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The Third Party.

I’m hearing people talk about a Third Party as it will be deceive.

Guess what?We are divided.
I think some people think about a Third Party and think of Ron Paul.
There is a lot of good people and ideas in that movement.
But he is just to far out there when it comes to our military and foreign police.
The Republican machine is broken and when you take a close look,not much different then the Democrats machine with a few exceptions of course.
We need a Party filled with people that where involved in the 2010 election.
Not career politicians.
There should be term limits and we need to get rid of the electoral voting system.
Principled people and leaders.
People like Sara Palin,Allen West,Michele Bachmann,Rubio,Ryan,Rand Pual to name a few.
A Party that when campaigning they will not get in the gutter and throw out smear,misleading info,just the facts and a clear message with specifics.
When the attacks and smear and lies come they will not go there but direct those things to a website to answer any of those type of question with facts and move on.
They will not get involved in walking back things.
Say what you mean and mean what you say and stick to it.
Even if it might offend or not be politically correct.
There can be NO doubt as to where we stand and let the chips fall where they may.
I believe people will respect and appreciate the truth no matter what the consequences.
A Party That has GOD,the Constitution and the founding fathers principles as it’s foundation.Nothing more,nothing less.
How long to think it would take to weed out the Rinos and people like Karl Rove and the like?
To long I think.
They have to much power,connections and money.
We cannot be a part of that!
You always end up owing someone.
The Party’s bottom line must be integrity,honesty and transparency.
There can be nothing left to question.
That’s some of my thoughts,thanks for taking the time.
Comment’s are appreciated.
GOD bless America and you.