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Are Christians Making Kim Davis Their New Idol?

What a well written thought provoking post! A must read article especially for Christians, take the time and rounder it awhile Christian. I totally agree with everything written, though I did post thing in favor of her. I too didn’t feel right about it, something was off. Was probably the Holy Spirit nudging me. Once again take the time for this one.

Some thought’s in Memes.


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Things you may have missed, because the “Media” sure not going to show you. (Guess I forgot to post earlier)

Let’s start it off right with  Judge Jeanine on the V.A. scandal. Oops I mean one of those phony scandals according to Obama that is. Sure are a few of them. At some point you have ask you’r self, maybe there’s something to them? Unless of course you’r a ” Politically Correct”progressive liberal where it’s a whole other world and you have to check you common sense, logic at the door.

Published on May 17, 2014

“Judge Jeanine Pirro Opening Statement – Veterans Left To Die By The VA – V.A. Full Blown Scandal

V.A. Accused Of Cover-Up As Veterans Die Waiting To See Doctors”.

I wonder if any one is really surprised given the track record of this administration. All you have to do is look at, “Fast and Furious”, the I.R.S. scandal, “Benghazi”, to name a few of those “Phony Scandals”

Attorney General Eric Holder said Tuesday that the Department of Justice doesn’t A. have any plans to investigate allegations that veterans placed on secret waiting lists at VA hospitals died while waiting for care.  Read more here, 3:07 PM, MAY 13, 2014 • BY JOHN MCCORMACK

Let’s not forget.



Speaking about “Benghazi”. From the judge again, check out the video on the link. “Judge Jeanine: What are Democrats afraid of?

” May. 11, 2014 – 6:25 – Why would they consider boycotting the select committee on Benghazi?”

H/T Michael Panici
Outright disrespect & complete disregard for the loved ones of our veterans & the ambassador who lost their precious lives, as well as a slap to the face of each & every single veterans showing exactly where our leaders stand when it comes to all our veterans.
They DO NOT give a damn!
They don’t deserve to hold those positions of power & they DO NOT represent us-We the People!” 



Back to the V. A. “When everyone found out the [inspector general] was doing the audit, the word I heard was ‘make sure nothing is left out in the open,'” the VA doctor told The Daily Beast. “And that ranged from make sure there’s no food out to make sure there’s no information out in the open.”  Read more here. VA inspector general’s office was reportedly told of wait lists months before scandal broke

Excellent article!  Can you spell crony whitewash?” “At least 40 American veterans are dead thanks to bureaucratic delays at Veterans Affairs clinics. But you wouldn’t know it from VA Secretary Gen. Eric Shinseki’s bland and bloodless demeanor at a Senate hearing Thursday. He droned on like an apathetic office manager fielding complaints about the copier being jammed.” Read more here. The VA’s Deadly Bureaucratic Drones 

You probably didn’t see much about this if you weren’t on Twitter or FB and knew what to look for,#OAS but this weekend was the, 10320429_703926932998977_3970798880608835080_n

2014: Operation American Spring to Storm Washington D.C.

What Does Media Blackout On Operation American Spring Mean

Check out a collection of the video’s from the event. Operation American Spring LIVE

A collection of photo’s from the event. 45 of them, pretty cool.

Some great coverage of the event. 

If you have a FB account here are some great photo’s from The Modern American Revolution time line. TIME LINE PHOTO’S A few teasers. 10334309_705029269555410_4460856681855012789_n



The Modern American Revolution 2 hours ago. Col. Harry Riley – Operation American Spring – Day #4

Breitbart – One Voice Silenced, Millions Awakened 6 hours ago · Edited

“CALL CONGRESS: OAS WILL BE MEETING WITH CONGRESS ALL WEEK! Just call your representative and tell them “OAS IS COMING!” …. so they can’t say they don’t know!

This photo was taken during Operation American Spring’s ‘silent march’ to honor our fallen from the Benghazi disaster. This is when the formation was halted and the protesters turned their backs to the White House.

We’d like to thank Brandy Leigh Messick Mason from Overpasses For America for the photo!

CALL CONGRESS: OAS WILL BE MEETING WITH CONGRESS ALL WEEK! Just call your representative and tell them “OAS IS COMING!” …. so they can’t say they don’t know!

This photo was taken during Operation American Spring’s ‘silent march’ to honor our fallen from the Benghazi disaster. This is when the formation was halted and the protesters turned their backs to the White House.

We’d like to thank Brandy Leigh Messick Mason from Overpasses For America for the photo!”#OAS  1958340_531626246944163_3514482449447652784_n

Another thing you don’t hear much about but again no surprise here with this administration history. excellent article by Allen West on May 13, 2014.US Marine held in Mexican jail; 36,000 criminal illegals in US set free BnJ3kCYCQAAdl6-

“Nothing we can do to help you”
There’s nothing else we can do to help the illegals in OUR country anymore! GET THE HELL OUT!!!! Listen to the Gripping 911 Call From the Imprisoned Marine Moments Before Mexican Police Arrest Him

Saw this this morning, don’t read “The Wire” just happened to see it. Home Depot founder and billionaire GOP donor Ken Langone is back in the news for invoking the Nazis again…” Read more is you want to. There’s No Good Way to Explain Your Hitler-Obama Analogy I thought if anyone knows history, watches “The American Hero’s Channel” formally “The Military Channel” and the documented facts of the rise and fall of Hitler and the Nazi’s. There can honestly be no question I think there are real similarity’s between this administration and Hitler’s.

Then I saw this. First lady Michelle Obama is encouraging students to monitor their older relatives, friends and co-workers for any racially insensitive comments they might make, and to challenge those comments whenever they’re made.” Read more here. Michelle Obama Would Like Students to Monitor Family Members for Racial Insensitivity

H/T to Leah Tillock for this one.”Sound Familiar?” 19bb1b3ec12780087dd37e82466df363_500





14 - 1

GOD bless America and you!

islam in America and around the world.

While we sleep and be “Politically Correct” the movement,(Invasion) continues just like Illegal Immigration has had an effect on our country and has changed the Republic.

So too this Invasion from the inside will have devastating effect on our country as it has in every other country they have invaded.

From the Creeping Sharia

Stakelbeck on Terror: Mega-Mosque Madness

No doubt there are many clear and present dangers and threats to the Republic.
This one is just as dangerous and sadly many American aren’t aware of it or just don’t care.

In other posts on the subject I have links for sites that cover islam the so called “Religion of Peace”
Do you’re own home work to learn of the invasion and take over.

The “Creeping Sharia” mentioned above is a good one and  Bare Naked islam is another to start with.

So what’s the latest?Be mindful and look at what and how they have worked in other country’s because they are doing the same here.

“The “red-green alliance” in Tennessee between the liberal-left and Islamists is alive and well but made even more novel with the participation of Republican Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam.

Never one to shy away from Obama’s agenda for the U.S., Governor Haslam’s push to elevate the political status of Muslims in his state must leave Tennesseans wondering if their Republican governor is actually a Democrat.”

Tennessee’s Troubling Islamist Network

From  Jihad Watch

“The jihad doctrine continues to take lives around the world every day, and yet the mainstream media continues to insist that the real problem is those who dare to call attention to it. “Wave of Iraq attacks kills 48 – ‘Security situation is worsening,’” from AFP, December 17 (thanks to Lookmann):”

“BAGHDAD: A wave of attacks targeting both Iraqi security forces and civilians killed 48 people yesterday, in a second day of deadly violence ahead of the first anniversary of the withdrawal of US forces.”
Iraq: Islamophobes murder 48 in wave of attacks —

“And making sure the Christians didn’t vote in the referendum. More on this story. “Fear keeps Egypt’s Christians away from polls,” by Hamza Hendawi for the Associated Press, December 18 (thanks to Betsy):

ASSIUT, Egypt (AP) – A campaign of intimidation by Islamists left most Christians in this southern Egyptian province too afraid to participate in last week’s referendum on an Islamist-drafted constitution they deeply oppose, residents say. The disenfranchisement is hiking Christians’ worries over their future under empowered Muslim conservatives.”

 Egypt: 50,000 Muslims led by sword-wielding men march through Christian areas, chanting that country would be “Islamic, Islamic, despite the Christians”

“Will the Islamophobia never end? “Militants hunt Buddhists in Narathiwat,” from the Bangkok Post, December 20 (thanks to The Religion of Peace):

NARATHIWAT – A gang of Islamic militants burned down the Bacho Tambon Administration Organisation office on Thursday, after failing to find any Buddhist employees to kill.”

Muslims storm municipal office searching for Buddhists to murder; finding none, they burn down the office

“The “Arab Spring” in full flower. “Tunisian imam sued for call to ‘sterilize the wombs of Jewish women,’” by Michael Bassin for the Times of Israel, December 20 (thanks to Jerk Chicken):

The Tunisian Association to Support Minorities is suing a prominent Tunisian imam for hateful incitement against Jews.During a Friday sermon broadcast live on November 30 on Hannibal TV, Sheikh Ahmad Al-Suhayli of Rades, a suburb of Tunis, told his followers at the Khatib mosque that “God wants to destroy this sprinkling of Jews… and is for sterilizing the wombs of Jewish women,” the liberal Egyptian daily Al-Masry Al-Youm reported.”

Muslim cleric calls for “sterilizing the wombs of Jewish women”

“The mother and uncle of a three-year-old boy named ‘Jihad’ appeared in a French court for sending him to school in a top bearing the words “I am a bomb”. The T-shirt also had the words “Jihad, born on September 11″ emblazoned on the back when he turned up at his nursery school.”
Mother of a boy named ‘Jihad’ in court for sending him to school in a T-shirt that says “I am a bomb”

This is interesting.
Oh, Boo Hoo! Terror-Linked CAIR Accuses TEA PARTY of bringing anti-Muslim hate to Ohio School
Because I’ve posted on the Tea Party’s page and the Tea Party Patriots also asking if this was true?
Haven’t heard anything yet though.
“They call themselves ‘Muslims4Liberty’ – an oxymoron if ever there was one – and claim to be working from within the Tea Party to counter the movement’s ‘Islamophobia.’ Dig deep enough and you’ll probably find that this anti-Christian, anti-Jewish hate group has ties to CAIR and the Muslim Brotherhood.”
Islamic infiltration of The Tea Party by a pro-sharia Muslim activist group

WND also had a story about it.
“Far from being the lock-step GOP ground troop some in the media have suggested it is, the tea-party movement includes people of many different ideologies … but this element is most unusual.
WND has discovered a Muslim activist organization that claims to be working from within the tea party to counter the movement’s “Islamophobia.”
‘Tea party’ group fights for Islamic causes

How nice./s
Not news in the U.S. the brutal crime took place. Ali-Mohamed Mohamud found guilty of beating stepson to death with rolling pin | Mail Online.

Ali-Mohamed Mohamud was convicted Thursday of second-degree murder for beating to death his 10-year-old stepson.
Homicide detectives and prosecutors in Buffalo, New York, said the case was one of the worst they had ever seen.
After duct-taping a sock in the boy’s mouth and binding his hands with electrical cord, the stepfather savagely beat the boy so bad he separated the his head from the spinal cord, crushing the back of his head and exposing his brain, according to court testimony.”

Buffalo: Somali Muslim gets 25 years for gagging, beating 10-year old stepson to death with rolling pin

And in my Liberal Progressive home state.
“The Muslims at the conference could hardly retain their exuberance over their unprecedented coup. Gloated speaker Haris Tarin, “We have made a church our home!” Muslim-convert Alejandro Beutel observed that by 2050 whites will be a minority in the U.S., and he asked, “Are Muslims up to the challenge.” Their mission must be to be marginalize and silence the racist, Islamophobic bigots who are defaming Islam. Dustin Craun asserted that Islamophobes are part of a long history of white supremacy dating back to the Klu Klux Klan. One presenter showed a slide that stated, “Islamophobia has become the accepted form of racism in America.”
Muslims gloat over take-over of Christian church in California

This is a old video but it’s still good,PROPS to State Rep. Womick.
First USA Politician to Call for the Discharge of All Muslims from the Military

Uploaded on Nov 24, 2011

State Rep. Womick (R-TN) calls for purging military of Muslim Americans. If you are educated about Islam and its theology as this politician is, this is the first common sense solution that needs to happen to address fighting the enemy and keeping our country safe.

GOD bless America and you and may GOD have mercy on us.

Politically Incorrect headlines and things you may have missed.

With the holiday and just still recovering from the election you may have missed some of these headlines.

Also some must see video’s, sites I joined or just found and posts from friends.
Also check out my Blog Roll. I’ve cleaned it up and added some new ones.

Lets get started.

This first one, I agree with Marl Liven.
Mark Levin: Tea Party Only Thing That Stands ‘Between Liberty And Tyranny’

I also posted on The Tea Party Patriots post.
The difference between the Republican Party establishment and the Tea Party

Robert Fleming said on November 17, 2012
The Tea Party has done good but now it has to organize and select leaders.
Leaders like Sara Palin, Allen West, Bachmann, Mia Love and some of the “Young Guns”.
There is A LOT of people out here trying to organize and get something done that agree with your post.
The Republican party is dead to real conservative I think.

In a earlier post I posted some video’s from Wild Bill a great patriot some may have not heard of.
Here is his website and YouTube page.
Wild Bill for America
YouTube Wild Bill for America

You have to watch this one,almost an hour of you’re live but it is very interesting.
The interview took place pree-election.He was right about the Republican Machine and has some very interesting thoughts on our future.

Take the time.
Joel Skousen August 16 2012 World Affairs Brief with Dr. Stan Monteith

This is an excellent commentary by Glenn Beck on “History will repeat itself if America doesn’t learn from the past.”
Parallel Paths

Another great video from Glenn.
Glenn’s special message for Israel

This is kind of inspirational, hope others would follow but wont hold my breath.
News Anchors Stun Audience & Resign Live On-Air: Told to Do ‘Unbalanced News, Politically’

A couple of patriotic video’s then we’ll move on.

My Name is America by Todd Allen Herendeen- The Official Patriotic Anthem-Super!

Stand up for America

And a Reagan address in 1964 that is just as timely today.
Ronald Reagan: A Time For Choosing (1964: Warns Of NWO)

Moving on.

Who killed Hostess?
The left is madly spinning (aka, lying about) the impending demise of Hostess, trying to blame the free enterprise system, and even Mitt Romney’s former firm, Bain Capital. This is a lie. It was inside job of the left, with a prominent Democrat helping himself to consulting fees and a hundred thousand dollars a year sinecure for his son.”

Lesson from CA: Socialism Doesn’t Work
“How many times is society going to have to revisit the issue of the failures of socialism before we can rule it out as a viable system capable of producing long-term prosperity? It is getting exhausting.

California recently achieved a new milestone as it is now the leader of all fifty states in poverty. In a recent finding by the federal Census Bureau, California has the most people living in poverty with 23.5% of the population living in poverty, stealing the last-place spot for the most impoverished state from Mississippi.”

That’s it for now.Still cleaning things up and getting focused and preparing to protect and preserve my family

GOD bless you and America.Not Omerica