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I voted. Did you?

Actually I voted last Wednesday by mail. Like a lot of others I feel these next couple election will go down in history as how America finished herself off or how she corrected course and became a force for good and a “beacon on the hill” again in the world.

We must return to our basic foundation, principles and honor GOD again for anything to really change and get us back on course. We are now seeing in plain view the progressive, liberal, democrats agenda for America. Hows the last 6 years been for you? Though the progressives have been at it for quiet some time it is now in plain site and no one can honestly say I did know.

One of the first things they started with was the removal of GOD in our schools, courts and in public. With no more morality for a standard, no consequences for doing wrong, no feeling of accountability we have what we see today. Kids killing themselves and others and why not. They are taught they are here by chance and come from monkeys.

There is no problem lying to people. Slinging mud at someone’s opponent instead of standing for something or to distract from their own problem or record. Look around whether in politics or in public the first thing most do now day’s is attack, accuse and lie and slander. They don’t stand for anything.

Take for example Jeff Stone who is all over Bonnie Garcia. He’s merciless. So before I through out all my political junk mail I just had to take a look. It’s amazing when you look who’s paying for it all and the supposed republican party suggestion are all paid commercials in print. BTW, I’m a registered republican because that’s the only way I can get more choices to vote for. If I could and have the same options I would register as just conservative, we are all painfully aware of the problems with the republican party.

Any ways. When you go to look at Jeff Stone you don’t find much, except for the mud he slings. I use Project Smart vote to look at candidates along with, Smart voter  for my county and Judgepedia to look at Judges who are just as important to look into as candidates are. Have you notice what some of these Judges have been doing lately? It takes me a couple of hours but I don’t follow the trash some of these people put out. I just want the facts, no hype or spin. i also used Voters Edge for research. Some candidates you can see who’s funding them and which states are also contributing to them. Very interesting!

Check it out. Jeff Stones Voting Record and his Political summery Compared to Bonnie Garcia’s Voting Record and Political Summery. Guess who I voted for?

Saw this on FB this morning. He’s not in my district but I really like what he has to say and how he sums things up. Check it out. Jonathan Zachariou at American River College

It sure would be nice to get rid of all this down in the dirt, mud slinging, cuter politics we’v all let happen and gotten used to. I can remember when it was respectable and just talked about record’s and facts. You actually had to back what you said at one time.

That’s my two cent’s, GOD bless America and you.

14 - 1

Obama will go down as the worst president in history.

“We the People” want JUSTICE!

How anyone can still support,stand by,believe this traitor is beyond me.

Obama will go down as the worst president in history.

Every day more comes out and it seems the only way to find out about is on the Internet and some cable news channels,because the “Lame Stream Media” won’t report on it and Obama refuse to answer questions about it.

Can’t embed this video for some reason,check it out on the link,
October 28, 2012 Father of former SEAL killed in Libya wants the truth

Video at link.
Emotional Pat Caddell on the MSM ignoring Benghazi: “These people have no honor!”

Obama says this is “Work Place Violence”.Are you freaking kidding me?
How many times has this traitor sided with muslims over America and Americans?

More truth is coming out about what a lying,two faced,
anti-American,traitor,Obama is and can not,must not be ignored.
EPIC FAIL: Obama offered to reestablish full ties with Iran in 2008!

Report: Obama Offered Iran Full Diplomatic Relations in 2009, Including Reopening Embassies

Bigger than Watergate: Proof that the President is Lying about Benghazi?

Love it.
Some else is starting to report what I shared the other day.
“The Obama regime has been running guns and BIGTIME armaments and munitions, including MANPADS, which are shoulder-launched surface-to-air missiles designed to shoot down commercial jetliners, to the Muslim Brotherhood. This is just Fast-and-Furious except that the people being armed are musloids tasked with reforming the Islamic Caliphate instead of the drug cartels. But it is exactly the same thing. Ghadaffi was overthrown because the Obama regime wanted to use a chaotic, destabilized “wild west” Libya as the doorway to the Caliphate to get the arms in for distribution to Syria, Yemen, Jordan, Egypt and eventually Saudi Arabia. Egypt would have been too risky.”
Benghazi: ‘Let’s Quit The Chickensh*t Dancing Around Here’ – Ann Barnhardt

Beyond Unconscionable. This Is High Treason…AC-130U Gunship Was On-Scene In Benghazi, Obama Admin Refused to Let It Fire

The hidden real truth about Benghazi

Benghazi, Libya—Biopsy From a Malignant, Failed Presidency

GOD bless and Save our country and you.

Obama’s lies to America and covers up Benghazi.

 In case you missed it.

Video: Crowley Now States Romney Was Right in Debate About Libya!


Obama knew it was a terrorist attack all along… but he flew to Vegas the next day for fundraising anyway?

Finally check out this video,very interesting.
Gets real good at about 8 minutes in.

What happened in Benghazi

GOD bless America and you.Pray America see what’s true.

Can Obama tell no lie?

After all most 3years in office how can anyone believe anything this guy says?

Any RATIONAL person with one ounce of sense can’t.

If you do believe what he says, to be blunt, your stupid, liberal, to lazy to check anything out, believe in fairy tales, can’t or wont think for yourself.

All this guy can do is campaign, make promises he doesn’t keep, out right lie, mislead, whine, blame others, divide America, alienate our allies, take no responsibility, kick the can down the road or to someone else,(congressional “super committee”)

His supposed deals are mostly temporary till oddly enough after the November election when IF elected again he will continue to destroy America.

Everything he does from now on is to get himself re-elected.

Where is the jobs bill?

Same old song and dance.Raise taxes and spend, spend, spend.

Tax those greedy mean millionaires.
For years, Warren Buffett has been claiming that his secretary pays a lower tax rate than he does. Recently, President Obama has taken that claim and run with it. I don’t know Mr. Buffett’s particular tax situation, but I do know that his claim as a general matter is bogus.”
Warren Buffett’s Tax Story Is Bogus

“So, the Administration has now resorted to rebranding tax increases on job creators “the Buffett Tax,” in order to correct a perceived injustice, that billionaire Warren Buffett pays a lower federal tax rate than his secretary.”
 The Buffett Tax Deception

“Warren Buffett pays himself just $100,000 a year in salary. His 17.4% tax bill is due to the low capital gains tax rate on his stake in Berkshire Hathaway, a stake valued at an estimated $38 billion. Buffett only pays taxes on that stake if he sells his shares. Since he sits on them, his tax bill is low.”
 Buffett’s Fastball on the Buffett Tax

FOX Search “‘Buffett Rule’

Google Search “Warren Buffett pays a lower federal tax rate than his secretary”

Why is Buffet such a Obama supporter?

Maybe he he figured out it pays to be friends with him.

Just look at GE, the unions and ‘Fast and Furious’ Gunrunner Scandal, lets not forget Solyndra which is a story in and of it’s self just to name a few.

Maybe he wants a little friendly help with this,
“This one’s truly, uh … rich: Billionaire Warren Buffett says folks like him should have to pay more taxes — but it turns out his firm, Berkshire Hathaway, hasn’t paid what it’s already owed for years.”
Hypocrite: Warren Buffett’s Company Owes Taxes back to 2002

“Remember when Warren Buffett — a staunch Obama supporter — said that rich people like him would be willing to pay more taxes to help out? If you do, it will probably shock you that his company, Berkshire Hathaway, has back taxes dating back to 2002.”
Obama Supporter Warren Buffett’s Co. Hasn’t Paid Some Taxes Since 2002

“Flashback- Billionaire Warren Buffett wrote an op-ed in the New York Times saying that the Government should stop coddling the super rich, like him, and make them pay more in taxes. It was all the rage on Liberal websites throughout the blogosphere and media outlets with conservative sites posting the address to the Bureau of the Public Debt for Buffett and like-minded super rich people to voluntarily feel free to mail in donations and/or use a handy online form, to donate to the cause.”

Billionaire Warren Buffett wrote an op-ed in the New York Times saying

Google Search “warren buffett owes taxes”

IRS Data Show Most Millionaires Pay Taxes at Higher Rate Than Middle Class

FACT CHECK: Are rich taxed less than secretaries?

All this is,
Rhetoric of Class Warfare

Is anyone as sick of this crap as I am?

Maybe with story’s like Solyndra and ‘Fast and Furious’ Gunrunner Scandal and more to follow I’m sure we don’t have to wait till November to get this guy out of our office. 

Liberals,Obama.The craziness,the hypocrisy,lies,madness and Deception.

Going through some things this morning.Facbooke,Twitter,OLD DOGG,mail…

I’m just amazed at the hypocrisies of the left and the lies from them and Obama.
Here’s just a few.

Check this guy out.Talk about the “new civility”.

From: http://gatewaypundit.rightnetwork.com/

 Crazy-Unhinged-Leftist-Lunatic Welcomes Sarah Palin to Madison (Video)

“Going into the tax day rally in Portland, local Tea Party organizers had concerns about security:

Oregon Tea Party members are taking a pledge of nonviolence for Friday afternoon’s Portland-area tax day rallies.

Party officials said they feared “union supporters” might try to stir up trouble at the rallies in Pioneer Courthouse Square and in other parts of the city on the day federal income taxes are traditionally due.

Those concerns were clearly unfounded because the progressive protesters who showed up were the epitome of decorum. Oh, wait. Then there is this video. The easily offended should not click.”
Content Warning Not Strong Enough for This Video of Leftist Freakout at Oregon Tea Party Rally

Gotta love those calm,patriotic,peace loving liberals.

Here is a teaser.Check the link for the rest.

And now,lets look at their leader.

Found on http://olddogg.com/

“Rep. Steve Scalise (R-La.), the chief sponsor of the effort to defund administration-appointed advisers known as “czars,” reacted “angrily” Saturday to a signing statement from Obama saying he plans to keep them. In a statement emailed to The Hill, Scalise accused Obama of acting like a “dictator”…..”
Original story:
“President Obama should know that it is the courts, not the executive branch, that has the authority to determine the constitutionality of laws passed by Congress, especially considering that he agreed to this provision and signed the law himself,” Scalise said in an emailed statement.
“The President does not have the option of choosing which laws he will follow and which he will ignore,” he continued.
Scalise said that Obama’s backtracking on the czar issue will make future talks on spending and the budget more difficult.

“The president knew that the czar amendment was part of the overall budget deal he agreed to, and if he cannot be trusted to keep his word on this, then how can he be trusted as we negotiate on larger issues like federal spending and the economy,” he said.
“If you watch and listen carefully to the 20-minute, 14 April 2011 interview of Barack Hussein Obama by George Stephanopoulos, you will notice something very telling that takes place during that interview when the discussion shifts to the issue of Donald Trump and ultimately, the “birther conspiracy.” Veteran investigators who are experienced in interviewing and interrogating suspects, witnesses, criminals and non-criminals have undoubtedly identified numerous big red flags of deception precisely when expected, and in textbook fashion. To observe this in action, begin watching the video at about the 13:25 minute mark, when Stephanopoulos lobs the following softball, leading question to Obama and receives his answer”
Original story
Obama deception indicators “off the charts” during Stephanopoulos interview
Exclusive Interview with Obama: Video and Part One of the Transcript
Just felt like sharing encase anyone missed the stories.
GOD bless America and you.