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F.B.I. kills white patriot. No problem, no big news.

If this was I black man, say from a “Black lives Matter” event or some other event this would be all over the news and Obama’s D.O.J. would be all over it, I don’t think anyone can deny that.

I first heard about it will watching Dennis Michael Lynch: UNFILTERED on Newsmax TV . You can watch the episode here DML Unfiltered | Mel Bundy – Cops Killed Rancher ‘In Cold Blood’ and then check out the rest of the stories about the situation in the clips below on the page.

After you watch Bundy’s account of the killing check out the just released F.B.I. video. It looks to me like at about the 9 minute mark in the video “LaVoy” was no doubt surrendering and was trying to probably comply with commands and then maybe surprised by the agent hiding behind the tree when he was shot dead. While you watch the video notice, it seemed to me. After the shooting, when the rest of the patriots were surrendering that the helicopter shot the video from behind the tree line, just encase something happened I would guess but that’s just me. Notice also near the end of the video, around the 24 minute mark after the helicopter comes from behind the tree’s and the agent’s open the truck door to look inside there appears to be a long gun next to the body where there wasn’t anything before. I’m probably just being paranoid or something though hu?

Complete, Unedited Video of Joint FBI and OSP Operation 01/26/2016

You can come up with your own conclusions but I just find it odd this isn’t getting much attention. Other related stories, 4 Oregon Occupiers Remain Holed up After FBI Releases Video of Shooting , Graphic FBI Video Emerges of LaVoy Finicum’s Fatal Shooting After Oregon Occupiers Claim He Did Nothing to Provoke Officers .

Check out some interesting allegation By Dennis that seem to be backed up by former U.S. Congressman J.D. Hayworth in regards to immigration, Megyn Kelly and FOX News in this peace about trump and the debate, interesting to say the least. DML Unfiltered | Donald Trump vs. Fox

God bless America and you.

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Some thought’s in Memes.


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I Am One

Cleaning out my in-box, over 1200 e-mails. I tend to get behind, LOL.
Came across this gem. Standing with you!

Politically UnEZ

I will stand and fight, I will walk on.

I will travel in groups, or alone on darkened roads.

I will scream the truth, or whisper it softly in your ear.

I will vote, I will rebel, I will preach, I will converse.

I will lead, I will follow.

I will stand in the bright sunshine, I will creep in the shadows.

I will take up arms, I will quietly wait.

I will keep watch, I will rest for the battle.

I will pray to God for the strength to carry on.

I will do all it takes of me to defend my God, my Country, my Family, my Freedom and Our American Liberty.


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Some thought’s on Bundy Ranch.

I wonder if people understand how close this administration took us to the brink. After 6 years of an out of control government, with a undeniable record of going after it’s own citizens, Christian, patriot’s, just in general “We The People” and anyone that that doesn’t fall into lock step with them.
The constant build up and militarization of  local and state police forces,government branches that have no business being armed to the teeth. The race baiting, calling people that don’t agree with the progressive movement that’s destroying this great country “Homophobic”, “Racist”, “Islamophobic”, “terrorist”.
People are sick of it! There is a not so SILENT GIANT at time as evidenced most recently with “Bundy Ranch”, the duck man Phil Robertson controversy and Hobby Lobby. When we’v had enough and stand up together things happen.
Even thought at first for the most part the media tried to black out the Bundy Ranch stand off word got around.
Though it may have seemed or looked like there where only a little over a 1,000 or so patriot’s that mobilized and showed up. I believe there where Millions at the ready should the government actually shot someone.
For the most part I along with millions where pretty much content with watching the event unfold and were well prepared to pour into the streets to physical take back our country. But, when I saw this Post  on FB I was getting ready to pack up and make the 300 mile or so  journey up. Make no mistake it wouldn’t take much to light the fuse.
You can see it in this video at about the 24 second mark if you look closely.



Look at what the left says has to say about it. Anti-government groups, right-wing politicians and gun-rights activists camped around Bundy’s ranch…”  Read more here. Nevada ranching family claims victory as government releases cattle


TheBlaze has the fact’s here like them or not. Is Harry Reid Involved? Seven Answers to Seven Questions You’re Probably Asking Right Now About the Nevada Rancher Situation

“It’s not about cows, it’s about freedom,” Utah resident Yonna Winget told ABC News affiliate KTNV in Las Vegas, Nevada.

“People are getting tired of the federal government having unlimited power,” Bundy’s wife, Carol Bundy told ABC News. Read more here. Breaking: Bureau of Land Management Won’t Enforce Court Order Against Bundy Cows


Safety concerns led to Nevada cow release, federal land managers say

Check out the video on post tooFederal agency vows to continue legal action after ending Nevada ranch standoff

As always Jim Campbell  formally of “WE The People” has a good take on Bundy Ranch,congratulations by the way Jim!

We are hoping those who are en route to the Bundy Ranch will continue. Once they are all there, it will send a resounding message to the Feds that we won’t back down. Not now, not EVER!” Read more here. The Bureau of Land Management has announced it will stop the roundup of cattle owned by rancher Cliven Bundy

Got to be somewhere later today so kept it short. In the mean time stay strong patriots. GOD bless you and America.10171921_1457346371167950_4867315303217951037_n10155445_10202283438745495_586814025_n02733-untitled252892529






Saw this on FB this morning from yesterday, GOD bless them!

Can’t embed video on wordpress so PLEASE check it out on the link below, Awesome!


GOD bless America and you!