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Updated: ICYMI, Nuclear war is hazardous to you’re health.

Russia kept telling us it was going into Ukraine. No one did anything to stop them or take them at their word till after they moved.

Russia keeps telling us that they are serious about going nuclear. Still the world “leaders” ignores them. They have no worries. They can get to bunkers. America is pumping BILLIONS of military aid into Ukraine while ignoring her own problems and people.

As I have blogged before I was a Pershing missile crewman in Europe when I was in the Army. It takes about 29 minutes for a nuke to get to it’s target.

We drilled with live warheads a few time a year on a mountain top. Most of the other time we where in the field drilling with the missiles. One of the scariest times in my life was when we where in the field and a alert was called and we had to head back to pick up live warheads because China had crossed into Russia.

After getting back and waiting around for about a half hour they told us it was a drill and head back out to the field. Think about what that drive and waiting around was like, all the things running though you’re mind.

Now check out these videos and think about it.

Nuclear blasts, preserved on film

Beginning in 1945, and until atmospheric nuclear testing was banned, the United States conducted 210 above-ground nuclear tests, documented on film.

Now, footage that has survived, now being preserved by the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, is being analyzed for their scientific data, changing what we previously knew about the destructive power of our nuclear arsenal. David Martin reports.

5 Largest Nuclear Tests Caught On Camera

Russia releases previously classified 1961 footage of largest ever nuclear explosion

Russia has released previously classified footage of the world’s largest nuclear explosion, caused when the Soviet Union detonated the so-called Tsar Bomba almost 60 years ago.

The hydrogen bomb, which carried the force of 50 million tons of conventional explosives, was detonated in a test on Oct.1961, 4,000 meters over the remote Novaya Zemlya archipelago above the Arctic Circle.

The footage shows an immense fireball and a 60-km high mushroom cloud rising after the explosion lit up the sky. The views were captured from several angles by cameras installed on the ground and on board two Soviet aircraft.

What Will Happen If New York City Gets Nuked Tomorrow?

May God have mercy on us and wake our so called leaders up.

Biden Wants $33 Billion More For the War in Ukraine. Which Americans Benefit?

Why Putin may be ‘MORE LIKELY’ to use nukes against Ukraine

Author and former Navy SEAL Jack Carr knows a little something about Russia. With several published thriller novels that focus on geopolitical issues, he’s certainly done his research.

So, he joins Glenn to war-game possible scenarios from the current situation in Ukraine.

He explains why Putin’s original drive to invade Ukraine may have been to grow his military; plus, Carr explains the reason why Putin may be ‘a little more likely’ to use nukes: ‘[Russia is] an animal in a corner and it’s fight or flight…they’re in survival.’

Russia, Russia, Russia. A different perspective. Part 2.

Please see first post for introduction, Russia, Russia, Russia. A different perspective. I am NOT a Russian sympathizer.

I’m sure you heard that YouTube Flagged “Ukraine On Fire” Documentary From 2016.

I checked it out and it’s well worth the time to watch! It’s definitely NOT what the mainstream media and our politicians are pushing.

Via-Sovren “Ukraine on Fire is a 2016 documentary that dives into the longstanding conflicts between Russia and Ukraine, including examining the U.S.’s involvement.

YouTube recently moved to remove Ukraine on Fire.

The sudden censorship of this documentary, long after its initial release and in the midst of new developments in this conflict, clearly shows mainstream media’s loyalty to special interests seeking to control the narrative about Russia and Ukraine.”

YouTube flags Oliver Stone’s Ukraine documentary

It was revealed Wednesday that YouTube had placed a warning on the 2016 documentary Ukraine on Fire by executive producer Oliver Stone. Video streaming platform Rumble then announced that the producers had uploaded the film to its site.

“BREAKING NEWS: YouTube removed @TheOliverStone’s documentary, ‘Ukraine on Fire.’ We believe the public should decide what it sees, not Google execs. We’re proud to announce the producers uploaded the film to Rumble, enabling anyone who wishes to view it,” Rumble tweeted.

Ukraine. Across its eastern border is Russia and to its west-Europe. For centuries, it has been at the center of a tug-of-war between powers seeking to control its rich lands and access to the Black Sea. 2014’s Maidan Massacre triggered a bloody uprising that ousted president Viktor Yanukovych and painted Russia as the perpetrator by Western media.

But was it?

“Ukraine on Fire” by Igor Lopatonok provides a historical perspective for the deep divisions in the region which lead to the 2004 Orange Revolution, 2014 uprisings, and the violent overthrow of democratically elected Yanukovych. Covered by Western media as a people’s revolution, it was in fact a coup d’état scripted and staged by nationalist groups and the U.S. State Department.

Investigative journalist Robert Parry reveals how U.S.-funded political NGOs and media companies have emerged since the 80s replacing the CIA in promoting America’s geopolitical agenda abroad.

You can check it out at a couple places, on sovern.media Ukraine on Fire on RED VOICE MEDIA, Ukraine On Fire – An Oliver Stone Documentary (2016) [VIDEO]

Also on Rumble, Ukraine On Fire

I found this interesting,

Oliver Stone on how the US misunderstands Putin

The Oscar-winning filmmaker spent 20 hours shooting a documentary with the Russian president, and tells the FT’s Matthew Garrahan that the western world has Vladimir Putin all wrong.

This too is worth you’re time,

Revealing Ukraine – Continued Investigations Of Crisis Following Ukraine On Fire – Oliver Stone

“Revealing Ukraine” by Igor Lopatonok continues investigations on of the ongoing Ukrainian crisis following “Ukraine on Fire”. In addition, it analyzes the current political backstage and its dangerous potential for the world.” 

Personally I think we shouldn’t be involved in it. Let Europe, Russia and Ukraine deal with it themselves. If Russia and Ukraine cant work something out some kind of truces and Russia goes after Poland and NATO then that’s a whole new ballgame.

We need to fix our own country before we try and fix others, Lord knows we got a lot of problems of our own right no. I’m tiered of the endless wars our politicians get us into, let Europe fix Europe. You know if someone attacks us Europe wouldn’t do a think to help us.

There are 25+ US-funded biolabs in Ukraine

There are 25+ US-funded biolabs in Ukraine, which if breached, would release & spread deadly pathogens to US/world.

We must take action now to prevent disaster. US/Russia/Ukraine/NATO/UN/EU must implement a ceasefire now around these labs until they’re secured & pathogens destroyed

Thanks for stopping by, as always God bless American and you!

Russia, Russia, Russia. A different perspective.

Let me first state I am in no way a Russian sympathizer. I grew up during the Cuban Missile Crisis and The Cold War. I spent my time in the service in the Army in Europe in a Pershing Ia missile unit drilling and training with nuclear warheads pointing at Russia. (56th Field Artillery Command), (The Pershing Missile: Peace Through Strength), if you’er interested in the Pershing system check out the video below or scroll on. (Pershing 1a Missile (1977).

If fact my old unit was recently reactivated, U.S. Army Pershing II missiles. (U.S. Army photo/Released) US Army reactivates artillery command after 30 years as Russian troops amass near Ukraine.

I watched a fascinating interview last night on Tucker Carlson Today Episodes interviewing Daniel Kovalik  a leftist and the author of the book, The Plot to Scapegoat Russia: How the CIA and the Deep State Have Conspired to Vilify Russia. A lot of things I forgot and didn’t even know. For instance, I forgot Russia was one of the first after 9/11 to offer and to help in Afghanistan and with the war on terror and to donate official gift from the Russian government as a memorial to the victims of the September 11 attacks in 2001, the US and NATO have lied and broken promises to Russia that has caused Putin to to react to the lies and broken promises. (NATO, Russia and the Other Broken Promise),(How America’s Broken Promises May Lead to a New Cold War), (Op-Ed: Russia’s got a point: The U.S. broke a NATO promise), (Guest Opinion: Russians rightly unsettled by NATO’s eastward creep).

Over the past 5 years or so we’ve watched as the “Elite” the “Mainstream Media” and the Government lied about the “Deep State”, ‘Russia-gate’ and so much more, lest not forget about Iraq and the Weapons of Mask Distraction and the wars that followed.

I’m just saying why would we trust anything this group would tell us and to get into another never ending war. I’m tiered of sending our young men women into combat for no real good reason that doesn’t even pertain to our national security, and to help secure some other country’s border? Especially as we have our own wide open border allowing MILLIONS into our country that we know nothing about.

Here’s a little more from Dan Kovalik, The War In Yemen With Dan Kovalik @danielmkovalik

A interesting article you might be interested in,

“By rehabilitating neocons and elevating them as thought leaders, liberals live in their framework. Thus are opponents of U.S. involvement in Ukraine deemed treasonous”. The Neocons’ Primary War Tactic: Branding Opponents of U.S. Intervention as Traitors. Glenn Greenwald

AS always, God bless America and you!

Think about it.

Was reading in Mathew this morning. You ever notice that where JESUS first walked and where the gospel was first preached, Middle East, Asia, Magog which is Russia now, Africa… Are the most hostile, dangerous, oppressive places on earth right now.

Why? Because they all have denied CHRIST and have the most anti Christian-JESUS CHRIST, religious restricting policies on earth. With the exception of Israel who is still waiting for the MESSIAH, all part of GOD’s plan so that we ALL have a chance to except HIM as our LORD and savior, forgiver of our sins.

Now, take a look at America and the path we are on. The progressives have been taking GOD out of our society since around the 60’s, ( With our help as we silently stand by and do nothing )Before the 60’s actually but that’s when they got a little more open about it when they started taking GOD out of the schools, the courts and eventually especially today all mention of HIM in public or anything to do with Christianity. Their foundation is godless and they believe, man and science have all they answers. Do the research on them for yourself. it’s plain to see they think they are little god’s.
With this administration progressiveness is in full view. Remember the democrat’s convention in 2012? Going out of their way to reject GOD.

I remember in the 90’s I was at a mall in Riverside California and I found a cool t-shirt. It was like a concert t-shirt with the bands name and locations of the tour. This t-shirt was a Christian t-shirt. On the back it said the second coming and then had a list of all the country’s if I remember right. The young girl that helped me was probably in her 20’s maybe 21-22 I guess. She asked me what it meant? I remember I was shocked and just couldn’t comprehend how someone didn’t know what it meant. I was a pretty new Christian back then but even before I was a Christian I knew about this kind of stuff basically, thanks to my upbringing. I was just floored, I always remember it and needles to say I got a chance to witness that day.

That in mind for those of you who have never heard of the “Gog and Magog War”  here is a nice little article on it, with a map of the region given the event’s of today with Russia and Israel.

“Ezekiel 38-39 reveals a fascinating and detailed prophecy about a future war campaign against Israel. This war is known as the “Gog and Magog War” because the people of Magog and their leader Gog will lead the attack. Scripture clearly teaches that this particular war will be a turning point for Israel, with regard to their relationship with God.”

“The sobering, yet exciting aspect of this study is that for the first time since Ezekiel penned these prophecies, the countries that will gather against Israel have built an alliance in recent years. The prophetic puzzle pieces are now in place. It is just a matter of time, that is, God’s timing before these prophecies find fulfillment.” Read more. The Gog and Magog War

With what we have allowed and are allowing today as we Christian cower and remain silent, is there any surprise America isn’t mentioned in the bible? We need to get our Christian balls back. Remember who it is that said,19 “I have given you authority to trample on snakes and scorpions and to overcome all the power of the enemy; nothing will harm you.”  Luke 10:19New International Version (NIV)

And 7 “For God has not given us a spirit of [a]timidity, but of power and love and [b]discipline.” 2 Timothy 1:7-10New American Standard Bible (NASB)

Think about the for-mentioned areas-county’s where Christians are really being persecuted, tortured and killed for being Christians and standing up and NOT denying CHRIST. As apposed to Christians in America where we are just basically called names and easily intimated . We should all hang our heads in shame and repent!

Make no mistake about it the LORD has been talking to me on this subject and I, with HIS help are in the process of making some changes in my life.

I have been getting  Decision magazine in the mail recently for free, ( Not sure how I got it but I plan on subscribing next pay day ) some articles are available on line. Anyways check out a couple of the articles. From Franklin Graham “Heaven is not for cowards! Recent comments I made while speaking at an event in Washington, D.C., have drawn some controversy. In a challenge to those who are afraid to speak out on moral issues addressed in the Bible, I referenced a chilling passage—a warning from God about the most catastrophic indictment the world will face someday:” Read more. Cowards or Overcomers? Standing Strong on God’s Word

A friend of mine shared this video with me before I read the article above.

Franklin Graham at Watchmen on the Wall 2014

And this one, I remember seeing it in some headlines but honestly didn’t pay to much attention to it.

“Five seconds. Maybe less. That’s how long it took identical twins David and Jason Benham to recover from the kick-in-the-gut feeling they had when HGTV officials told them on May 7 that their new show had been canceled amid complaints about their stance on biblical values.”

“All of a sudden it was like my back stiffened, and I kind of bobbed my head like a fighter who wipes away the blood (before continuing),” David said. “We knew instantly we were going after the bully.”

“The “bully,” they say, is the obnoxiously intolerant side of the gay and pro-choice agendas—not a cable network, or any person or people group.” I like this from the article, ““We’re not men who follow a purpose-driven life. We follow a Person-driven life. We let the Person of God take control of the purpose.” and this, “When you say ‘anti-gay,’ you’re saying anti-people because there are people who are gay,” Jason said.

“We’re pro-people,” David added, “because Jesus is pro-people.”

“One of the most critical lies permeating society is the redefinition of sin.” read more. No Backing Down: Benham Brothers’ Faith Firm After Losing HGTV Show

Have a good Sunday. GOD bless America and you.




Headlines and some things that got my blood boiling.

Wow. From yahoo AND NBC. Go figure. Obama: No, Romney Was Wrong. Russia Is Weak, Not Strong”

“During a press conference today in The Netherlands, ABC’s Jonathan Karl asked President Obama if he thought “Mitt Romney had a point” when he said in 2012 that Russia was America’s “number one” geopolitical foe. Obama took advantage of the question to slam his current political opponent, Vladimir Putin.”

 “Karl’s question began with a challenge. “In China, Syria, and Egypt — and now in Russia — we have seen you make strong statements and issue warnings that have been ignored. Are you concerned that America’s influence in the world, your influence in the world, is on the decline?” And, he added, in light of recent developments, have you rethought your critiques of Romney?”  Read more here. Obama: No, Romney Was Wrong. Russia Is Weak, Not Strong.
This is a good one and hope more follow! Indiana has become the first of 45 states to opt out of the national education standard known as Common Core, and critics of the controversial K-12 program say the move could “open the floodgates” for others to follow.” Read more here. Open the floodgates? Indiana becomes first state to scrap Common Core
Watched this yesterday, loved it. Take the time you’ll like it too. Jeb Bush also supports Common Core along with immigration. No more Rino’s please.

 Hillary Clinton vs. Jeb Bush in 2016 bad for America?

Also,  Jeb Bush Praises Illegal Immigrants As “Risk Takers”…

The following are things I got and shared on my morning journey around FB, Google, Twitter and my in box.


Pray for Hobby Lobby

“In 1 Timothy 2:1, Paul instructed Timothy First of all, then, I urge that supplications, prayers, intercessions, and thanksgivings be made for all people, for kings and all who are in high positions, that we may lead a peaceful and quiet life, godly and dignified in every way. This is good, and it is pleasing in the sight of God our Savior, We are asking you pray on behalf of our friends at HobbyLobby, the craft chain giant that is well known for operating according to the Christian principles of its owners, Jackie and Steve Green. On Tuesday at 10:00 a.m. ET, the Supreme Court will hear oral arguments in two very important cases involving religious liberty and the freedom of conscience. Before the Court are Sebelius v. Hobby Lobby Stores, Inc. and Conestoga Wood Specialties Corp. v. Sebelius” Read more here. Pray for Hobby Lobby

Of course, Planned Parenthood Organizing Huge Supreme Court Rally to Deny Hobby Lobby’s Religious Freedom

Professor FIRED For Being A Christian Conservative Wins First Amendment Lawsuit Against School

Can’t tell you how sick I am of her, her husband and his administration.  Michelle Obama Insults Chinese Government, Tries To Charm The People

Michelle: ‘There Were Actually Laws in America that Allowed Discrimination Against Black People Like Me’

Press banned as first lady touts free speech 

The following is the one that got my bool boiling and my thoughts on it.Need any more excuse for citizens to be armed. Had to take a minute after reading this.

If this happened to me and my wife, you have no idea how much pent up RAGE and adrenalin would be released. How about we get of our asses and rally against Black on White crime and Black on anyone violence. Temple University student assaulted with a brick: Funny how race isn’t mentioned

Black mob violence breaks out in Louisville, 6 other cities. ALL last week.

And these progressive liberal want to rule us and tell us what’s best and how to live.   Dem Lawmaker, Co-Sponsor Of Child Porn Laws, Resigns; State Office, Home Raided for Child Porn

“Last week Al Sharpton embraced convicted vote fraudster Melowese Richardson at a “voting rights” rally in Cincinnati. The United States Department of Justice under Eric Holder has done nothing to Melowese Richardson 410 days after she admitted on camera that she committed multiple federal felonies by voting six times for President Obama’s reelection.” Read more here.  NO JUSTICE DEPARTMENT CHARGES AGAINST OHIO WOMAN WHO VOTED SIX TIMES FOR OBAMA

A good read. Screw the Propaganda…It’s SOCIALISMCARE

Federal employees using government aircraft for hundreds of non-official missions, GAO says

“In a phone interview, Rep. Steve Stockman, R-Texas, said he can’t comprehend how the president of the free world can seemingly look away while Christians, including Abedini, are jailed in hostile countries for their religious beliefs. At the same time, the U.S. has released prisoners from Guantanamo Bay.” Read more here. New developments for U.S. pastor jailed in Iran

Still can’t find the video but watched Cavuto yesterday, Can you believe what the administration is considering now?
Neil Cavuto @TeamCavuto 40m
Should the US let the UN oversee the internet?

“The Obama administration’s decision to relinquish oversight over the group that manages the Internet’s architecture has raised an early red flag with Republicans, who blast the move as a threat to free speech.”

“Even Bill Clinton is against releasing the internet out of U.S. “control.” It could lead to taxes on the internet, or worse, says Steve Moore.”  Read more here. Internet transition triggers GOP backlash ~ By Jessica Meyers and Erin Mershon

The most internationally well-traveled President, through five years, is also flying the most expensive-to-operate Air Force One to date,” NTUF wrote. Read more here. EXCLUSIVE – STUDY: OBAMA MOST WELL-TRAVELED, EXPENSIVE PRESIDENT IN HISTORY THROUGH FIVE YEARS

No surprise here. Obama Administration Ranks Highest In New Regulations Issued

Well that’s it. Now I have to go and watch more news on the boob tube to get more frustrated. LOL

Oh, almost forgot. Our little group is having it’s first event. If your in the area stop by.  GOD bless America flag waving event

GOD bless You and America