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Peace with GOD and a recent trial.

 Man, just went through a months worth of trials. Haven’t had one for awhile.
Loving the peace of the LORD again!
In the morning I love to sit out on the porch enjoy the view, the peace of the Lord and the morning with my cup of coffee and a smoke.

I mad the fatal mistake (not really mistake) of when talking to my mechanic friend who is a Christian, (BTW if you live in Hemet check out D&R Auto good honest Christian mechanic) and while sharing I told him that I finally understood the LORDS “Unconditional Love” referring to my fiance.

Always had a problem with love and relationships when I was younger and especially before I became a Christian.

I’m sure like many I was very selfish.

I don’t have kids so I can’t say I know about that kind of unconditional love, have a whole bunch of nephews and nieces though so I guess I kind of know a little about it.

Anyways the LORD in his infinite widow, shortly after making the statement to my friend decided to show me I don’t know jack about unconditional love.

I couldn’t figure out what was going on, we where in the mist of a move too, just to add a little more stress and fun to the mix.
What did I do wrong, what do you want from me, praying, asking for wisdom, on and on. You know the drill.

It was like asking for humility, we all know how that works out.LOL

Anyways HIS peace came back a couple of days ago.

One morning while sitting on my porch the LORD reminded me of my statement and the conversation and HIS peace was back.

Immediate prayer, thank you LORD and bless YOUR name. Thank YOU for YOUR unconditional love and care.

Just felt the need to share.