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What difference do elections make?

The Unified Field Theory of Modern Liberalism


Modern Liberalism Explained By Evan Sayet




   This man explains liberalism as it exists in it’s present form . The above video is the condensed version of his speech . Below is the entire speech for those who’s interest is piqued .




Published on Jan 8, 2014

” According to David Horowitz, Mr. Sayet is, “simply the best political comedian working in America today”, and a more serious thinker. In the latter capacity, Evan delivered the speech to the Heritage Foundation which Andrew Breitbart called “one of the five most important conservative speeches ever given,” a lecture that is now by far the single most viewed talk in their history. Evan has written and/or produced in just about every medium there is, including TV’s “Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher” (for which he apologizes), the multiple festival award-winning documentary “Dodo” and authored The Kindergarden of…

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White House fights Iran sanctions bill as nuclear deal start date announced

Before anyone negotiates with these terrorist and I don’t think we should. Americans held hostage should be released before there are any talks.


Iran and six world powers announced Sunday that they’ve agreed on the terms for implementing a recently struck nuclear deal — but the Obama administration continued to battle a bipartisan push for new U.S. sanctions which it claims could jeopardize the pact. The White House said Sunday that the deal will kick in starting Jan. 20. Under the terms of the six-month agreement, Iran will begin to rein in its nuclear program, while the United States and other countries will ease off existing sanctions. Iran will begin receiving blocked overseas funds around Feb. 1, when the nation will receive $550 million, a senior administration official told Fox News.
The six installment payments will continue through July, when the last of the $4.2 billion in funds is scheduled to be transferred. “With today’s agreement, we have made concrete progress,” President Obama said in a written statement. But, in a sign of how sanctions legislation in…

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Failed Duty – No Honor