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Wow, you have got to see this movie.

Went to see Dinesh D’Souza new movie “America” The Movie yesterday. I went to the first showing on seniors day, not quite yet a senior but I look like one LOL so it was mostly seniors in the audience. It was in one of the smaller movie rooms but was just about full. Thought it was really cool to see one young mother brought her two teenage kids to see it.

D’Souza tackles the five most common lies and misinformation the progressive liberal anti American left spews out and teaches our kids in schools and collages. He lets the progressives have their say and then goes on to produce the real facts to counter their  lies and misinformation in a most excellent way! Some I already knew about and learned more on and a few things I had no idea about or had totally forgotten about.

For instance, did you know the first female self-made millionaire in America was a freed slave? Her name was Madam C. J. Walker  “I am a woman who came from the cotton fields of the South. From there I was promoted to the washtub. From there I was promoted to the cook kitchen. And from there I promoted myself into the business of manufacturing hair goods and preparations….I have built my own factory on my own ground.” Madam Walker July 1912 From her website, Madam C. J. Walker

Of course Lincoln’s challenger to slavery was a Democrat. I liked this quote from Lincoln in the movie. This is a shortened quote in the movie Dinesh shows it better of course from one of Lincoln speeches. “America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.” Read more on Abraham Lincoln Quotes

I knew there was white slaves in America kidnapped from Europe and where treated as bad if not worse from the owners and black slaves themselves. Didn’t know their where almost as many black slave owners then there where white slave owners or that one of the most notorious slave owner was a black slave owner.

Check out a couple of trailers. Dinesh D’Souza New Trailer For ” America “


America” The Movie: Trailer 3

Dinesh D’Souza YouTube channel.

Of course “Film Critics Hate ‘America’ “.One calls it one sided but by looking at the movie trailer 3 above it’s plain to see he talks face to face with progressives, the professors face to face to get their opinions. “Dinesh D’Souza shocked the movie world in 2012 with his anti-President Barack Obama documentary “2016,” which became the second highest-grossing documentary in U.S. movie history. On July 2, he unveiled his new documentary called “America: Imagine the World Without Her.” It has already grossed $5 million in its first week. One fictional competitor, the abortion-promoting comedy “Obvious Child,” barely grossed $2 million in its first month.” Read more at Film Critics Hate ‘America’

No wonder COSTCO tried to remove Dinesh D’Souza book from it’s shelf’s.

“NEW YORK – The wholesale giant Costco has issued an order to remove all copies of Dinesh D’Souza’s bestselling book, “America: Imagine the World Without Her,” from the shelves of its stores nationwide, WND has confirmed. The book, in this midterm election year, is a strong rebuttal of the progressive ideology behind President Obama’s policies, which have been supported by Costco co-founder and director Jim Sinegal, a major Democrat donor and a speaker at the 2012 Democratic National Convention that nominated the president. A Washington Post political reporter has noted Obama’s “romance” with the nation’s second-largest retailer.” Read more, COSTCO REMOVING D’SOUZA’S ‘AMERICA’ FROM SHELVES

Costco pulls Diniesh D’Souza’s controversial “America” book from shelves

Fear not though, “WE THE PEOPLE” didn’t go for it. “Thousands of Costco shoppers took to the wholesaler’s Facebook page threatening to drop their store memberships after the retailer pulled copies of Dinesh D’Souza’s newest anti-Obama book from its shelves, but a company official insists the decision was financial, not political.” More at, Costco Relents After Thousands Protest Decision to Pull D’Souza Book

“Costco faced protests after deciding to take the book “America: Imagine a World Without Her” by Dinesh D’Souza out of its stores.”

“According to the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, the retailer recently took the book by D’Souza out of its stores, citing poor sales. However, many, including conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh, protested the decision and said they believed the book was taken out of stores because Costco co-founders Jim Sinegal and Jeffrey Brotman are supporters of President Obama. (Both had fundraisers for the president at each of their houses in 2012, according to the Seattle Post-Intelligencer).” Read more on, Costco removes, then puts back, the book ‘America’ by conservative writer Dinesh D’Souza

Published on Jul 10, 2014

D’Souza comments on the aftermath of the Costco decision to put his book back on the shelves overnight after a nationwide boycott.

D’Souza Releases Video Response to Costco Controversy

This movie, the book should be allowed in all schools!! The progressives agenda and their liberal ideas are all required reading, this should be to. Dinesh exposes Saul Alinsky and his Rules for Radicals .

“Identified a set of very specific rules that ordinary citizens could follow, and tactics that ordinary citizens could employ, as a means of gaining public power

Created a blueprint for revolution under the banner of “social change”

Two of his most notable modern-day disciples are Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.” Read more at Discover the Networks.org

Hillary actually was introduced to him and became a student of his but did not like the idea of citizen’s changing America and thought a better way to do it would be from inside the government. Hmm, go figure.

There is just to much to share about the movie. Go see it, you’ll be glad you did and encase you missed it, you have to see 2016 Obama’s America and you’ll really understand what’s happened to us, where we are heading if you can’t see it already, how this guy thinks and what he’s doing will make seance to you.

2016: Obama’s America” The Movie: Trailer 2

Published on Nov 27, 2013

“Dinesh D’souza’s film “2016: Obama’s America” shook the minds and hearts of Americans when it was first released. Almost a full year into Obama’s second term, Dinesh looks back and analyzes some of the predictions he made in his film and compares them to Obama’s Presidency after the “launch” of ObamaCare as well as the revelations of many internal scandals. This video is an absolute must-see for everybody who saw the original movie.

D’souza is one of the greatest authors, social analysts and educators of our time. He website can be found here“: http://www.dineshdsouza.com 

Dinesh D’souza Analyzes Predictions from “2016: Obama’s America” in Late 2013

Why Obama Wants to Destroy America

GOD bless America and you. Go see the movie! 🙂

Looking for Nehemiah.

Been reading a devotional my Dad gave me a couple years ago for the second time because I don’t read it every day as I should. So I’ve missed some readings but it it always seems to be right on target for what I’m going through or what’s been on my heart. Hmmm, imagine that. GOD’s word always on target. 🙂

The introduction to the book in the devotional goes like this: “The book of Nehemiah recounts time as governor of Canaan when GOD’s people where returning from Babylon. He rebuilds the walls of Jerusalem, along with Ezra he leads GOD’s people in worship, and he administers their affairs. Important to his daily work is prayer, through which he expresses his dependence on GOD. As you read this book, ask you’r self how GOD wants you to serve his people; be sure that everything you do is accompanied by prayer.”

While reading this morning it came to me that as we begin the long hard journey of taking back our country and repairing the damage the godless progressive, liberal agenda has done to it. We need governors, congresses, president’s and community leaders with the heart of Nehemiah. Encase you forgot or somehow missed it. At the 2012 Democrat convention the progressive – liberal  true colors where on display for all to see.

The Party That Booed God ,

Convention floor erupts as Dems restore references to God, Jerusalem in platform ,


Jerusalem And God Vote Gets Booed At Dem Convention

Amidst Boos And Multiple Votes, DNC Reverses Position And


Saturdays reading goes like this: “REGARD” “We must dispense with the myth that commitment to CHRIST means becoming a clergymen, or that work done inside a church building or in a church organization is more holy, somehow, than work done in the market place. CHRIST came to give us a sense of calling in everyday work. This is where the world is changed, and where the kingdom is built.” By Bruce Larson.

Saturdays verse Nehemiah 4:6-20 but of course you need to read the whole chapter to get the context and as you see the clips of someone attacking someone on the news or where ever. Always good to get the context of the situation. To many politicians. people that love to attack Christianity or the bible it self and of course our friend on the left love to take things out of context. Nehemiah 4:6-20 (New International Version)

Nehemiah 4 (New International Version)

I like the first couple verses of Nehemiah 4 and through out the description of the wall being rebuilt. Is this not what the enemy’s of the country, Christians or anyone that denies the fact that this country was founded on Judeo Christian values or is a Christian country do? Nehemiah 4:1-2 (New International Version)  

Opposition to the Rebuilding: “4 [a]When Sanballat heard that we were rebuilding the wall, he became angry and was greatly incensed. He ridiculed the Jews, 2 and in the presence of his associates and the army of Samaria, he said, “What are those feeble Jews doing? Will they restore their wall? Will they offer sacrifices? Will they finish in a day? Can they bring the stones back to life from those heaps of rubble—burned as they are?”

Some good articles I came across in my morning tour around the social media that really show how they work. Excellent read, take the time. Heard about his comments but haven’t had the time to research it to see the context or the whole story. Was amazed at how many where quick to abandon, this article puts it into perspective. Saul Alinsky Tactics and the BLM War  


A good read. “The progressive march to the future is destroying America. What the Democrats and the progressives are doing behind the scenes is a more frightening and unjustified power grab than Putin’s on the Ukraine.” Read more here. THE PROGRESSIVE MARCH TO THE FUTURE IS DESTROYING AMERICA

Another good read I got from a friends post on FB. Twenty-Five Ways To Suppress Truth: The Rules of Disinformation (Includes The 8 Traits of A Disinformationalist)  

12 Ways To Use Saul Alinsky’s Rules For Radicals Against Liberals is a good read too but bottom line is the way to take our country back is by prayer, Christians doing our part in our daily lives to live to the glory of GOD and honor HIM in our daily work and walk and electing  servants of WE The People that will do the same and have the same heart.

Again, “We must dispense with the myth that commitment to CHRIST means becoming a clergymen, or that work done inside a church building or in a church organization is more holy, somehow, than work done in the market place. CHRIST came to give us a sense of calling in everyday work. This is where the world is changed, and where the kingdom is built.” By Bruce Larson.

Just some thoughts. GOD bless you and America


For those of you that come across this post and don’t know GOD yet here is a simple way to get to know HIM personally. Be forewarned, HE will change your life.