carlson and Dinesh D’Souza which kind of morphed into welfare state mini historical documentary with Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams and others.CA Prop 16 2020

This one speaks for it self, Prop-18: Voting at Age 17, yea right.

The Election Integrity Project California, a nonpartisan organization, argued against the amendment, saying that “17-year-olds are legal minors. Under that definition, they are still considered children. They are almost all still living at home and under the strong influence of their parents. This is not conducive to independent thought and voting without undue pressure from their immediate superiors… 17-year-olds will almost always still be in high school, and under the strong influence of their teachers. This again makes it less likely that they would be expressing their own, independently thought-out choices were they to be allowed to vote.”

A little sanity returning? Prop-20: Tougher Criminal Sentencing. Prop 20 Explained Vote Yes

Why Prop 25 No Bail is YOUR NIGHTMARE- Vote NO

Famous for high taxes blaming the rich for their problems and a lousy public school system like all the other times they raise taxes to help the failing public school system this one will do nothing to fix it except drive more business out of California.

Prop 15: Commercial Property Tax.

I never vote for funding this failed public school system. Nothing ever changes, they’r just indoctrination camps anymore and politicians just get more powerful. The teachers union has gone out of their way to prove their just a political organization this year. Look who’s funding it,

Proponents of the initiative named it the Schools and Local Communities Funding Act. Top contributors to the well-financed campaign included the California Teachers Association, the Service Employees International Union of California and the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, run by Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and his wife, Priscilla Chan. Joe Biden and many other prominent Democrats have endorsed Prop. 15.

So, what are all those propositions on your ballot? What do they actually mean? “Ballot Brief” brings you all the information you need to get through the 2020 election season. Here you’ll find explainers that break down what the propositions are and what they mean for voters. BALLOT BRIEF

The Voter’s Self-Defense System

Every detail on thousands of politicians, all made simple to use and easy to understand VOTESMART

God bless you and America.

Midterms: What Christians should be doing before, after and during.

Was reading this morning from my copy of Decision Magazine and found some good articles on it but unfortunately not all articles are included on the website that are in the magazine unless you subscribe. You can also like it on FB.

I do it but not nearly enough as I should as I suspect is the case with many, unfortunately. Honestly I have a real hard time doing it for Obama but I do. My personal opinion is we have the government and administration we do because we don’t and at the same time God has given us what we really wanted as a society, because Christian have been lazy and or fallen asleep and that has led to the God hating progressive take over of our country. Look at all the churches afraid to preach the truth for fear of the government or afraid of loosing their mega congregations. Preaching what the world teaches because it’s easy on the ears and doesn’t require much. (Oops, sorry that’s a whole other post.)Then again with America missing from the global seen a lot of what’s going on wouldn’t have been possible.

Never the less we are Commanded to do it. Check these articles out.

“Our nation was founded by men who believed in prayer. When our government was being formed, Benjamin Franklin addressed the chairman of the Constitutional Convention meeting at Philadelphia in 1787, saying, “I have lived, sir, a long time, and the longer I live the more convincing proofs I see of this truth: that God governs in the affairs of men. And if a sparrow cannot fall to the ground without His notice, it is probable that an empire cannot rise without His aid.” read more, Turning the Tide of History

“The president recently asked for prayer as he faces the complex and dangerous challenges of leading our country in such tumultuous times.

His request was a pointed reminder to me that I should be praying for our president and our leaders every day—not to get something from them—but simply in obedience to the Scriptures. I personally haven’t prayed the way I should, and I’m sure that’s the case for some of you as well.

We know from Scripture that God can turn the hearts of kings (Proverbs 21:1). That means that we should be praying for God’s will to be done and for our leaders to seek God and listen to Him. We should pray that they would be surrounded by godly counsel and, most important, that our leadership would personally know God and the salvation found through faith in Jesus Christ alone.” Read more, Franklin Graham: ‘Praying for Those in Authority is a Biblical Command’

“If you’ve ever struggled to pray for government leaders with whom you strongly disagree, imagine being an evangelical congressman or senator on the front lines in Washington, called by God to hit your knees on behalf of fellow lawmakers who blatantly reject the biblical values you treasure.

Or, like Mike Huckabee, being a former presidential candidate-turned-television news commentator who is sometimes compelled to vigorously confront the man who was elected to the nation’s top office.

Huckabee sees no conflict in prayer and confrontation, and he finds no wiggle room in the biblical mandate to pray for our leaders (1 Timothy 2:1-4).

“Praying for them is to recognize that God can hit a straight lick with a crooked stick,” said Huckabee, the former Arkansas governor who works for Fox News and is contemplating a 2016 presidential run.

“But praying for someone doesn’t require me to agree with them or to be silent when I feel the need to rebuke. As I raised my children, I prayed for each of them by name daily, but that never stopped me from disciplining them. It’s because I do pray that I feel free to speak truth to power.”

Praying for political foes is a way of Washington life for Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-S.C.), a devoted believer and former federal prosecutor who serves as an ace interrogator for the House Committee on Ethics, Oversight and Government Reform.” Read more, Praying For Other Leaders Who Oppose Your Beliefs

“America is in trouble. From sea to shining sea we are witnessing the devolution of a nation. The United States is quickly becoming the divided states. Disunity and conflict abound. Family breakdown, the immigration crisis, the threat of terrorism, an abiding racial divide and political dysfunction all point to a deeper problem.

Regardless of which side of the political aisle you sit on, it is clear: Things are unraveling at warp speed. Like never before, we must pray for our nation and her leaders.”

On Our Knees

As Christians, we must ask: Are we going to sit by and watch our culture fall apart and our families disintegrate? Or are we going to do something to help turn America to God?

The future of our culture is in the hands of Christians because the cause of our cultural demise is innately spiritual. And if a problem is spiritual, its cure must be spiritual as well. If we Christians are going to help turn our nation to God, we must fall on our knees and our faces before God and pray. We must not only talk about prayer, but pray. Not only agree on the importance of prayer, but pray. Not only preach on the power of prayer, but pray. As Billy Graham once said, “To get our nation on its feet, we must get on our knees.”

Second Chronicles 7:14 contains an awesome promise: “If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.” In this hallmark passage, God calls a nation to pray.” Read more, ‘If My People’

“I learned to depend on the Lord early in my childhood. During those turbulent years, my mother held our little family together. Though she wasn’t a Christian at the time, she knew she needed all the help she could get as she raised her children. So she sent my brother and me to church every Sunday, and it was there that I was introduced to Jesus Christ and invited Him into my heart.

As I learned how to pray and began speaking to the Lord, I sensed His love and care for me. Amid the chaos of our disintegrating family, this little girl found hope and comfort in Jesus. I’ve been praying and relying on Him ever since.”

“The Lord Jesus demonstrated the significance of prayer. He “often withdrew to lonely places and prayed” (Luke 5:16). He “went out to a mountainside to pray, and spent the night praying to God” (Luke 6:12). He even told His disciples the parable about justice for the persistent widow “to show them that they should always pray and not give up” (Luke 18:1).

If Christians would pray as Jesus instructed us, it would change our lives—and the course of history. Our nation’s leaders are openly asking for prayer from the public. As a matter of fact, members of both houses of Congress met recently in the U.S. Capitol Rotunda for a time of prayer and reconciliation. In the midst of our tumultuous times, God may be preparing hearts for a new openness to seeking Him through the lifeline of prayer.” Read more, Calling People to Their Knees

Hope you pray and hope you vote. God bless America and you.



For the Christian.

I voted. Did you?

Actually I voted last Wednesday by mail. Like a lot of others I feel these next couple election will go down in history as how America finished herself off or how she corrected course and became a force for good and a “beacon on the hill” again in the world.

We must return to our basic foundation, principles and honor GOD again for anything to really change and get us back on course. We are now seeing in plain view the progressive, liberal, democrats agenda for America. Hows the last 6 years been for you? Though the progressives have been at it for quiet some time it is now in plain site and no one can honestly say I did know.

One of the first things they started with was the removal of GOD in our schools, courts and in public. With no more morality for a standard, no consequences for doing wrong, no feeling of accountability we have what we see today. Kids killing themselves and others and why not. They are taught they are here by chance and come from monkeys.

There is no problem lying to people. Slinging mud at someone’s opponent instead of standing for something or to distract from their own problem or record. Look around whether in politics or in public the first thing most do now day’s is attack, accuse and lie and slander. They don’t stand for anything.

Take for example Jeff Stone who is all over Bonnie Garcia. He’s merciless. So before I through out all my political junk mail I just had to take a look. It’s amazing when you look who’s paying for it all and the supposed republican party suggestion are all paid commercials in print. BTW, I’m a registered republican because that’s the only way I can get more choices to vote for. If I could and have the same options I would register as just conservative, we are all painfully aware of the problems with the republican party.

Any ways. When you go to look at Jeff Stone you don’t find much, except for the mud he slings. I use Project Smart vote to look at candidates along with, Smart voter  for my county and Judgepedia to look at Judges who are just as important to look into as candidates are. Have you notice what some of these Judges have been doing lately? It takes me a couple of hours but I don’t follow the trash some of these people put out. I just want the facts, no hype or spin. i also used Voters Edge for research. Some candidates you can see who’s funding them and which states are also contributing to them. Very interesting!

Check it out. Jeff Stones Voting Record and his Political summery Compared to Bonnie Garcia’s Voting Record and Political Summery. Guess who I voted for?

Saw this on FB this morning. He’s not in my district but I really like what he has to say and how he sums things up. Check it out. Jonathan Zachariou at American River College

It sure would be nice to get rid of all this down in the dirt, mud slinging, cuter politics we’v all let happen and gotten used to. I can remember when it was respectable and just talked about record’s and facts. You actually had to back what you said at one time.

That’s my two cent’s, GOD bless America and you.

14 - 1

If you vote for Obama.You’re siding with a Criminal and Traitor.

There can be no doubt.
If you vote for Obama.You’re siding with a Criminal and Traitor.

Video at link.
Search for justice for victims of Benghazi terror attack

I’m offended by Obama.Video at link.
President Obama ‘offended’ over Benghazi criticism?

To live and die in Benghazi, Libya without leadership from America

“Obama Don’t Like White People”

Obama Met With Panetta and Biden at WH As Benghazi Terror Attack Unfolded

Can you in good conscience still vote for this man?

GOD bless and save America and you.

Should Illegal Immigrants Be Allowed to Vote in America?

“Seriously? Why would I even ask such a stupid question? Well, because there are a lot of really stupid people out there and MRCTV found a whole bunch of them outside of the Supreme Court, protesting Arizona’s immigration law.”