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Things you may have missed, because the “Media” sure not going to show you. (Guess I forgot to post earlier)

Let’s start it off right with  Judge Jeanine on the V.A. scandal. Oops I mean one of those phony scandals according to Obama that is. Sure are a few of them. At some point you have ask you’r self, maybe there’s something to them? Unless of course you’r a ” Politically Correct”progressive liberal where it’s a whole other world and you have to check you common sense, logic at the door.

Published on May 17, 2014

“Judge Jeanine Pirro Opening Statement – Veterans Left To Die By The VA – V.A. Full Blown Scandal

V.A. Accused Of Cover-Up As Veterans Die Waiting To See Doctors”.

I wonder if any one is really surprised given the track record of this administration. All you have to do is look at, “Fast and Furious”, the I.R.S. scandal, “Benghazi”, to name a few of those “Phony Scandals”

Attorney General Eric Holder said Tuesday that the Department of Justice doesn’t A. have any plans to investigate allegations that veterans placed on secret waiting lists at VA hospitals died while waiting for care.  Read more here, 3:07 PM, MAY 13, 2014 • BY JOHN MCCORMACK

Let’s not forget.



Speaking about “Benghazi”. From the judge again, check out the video on the link. “Judge Jeanine: What are Democrats afraid of?

” May. 11, 2014 – 6:25 – Why would they consider boycotting the select committee on Benghazi?”

H/T Michael Panici
Outright disrespect & complete disregard for the loved ones of our veterans & the ambassador who lost their precious lives, as well as a slap to the face of each & every single veterans showing exactly where our leaders stand when it comes to all our veterans.
They DO NOT give a damn!
They don’t deserve to hold those positions of power & they DO NOT represent us-We the People!” 



Back to the V. A. “When everyone found out the [inspector general] was doing the audit, the word I heard was ‘make sure nothing is left out in the open,'” the VA doctor told The Daily Beast. “And that ranged from make sure there’s no food out to make sure there’s no information out in the open.”  Read more here. VA inspector general’s office was reportedly told of wait lists months before scandal broke

Excellent article!  Can you spell crony whitewash?” “At least 40 American veterans are dead thanks to bureaucratic delays at Veterans Affairs clinics. But you wouldn’t know it from VA Secretary Gen. Eric Shinseki’s bland and bloodless demeanor at a Senate hearing Thursday. He droned on like an apathetic office manager fielding complaints about the copier being jammed.” Read more here. The VA’s Deadly Bureaucratic Drones 

You probably didn’t see much about this if you weren’t on Twitter or FB and knew what to look for,#OAS but this weekend was the, 10320429_703926932998977_3970798880608835080_n

2014: Operation American Spring to Storm Washington D.C.

What Does Media Blackout On Operation American Spring Mean

Check out a collection of the video’s from the event. Operation American Spring LIVE

A collection of photo’s from the event. 45 of them, pretty cool.

Some great coverage of the event. 

If you have a FB account here are some great photo’s from The Modern American Revolution time line. TIME LINE PHOTO’S A few teasers. 10334309_705029269555410_4460856681855012789_n



The Modern American Revolution 2 hours ago. Col. Harry Riley – Operation American Spring – Day #4

Breitbart – One Voice Silenced, Millions Awakened 6 hours ago · Edited

“CALL CONGRESS: OAS WILL BE MEETING WITH CONGRESS ALL WEEK! Just call your representative and tell them “OAS IS COMING!” …. so they can’t say they don’t know!

This photo was taken during Operation American Spring’s ‘silent march’ to honor our fallen from the Benghazi disaster. This is when the formation was halted and the protesters turned their backs to the White House.

We’d like to thank Brandy Leigh Messick Mason from Overpasses For America for the photo!

CALL CONGRESS: OAS WILL BE MEETING WITH CONGRESS ALL WEEK! Just call your representative and tell them “OAS IS COMING!” …. so they can’t say they don’t know!

This photo was taken during Operation American Spring’s ‘silent march’ to honor our fallen from the Benghazi disaster. This is when the formation was halted and the protesters turned their backs to the White House.

We’d like to thank Brandy Leigh Messick Mason from Overpasses For America for the photo!”#OAS  1958340_531626246944163_3514482449447652784_n

Another thing you don’t hear much about but again no surprise here with this administration history. excellent article by Allen West on May 13, 2014.US Marine held in Mexican jail; 36,000 criminal illegals in US set free BnJ3kCYCQAAdl6-

“Nothing we can do to help you”
There’s nothing else we can do to help the illegals in OUR country anymore! GET THE HELL OUT!!!! Listen to the Gripping 911 Call From the Imprisoned Marine Moments Before Mexican Police Arrest Him

Saw this this morning, don’t read “The Wire” just happened to see it. Home Depot founder and billionaire GOP donor Ken Langone is back in the news for invoking the Nazis again…” Read more is you want to. There’s No Good Way to Explain Your Hitler-Obama Analogy I thought if anyone knows history, watches “The American Hero’s Channel” formally “The Military Channel” and the documented facts of the rise and fall of Hitler and the Nazi’s. There can honestly be no question I think there are real similarity’s between this administration and Hitler’s.

Then I saw this. First lady Michelle Obama is encouraging students to monitor their older relatives, friends and co-workers for any racially insensitive comments they might make, and to challenge those comments whenever they’re made.” Read more here. Michelle Obama Would Like Students to Monitor Family Members for Racial Insensitivity

H/T to Leah Tillock for this one.”Sound Familiar?” 19bb1b3ec12780087dd37e82466df363_500





14 - 1

GOD bless America and you!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Conservatives and Christians.Now “Lets Roll”.

Happy New Year and as Paul wrote to Timothy, “Grace, mercy and peace from GOD the FATHER and CHRIST JESUS our LORD”!

2 Corinthians 5:17 New King James Version (NKJV) 17 Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new.

I haven’t been social much last few days. Wanted to just take a step back, forget about the news and all the “Talking Points” for a little and the weather here has been so great just wanted to get out and enjoy GOD’s handiwork for awhile. I really enjoyed and related to this mornings devotional. Don’t read everyday but most days and when I do of course GOD speaks to my heart! Check it out


“I’m NOT one to wear my faith on my sleeve. Christians can do a disservice to unbelievers by being obnoxious or judgmental.

I’m a chapel leader and have been since my second year in the minors.

People know where I I’m coming from with out my having to harp on it all the time. I know that the message of CHRIST offends because it calls sin sin and says we are all sinners.

There’s no way to soften the truth. It’s jarring and can alienate people until they begin to realize that it’s true.

My pushing it down everyone’s throat will not make it any easier for them to investigate what it’s all about.

I just tell people about GOD naturally, when opportunities arise or when I’m asked. It’s amazing how many people notice when you’re straight.

If your not a carouser, not a womanizer, not foul-mouthed, not a gossip, it get’s around!

We’re far from perfect. We fail. There are people who may think we are insincere or who think we’re judgmental.

I can’t defend myself against people who say I’m phony. Only my family, my true friends and I know who I really am inside. I’ll have to answer for that someday.

I can only do and be what I think GOD want’s me to do and be. I never want to embarrass HIM or bring HIM shame.”

Author: Orel Hershiser

I can relate to this, it  just really speaks and encourages me and is how I feel. Remember GOD didn’t make us all pastor’s, evangelists so on. He made us all different, with different gifts and callings, our job is to be as faithful as we can to what HE’s called us to do and be.

As 2013 passes and 2014 begins there is a lot ahead of us. A couple of things I hope we all remember is what a few truly Conservative and bibles believing Christians did in 2013.

A handful of true Conservative with the backing of “The People” did some pretty amazing things if you think about and took a stand against “The Status Quo”, the establishment GOP and the Progressive movement that is dead set on the “Fundamental Chang of America” and the removal of GOD from our history, remembrance and country.

“The People” stood up, stood together and backed a man for his right to say in public the TRUTH of the bible. “The People” saw that it IS possible to take a stand against the progressive’s and the liberal GOD denying democrat party and the fewer then ( being generous here) 5% of the population that is hell bent on “The fundamental Change of America”.

2013 brought to light what a lot of Conservative had been warning about for years. The I.R.S scandal, Benghazi, the massive failure of the administrations foreign polices and more often then not siding with Americas enemy’s then her allies, N.S.A., election fraud the out right lying and miss guidance of the American people and of course Obamacare.

Let’s not forget the defining silence from this administration as Christian around the world are being purged from the earth and in this country being silenced and attacked by the very government it helped set up in the begging of this great country.

2014 is the year when we can start to take our country back. It will take years to fix what the Progressives and the most recently administration has done to this country but in 2014 we can start to finish what started in 2010 but has been paused because people believed the establishment GOP and the politicians that didn’t keep there promises to defend the Constitution and Conservative values.

“If we Christians banded together and took a stand, perhaps we wouldn’t be losing so much ground in what the media is calling the “cultural war.” However, it is not a cultural war—it is a religious war against Christians and the biblical truths we stand for. Some churches have fallen into the trap of being politically correct, under the disguise of tolerance.” Read more, Franklin Graham: Duck Dynasty and the Ducking Church

So, my hope and prayer for the new year is that people will remember, pray, stand together and start on the road to bring this country back to it’s former glory and the “Light on The Hill” status that set us apart from all others lead by GOD. There is a definite choice to be maid between the GOD denying Democrats led by the Progressive movement, the GOP establishment and RINO’s and the TRUE Conservatives and bible believing Americans with respect for all.

2 Timothy 1:7 New English Translation (NET) 7 “For God did not give us a Spirit of fear but of power and love and self-control.”


GOD bless America and you.

Us solder should get all the help he needs.Let’s get out of Afghanistan.

I am absolutely sure Obumer and the Progressive Liberal machine will fix everything.

Shout out to Michael Carr of Jackson Hewitt Sun City. He ROCKS.

Last year I stopped using HR Block because their software moved a number to the California State income tax that coast me $564 plus interest and fines on my 2008 tax return.

Of course HR Block says they are not responsible for their software.

I have just started making payments.

I used Turbo Tax for 2011 got a return then on March 22nd 2013 the IRS informed me a owe them $2100 and change for 2011 do on April 17th, nothing like last minute notice.

I forgot some income because I didn’t get a 1099. My bad.
That doesn’t ad up to $2100 and change though.

Still owe everything but Mr. Carr got me straitened out and just took care of a really big headache and depressing situation.

I had to retire do to health problems in 2009 and I only bring home about $13,000 plus a year.
Apparently I need to take more taxes out of my pay check that has already been hit with a higher premium for Obamacare. So I bring home about $1158 a month now.

I noticed every since Obama was elected and when I was working I was getting less and less of a refund.

Now that I am retired and make less then half of what I was making when I worked I get to pay more taxes. Hmmmm.

Wasn’t  Obumer supposed to be the guy that was going to be doing all the good for those poor middle class and low income people that those nasty Republicans are against?

I got to tell you. Anyone can say and promise you anything.
But, the truth is in the facts and they just don’t add up.
I know I’m not alone.This has to be affecting others.

Those of you who follow me know, (remember all Obamas promises and all he said he was doing and all the taxpayer money he used for the bailouts.)

Since his election and my retirement because it’s not all his fault but some promises where supposed to fix things and make it so people could get help.

Anyone that had to go through it knows what a nightmare it was and in the end all for nothing.Talking about the supposed help for home owners.

The only people that got help where the Banks, Unions and of course people that helped get him elected.

Pay back don’t you know.

Witch by the way the Liberal Democrats thought and pushed where a good idea and have since been proven it was them that did it and Republicans tried to stop but couldn’t because the Democrats had the majority.

OH and if you haven’t heard are trying to do again.

I’m not one of the one’s that took out big, stupid loans or anything like that.
I had bought my home back in 99 or 2001.

Before I had to retire my credit rating was between 760 and 780 on any given day.
I had a money in the bank a savings plus owned some stocks.
I had five more years to retire and had planed to be out of all or at least the big debt in five years.

Anyways since the great election. I have gone bankrupt, lost my house, my savings and now I get to pay more taxes while making less then half of what I used to.

Of course I don’t have any savings left so I’ll have to make payment to the great state of California who just added more tax to gasoline that has hit an all time high already.
And to the I.R.S. while interest and penalty’s get added.

So, after the ding for Obamacare that brings me down to $1158 a month subtract $50 for the great state of California and $60 for the I.R.S.

OH joy I have $1048 a month to live on.
To pay rent, utility’s and misalliance. I guess I could get rid of my TV and Internet service though.
Because don’t you know “We all have to make sacrifices” but wait, I have to have more taxes taken out of my pay check. It was suggested $60 a month.

I am absolutely sure Obumer and the Progressive Liberal machine will bring down the coast of gas, food… fix unemployment and restore a once great economy.

Just take a look at California and New York to name just a couple to see how well this great Liberal, Progressive experiment is working out.

Oh and our Education system. Don’t even get me started.

GOD bless you and America.Trust in GOD.

Headlines you won’t see in the Progressive,Liberal,Government controlled media.

First up and it’s a good one,I’m also a member.
By Todd Starnes

A group of conservatives is launching their own social networking site after enduring what they call years of censorship and liberal bullying on Facebook.
The Tea Party Community is expected to officially launch on Saturday – but the social networking site for conservatives has already drawn nearly 50,000 members.

Read more, Conservatives Launch Facebook Alternative

Fed-up Conservatives Launch Facebook Alternative

Link to the site,Because of the news site might be overwhelmed at times,be patient.They are working on it.

Join the Tea Party Community to connect and share with “We The People” in your life.

My profile page,  Robert Fleming

On to the headlines,love this one.What say yea Liberals?
Houston Woman Attacked By Illegal Aliens – Part 1

Mother Uses Gun to Defend Her Child Against Armed Intruders

Atlanta mother uses gun to defend children, home, shoots intruder 5 times

Mom uses gun to protect self and children from home intruder

Facebook Bans Ads from Pro-Gun Newspaper


Reid fends off questions about Menendez allegations

White House refuses to comment on Menendez reports



Ever seen Atlas Shrugs part #1?


Fleeing Fascism

Got to love this one,LOL

Arrogance Isn’t The Answer, Mr. Obama

Liberal Bastrion “The New Republic” Fires Jews from Magazine

Ex-SEIU local exec convicted of stealing from low-income members

Leftist insanity: global warming causing Chicago gun violence 

Elected Officials Are Fundamentally Dishonest

Canada: 491 Babies Born Alive After Failed Abortions, Left to Die

Twitter Censors Black Pro-Lifers Blasting NAACP on Abortion

On the subject of Black,Abortion.It just drives me crazy how they’ve fallen for the Liberal,Progressive,Democrat bullshit.I can never be quiet about this!

“..abortion has done what the Klan only dreamed of.” -Dr. Alveda King

Check out these sites,
“In America today, almost as many African-American children
are aborted as are born.
A black baby is three times more likely to be
murdered in the womb than a white baby.”
Klann Parenthood

“Planned Parenthood is the largest abortion provider in America. 78% of their clinics are in minority communities. Blacks make up 12% of the population, but 35% of the abortions in America. Are we being targeted? Isn’t that genocide? We are the only minority in America that is on the decline in population. If the current trend continues, by 2038 the black vote will be insignificant. Did you know that the founder of Planned Parenthood, Margaret Sanger, was a devout racist who created the Negro Project designed to sterilize unknowing black women and others she deemed as undesirables of society? The founder of Planned Parenthood said, “Colored people are like human weeds and are to be exterminated.” Is her vision being fulfilled today?”
Black Genocide

Speaking of Morality,
Boy Scouts shouldn’t abandon morality

And this one just bugs the crap out of me.Way to lead a church pastor.Talk about walking the walk./s
If another report the pastor actually said she didn’t realise it would go public.WHAT THE…

Colorado High School Has Students Recite Pledge Of Allegiance In Arabic…

Fundamental Transformation of America Equals turning legal civil society into illegal one

Immigration and Today’s GOP

Books for the Burning

Check out these sites.
Tea Party Tribune
Conservative Speak Out

Finally,watch to the end,WOW.Not what you think.
Can You Guess Who I Am? Shocker

GOD bless America and you.

The Progressive,Liberal America.What’s not to like?

What’s not to like?

OH, let us count the ways.

These people just amaze me.How they get away with what they do,lying,manipulating,spinning,hiding and or denying,attacking truth.

Encase you missed them,only watch the “Lame Stream Medea” or are just easily taken in by a smooth talker.

Check out these headlines.

Bet you haven’t heard much about this.

From, http://www.billoreilly.com/show?action=viewTVShow&showID=2847

Impact Segment

FEC investigating Obama’s 2008 campaign
The political newspaper Roll Call reports that the Federal Election Commission is investigating President Obama’s 2008 election campaign. Roll Call reporter Paul Singer elaborated on the FEC probe. “They have been investigating the President’s campaign donations for about two years,” Singer said. “We found out about this when we began to see that legal bills being paid out by the Obama campaign were much larger than they were during the campaign season. They’ve spent about $3-million in legal fees post-election, which started our alarm bells going off. It’s a little bit of a surprise because Obama didn’t accept public financing. We assume that the FEC is combing through the 9-million or so contributions and making sure that they’re real.”

Check out the searches.NO main stream coverage.
Google Search
Bing search

The leader of “The Progressive,Liberal America” is a fine one when it comes to dividing us,lies,manipulation,attacking the truth.

He doesn’t handle real interviews well either.
Obama to reporter: ‘Let me finish my answers’ next time

He does good when he sets them up though,kind of.LOL

Obama’s Facebook Townhall crashes; conservative group claims credit

 Obama attacks the radicals…the GOP

This one is rich.
Obama addresses Rising Gas Prices
Anyone but him.
Obama blames speculators for high gasoline prices

Lets switch gears a little.

Obama Launches Sickening Class War Assault Against Republicans

Obama Hails People Who ‘Crossed the Rio Grande’
Go ta love it.
Illegal immigrants collecting welfare?

He’s done so much to inspire people./s
Why Is Far Left So Angry?

Under this leadership this is OK.
Prosecutors Seek to Stop Rally by Florida Pastor Outside Dearborn Mosque
But it’s OK for the “Religion of Peace and Tolerance”to protest us,slap us in the face,change our education history…

Why is Obama campaign now?
I understand he’s always in campaign mode and loves to hear his voice and all.Seriously,aren’t there other things going on in the country?Has anyone else started yet?Or are they just trying to fix his mess?
It’s all this guy knows how to do are wants to do,talk,raise and spend money.

Love his new campaign posters.
10 New Obama Campaign Posters
Want a teaser?


We have to be careful of the wolfs in sheep clothing.
Should be getting good at after by now.
Member of Racist Sect Addresses Oceanside Tax Day Tea Party

A good way to get involved.
Take Action!
Two years ago, gasoline prices rapidly rose to over $4 a gallon, causing outrage at the pump and increasingly tight family budgets. Despite heated rhetoric at the time, Congress failed to address any of our fundamental energy problems, and the issue faded from the spotlight.”

Support Congress’ efforts to invest in America’s own energy resources by urging their support for H.R. 1229, the “Putting the Gulf Back to Work Act,” H.R. 1230, the “Restarting American Offshore Leasing Now Act,” and H.R. 1231.

GOD bless you and America.
Lets take the fight to them this time.

Damage done.Liberal,Progressive insanity in the news & more governmet take over.

It’s every where,damage done,Liberal,Progressive insanity in the news.

Pay attention boys and girls we’re going to cover more government take,liberal insanity,progressive “Political Correctness” and more.

“Political Correctness”,lets repeal it no mores pussy PC crap.

In the name of Politically Correct a fine Naval Officer carer has been destroyed.

“As a sailor and Navy flyer, Capt. Owen Honors had an impeccable record according to all accounts. He rose high within the Navy ranks — to commander of the USS Enterprise,”

Aircraft Carrier Commander Relieved of Duty After Airing Explicit Videos


“But now supporters of Honors are taking to Facebook in large numbers to express their disappointment with the Navy’s decision to dismiss Honors. A Facebook support page dedicated to Honors grew in members from just 1,400 Monday afternoon, to 12,000 and counting on Tuesday evening.

Among those voicing their opinions is fellow Navy Capt. Robert Marcotte, who wrote: “Honors was a great (executive officer) and an even better (commanding officer). Led, supported and ensured morale was maintained during the deployment in 2006. The entire ship would ensure they were in front of a TV for XO movie night. They could not wait for it. ….It is a terrible waste to lose a leader like CAPT Honors.” Facebook Fan Base Grows for Disgraced Navy Captain

I’m sure anyone paying attention to the story has seen the videos but here’s some new releases from “The Navy Times”.
More raunchy videos surface from Enterprise

I am horrified and terribly offended,NOT.LOL

Give it a rest.

O’Reilly hit the nail on the head tonight on “Talking Points”
The Real Problem in America

Could have said it better myself,anyone with an ounce of common sense would have to agree.

In her own words.What world do they live in? Do they really think we are that stupid?
Pelosi on Last Day as Speaker: ‘No Regrets’ on Democrats’ Handling of Deficit and Debt

What a wacko!!!

More evidence this administration is nut’s,out of touch and feels it’s only threat is from it’s own citizen.

“Net Guy’ Federal Communications Commission Chairman Julius Genachowski seems to share the same problem as Big Sis US Secretary of Homeland Janet Napolitano: both give a free ride to al-Qaeda, training their investigative skills only on rank and file Americans.

Groping continues at airports and spying on Americans in other venues is expanding.”
A Regulating-the-Internet-Map for Julius Genachowski
Speaking of “Big Sis”
TEL AVIV — Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano on Tuesday rebuffed suggestions that U.S. airports should adopt the practices of airports in Israel, calling the Israeli air travel system “a very different model.”
Napolitano: Israeli-Style Security Won’t Work for U.S.
What a bunch of crap!!
We used to be able to do anything in America.
 “In the run-up to the Thanksgiving holiday, the Transportation Security Administration began to come under fire for its enhanced security measures at. In the midst of the firestorm, Rep. John Mica (R-TX), and others called for TSA to adopt Israel’s style of screening.”
Remember the EPA and it’s newly found powers given by this administration?
EPA and Texas Square Off
Why aren’t other states fighting this?

We have to thank the Lame Ass Duck Congress for our new years gifts.

Sure glad they are for the people.LMFAO.
Waiting for Your Tax Return

Brace for Higher State Taxes
So at the end of last year we told you the good news: Your federal income taxes

are not going to go up. But here’s the bad news: your state taxes most likely will, if they haven’t already.

In the first nine months of last year, 36 states saw tax collections increase from the year before. Alaska saw collections skyrocket 53%

That’s enough good news for now.

GOD bless America and you.

Will the REAL America please stand up.

America was founded and her foundation was set on GODLY principles, PERIOD!!

I know,I know.

The Lib’s and progressives are getting up and walking off the stage right now.LOL

Good,they haven’t got a clue or wouldn’t understand any of this.

The real America is;

The greats country and most generous on the face of the earth.

For the most part her people have integrity,are honest,hard working,proud,laided back,you do your thing we’ll do ours get along with BUT don’t push me or I WILL PUSH BACK,defender of right and wrong.

I’m the oldest of 4,I was raised from about 11 years old to 17 when I joined the Army in76 and served till 79 by a very strong single Mom who was raised up when America was America.

My mom and dad both had ruff childhoods and where married at a very young age.
 My dad served in the Navy for some 20 plus years.

My mom raised us 4 by her self.
 Fought cancer twice,losing the second time about 10,11 years ago.

They both did the best they could with like (the real America and her people) the cards they where dealt.

I learned form her and my experience in the service that you have be responsible,disciplined and work hard to make it and to get the things you want and enjoy.

Basically do the right things,be honest,work hard and treat other’s with respect,(especially your elders) and the way you want to be treated.

America,the real America doesn’t give up,brushes her self off when she falls,gets back up,fights on and NEVER gives up.

She will always try to do the right thing and try and fix it when she doesn’t

She will always defend freedom and liberty and help those that want it and protect those that have it.

 Remember I’m talking about the REAL AMERICA, NOT the one that exists now under the Obama administration.

If any young people read this it will sound fouren to them because we fell asleep and let the liberal progressives take over and destroy our school systems and let them raise you instead of the American family,with American values.

For that we are truly sorry.

I lived most of my adult life the way I was raised.

I still believe a hand shake means something and a mans word is his bond.

 Someone may take advantage of that but only once.

Respect is freely given at first but earned to keep it.

“Trust but Verify”.

Like most Americans today we did it right,the way we where raised to do it.

 Only to find out it was all for nothing.

Nothing paid off for us.

 No one won except the elite and corrupt politicians,the unions,the big banks and who ever else was in with them.

Doing things right,paying bills on time,getting a good credit score,buying a home with a mortgage that at the time we could afford,saving our money for retirement and the future.

Living with in our means,you know the American dream,the American life.

It was all for not except for the for mentioned who were guided by greed,corruption and liberal,progressive socialist guide lines.

So,with the Tea Party and the rest of the sleeping giant these people have awoken,taken for granted,think are to dumb to understand,used and abused our trust and out right screwed and lied to.

Lets show them the real America.

In November will the REAL AMERICA,PLEASE,stand up.







GOD bless America and you.

Remember in November (Just a few reminders) It’s up to us.

Does America really want to let the tax and spend Liberal,Progressive,hypocritical Democrats stay in office?

 In case you think that might note be a bad idea.

Let’s have a small refresher course.

Lets take a look at who they are beholden to and how they support their backers,views and idea’s.

Criminal charges filed against SEIU member for submitting bogus I-1098 signatures

In spite of the left screams of racism on the right and of the Tea Party and as yet have not produced any reliable evidence to support these claims.

 Lets see where the evidence does take us,just a few to remind you.

Who could forget theses?

Fight at Russ Carnahan Town Hall Event – Raw Video

Please take an extra minute or two to check out related videos and story’s from the links and videos and do some research for yourselves.

Obama supporters rough up anti-Obama heckler

Friday October 8, 2010
Doug Giles
Shocking: Bigoted White Tea Party Woman Beats Petite Black Female Reporter
“I’m sorry, I got that wrong. Stupid me. I’m never going to make it in this business. It was actually a big black liberal woman who whaled on a petite white conservative female reporter last weekend.”
Liberal Protester Assaults Human Events Reporter at “One Nation”

Charlie Rangel AMBUSHED: Liberals Worship Disgraced Congressman at ‘One Nation’ Rally

Barbara Boxer Plays the Race Card Against a Black Businessman

Harry Alford: Barbara Boxer Is Full Of “Pure Race”

Senator Barbara Boxer: “Don’t Call Me Ma’am” – General Michael Walsh

Maxine Waters (D) Slip of the Tongue Reveals True Intentions (Socialism for America)

Don’t Regulate Fannie Mae or Freddy Mac

Shocking Video Unearthed Democrats in their own words Covering up the Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac Scam

A year ago.

Barney Frank & Chris Dodd Complicit With Failure Of Fanni Mae & Freddy Mac

Again,A year ago.

EVIDENCE FOUND!!! Clinton administration’s “BANK AFFIRMATIVE ACTION” They forced banks to make

Follow the Money: How Fannie Mae Bought the Democrat Party

TWO years ago.

Nancy Pelosi, Barney Frank, and Democrats are Clueless on Freddie Mac Fannie Mae and the financial

Barney Frank Caught Lying About Fannie Mae

Democrats were WARNED of Financial crisis and did NOTHING

TWO years ago.

Democrats Fighting Regulation of Freddie & Fannie

Senator Barbara Boxer thinks that the “angry mobs” are “well dressed”

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 Like that was possible.LOL

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Barney Frank Pushed Homeownership in 2007

October 13, 2010

Barney Frank was one of the most vocal members of Congress pushing for companies like Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to grant home loans to low-income people. These days he likes to apologize for his actions before 2003, but takes no responsibility for all the evidence that he continued to push for homeownership after that time.

In 2004, he wrote a letter to the Bush Administration saying, “We write as members of the House of Representa…


With the passage of Congress’ Bill to takeover America’s health care system, the fight has now shifted to remove those responsible for ignoring the Constitution in favor of a more Socialist government. Nancy Pelosi led this charge.


Obviously, Barbara Boxer has lost touch with Californians and Americans.

Western Representation PAC’s Campaign Against Barbara Boxer is a nationwide, grassroots effort to defeat Barbara Boxer in 2010. Americans can no longer afford to foot the bill for Barbara Boxer’s arrogance. We need your help to ensure Barbara Boxer does not go back to Washington, DC this November.

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You like the way things are going or do you want your America back?

It’s up to us,let’s take it back.And after we do,
National Impeach Obama Tea Party

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