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So whats going on today that you probably wont see in the "Lame stream Media"?

Lets start with this.

“Please don’t get me wrong”. Got cha buddy,understand completely.

“Incredible! Rep. Mike Kelly (R-PN) will win your hearts and minds with his questioning and statements: you’ll see why he got a rousing ovation once he concluded. One of the many poignant allegations Kelly made to ousted IRS commissioner Steven Miller highlights the two freeze-frames below: “This is very chilling for the American people. […] You should be outraged, but you’re not.”
Rep. Kelly OWNS Fired IRS Commish–Gets Rousing Ovation
Check it out.
Rep. Kelly OWNS Fired IRS Commish–Gets Rousing Ovation

Check video out on link.What a tool!!
Fired IRS Commissioner: I Promoted Sarah Ingram To Head Obamacare: “We Provided Horrible Customer Service”

PJTV: Obama IRS Scandal Uncovers the Ugly Side of Income Taxes

The hits just keep coming.In this administration,if you lie,cover up do a lousy job you get promoted.

Surprise: Obama Poised to Promote Susan Rice

“At least we now know where the Marines were who should have been protecting the embassy in Benghazi.

If Obama will call in the Marines to hold his umbrella, what do you think he would have done had HE been in Benghazi under attack?
As this graphic of Marines standing guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier depicts, Marines have more honor than their so-called Commander in Chief. The truly honorable serve in whatever weather, and don’t need an umbrella to weather the storm.”

Check it out here.No Marines for Benghazi, But…

Did You Know About the Terrorism Arrest in Idaho This Week?

Moving on.

“Radio host Dennis Miller and National Review columnist Mark Steyn considered Thursday the possible outcomes if the United States continues down the path of socialism.
If socialism became the prevailing governing philosophy, Miller speculated, escaping it wouldn’t require a move to the Australian outback. Instead he suggested heading for the state of Texas, because it would be the first place to push back against it.”
Steyn warns of ‘serious secession movements’ if drift toward socialism not reversed [VIDEO]

Have a good weekend and GOD bless America and you.