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This is crap. This needs to stop. VA waste.

This is ridiculous and shameful. With all the money this country wastes in the government, on welfare abuse, immigration, left leaning policies, refugees, the UN, this should not be. This should be one of the most smooth running organizations we have, we owe it to the Veterans. This makes me sick.

From the famed Sharyl Attkisson. Thank you. “A medical doctor-turned-whistleblower was part of a team that reviewed veterans’ medical files to see if they’re entitled to compensation for Agent Orange injuries. He says he caught reviewers pushing through files at an improbable rate, failing to give them a proper review and often denying vets their due. The company, a V.A. contractor, denies it.” Continue reading

Why no Answer’s?

Been watching Glenn Beck(long time follower)this week.I’m just amazed at the governments non response to his questions.They’re simple to the point and fair.Why not answer the question’s?Set the record straight or show facts where Glenn is wrong.It seems to me they would want to set the record straight or do they just not care and really think we’re dumb and are trying to do these things before anyone really notices?I’m glad his ratings are are going up and America is waking up.We need to before it’s to late and the America that we love is gone.After watching the video any fair minded person would want to know the answers too.

Whats the problem?Wheres the answers?