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The Truth About the COVID-19 Vaccines.

A simple little video points out things you may mot be aware of.

Found it on Codias have no idea who made it.

At first glance the video seems to be more liberal B.S.

I’ve seen it be for but never watched it.
Watched the first few seconds and at first glance the video seems to be more liberal B.S.
I watch all the way through this time. Sobering!!

Give it a shot.

Signs-Times What do you think?

Encase you missed it last night.
Devil looks like Obama in ‘The Bible’

The extended trailer for “The Bible” miniseries can be seen by clicking on the video below:

Another Cool Song about Obama

From the heart,I’m sure we all can relate,


Cool Song about Obama

This guy is grate.He should get a Emmy or what ever you get for this kind of stuff.