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A history lesson on Obamacare and commentary. Lib’s move along, fact’s involved.

Megyn Kelly & Brit Hume review the past and future of Obamacare

And in other news.

WELCOME TO HELL, BOB: Beckel, ‘White House Called Me After I Criticized  ObamaCare’

When does ANYONE in this administration take responsibility for anything, from the president on down?

SEBELIUS: “Obama Did Not Know” Healthcare.gov Sucked Like A Lamprey

Sebelius: I’m Not Signing Up for Obamacare , FTA. “But  Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) says government officials like Sebelius should be  required to live under the same laws they impose on everyone else.

Desperate Obama Pimping ObamaCare (Video) FTA. “In what can only be called a desperation  move, Obama is now pimping Obamacare.”


Calling America.

Aren’t you sick and tired of the lies, the games. smoke and mirrors, gutter politics’?

Remember when it used to be about issues, respectful debate, integrity, principles, honor and the country?

Believe it or not for those that don’t remember it used to be like that.

I just found this site yesterday morning, never heard about it before. They look to be about as non partisan as you can be.

They don’t take money from politicians, special interest. All the work is done by volunteers from all sides.

Check this out from: Project Vote Smart .

It’s time, let’s take our country back. 2014 is a place to start. Don’t let them take us into the gutter any more, we are better then that. Let’s help the politicians out of the gutter.

They have all the info on the politicians. Just the fact’s, voting records, speeches just about anything you need to know about them, issues, voting record’s, you know like what they said and then actually did. PLEASE take a look at: Project Vote Smart .

Whether you’re democrat, republican liberal or conservative check them out.

The politicians don’t like it much. Their excuse is they don’t want to give their enemy ammunition. Excuse me. If you had a record to run on why would you not want the public to know about it. Isn’t that who you’re serving anyway?

Why would you not want what you stand for and you’re record out their?

That’s why there’s all the gutter politics now day’s. Lies, rumors, slander, attacking each other and their family’s and kids. Seriously, aren’t we better then that? I know we used to be. Political Courage Test Responses

What the heck is this about? From you’re own party no less. This is what these people have lowered us and America to.

Sadly they have lost and have no more character and like most everything else it drips don’t from the top and effects everyone under it. Take a look around you.

Want to see or remember what character looks like and who you handle the trash? Cruz responds to fellow Republicans providing Fox with opposition research on him

Encased you missed it. This was great to watch. Have question about the fight on Obamacare? Who’s REALLY want’s to shut down the government, who’s playing games, who has no spine? Sen. Ted Cruz on Defunding Obamacare with Sean Hannity

Stop Harry Reid’s Plan to Fund Obamacare , This is Ted Cruzes petition with over 1,655,000 signatures and counting. Sign the petition and tell Congress: Don’t Fund Obamacare!

Obamacare, Deconstructed

Remember Benghazi, not to mention all the others that the Obama administration is trying to keep you from?

The Following GOP US House Members Have NOT Cosponsored HRes 36 to Form a Benghazi Select Committee

Real-time Tracker: #JusticeForBenghazi4

A friend sent me this: PIN DROP


Once upon a time when our politicians did not tend to apologize for our country’s prior actions, here’s a refresher on how some of our former patriots handled negative comments about our great country.

Secretary of State, Dean Rusk, was in France in the early 60’s when
DeGaulle decided to pull out of NATO.

DeGaulle said he wanted all US military out of

France as soon as possible.

Rusk responded,

“Does that include those who are buried here?”
did not respond.

could have heard a pin drop.

When in England , at a fairly large conference,

Colin Powell was asked by the Archbishop of Canterbury

if our plans for Iraq were just an example of
’empire building’ by George Bush.

He answered by saying,

“Over the years, the United States has sent many of
its fine young men and women into great peril to fight for

freedom beyond our borders.

The only amount of land we have ever asked for in return

is enough to bury those that did not return.”

could have heard a pin drop.

There was a conference in France

where a number of international engineers were taking part,

including French and American.

During a break, one of the French engineers came back into

the room saying,

“Have you heard the latest dumb stunt Bush has done?

He has sent an aircraft carrier to Indonesia

to help the tsunami victims.

What does he intend to do,

bomb them?”

A Boeing engineer stood up and replied quietly:

“Our carriers have three hospitals on board

that can treat several hundred people;

they are nuclear powered and can supply

emergency electrical power to shore facilities;

they have three cafeterias with

the capacity to feed 3,000 people three meals a day,

they can produce several thousand gallons of

fresh water from sea water each day,

and they carry half a dozen helicopters for

use in transporting victims and injured to and from their flight deck.

We have eleven such ships;

how many does France have?”

could have heard a pin drop.

A U.S. Navy Admiral

was attending a naval conference

that included Admirals from the

U.S., English, Canadian, Australian and French Navies

At a cocktail reception, he found himself standing with

a large group of officers that included personnel from most of those countries.
Everyone was chatting away in English as they sippedtheir drinks,

but a French admiral suddenly complained that,

whereas Europeans learn many languages,

Americans learn only English.

He then asked,

“Why is it that we always have to speak English in these conferences

rather than speaking French?”

Without hesitating,

the American Admiral replied,

“Maybe it’s because the
Brit’s, Canadians, Aussie’s and Americans

arranged it so you wouldn’t have to speak


could have heard a pin drop.


Robert Whiting,

an elderly gentleman of 83,

arrived in Paris by plane.

At French Customs,

he took a few minutes to locate his passport in

his carry on.

“You have been to France before, monsieur?”

the customs officer asked

Mr. Whiting

admitted that he had been to France

“Then you should know enough

to have your passport ready.”

The American said,

“The last time I was here,

I didn’t have to show it.”

Americans always have to show their passports on

arrival in France !”

The American senior gave the Frenchman a long hard look.

Then, he quietly explained,

”Well, when I came ashore at Omaha Beach on

D-Day in 1944 to help liberate this country,

I couldn’t find a single Frenchman
to show a passport to.”

could have heard a pin drop.

I am proud to be of this land — AMERICA

I am proud to be an American

I thought this was interest, from the same friend:

The year was 1947. Some of you will recall that on July 8, 1947, a little more than 65 years ago, numerous witnesses claim that an Unidentified Flying Object (UFO), with five aliens aboard crashed onto a sheep and mule ranch just outside Roswell, New Mexico.This is a well-known incident that many say has long been covered-up by the U.S. Air Force, as well as other Federal Agencies and Organizations. However, what you may NOT know is that in the month of April, year 1948, nine months after the historic day, the following people were born: Barrack Obama Sr. Albert A. Gore, Jr. Hillary Rodham, William J. Clinton, John F. Kerry, Howard Dean, Nancy Pelosi, Dianne Feinstein, Charles E. Schumer, Barbara Boxer, Joe Biden. This is the obvious consequence of aliens breeding with sheep and jack-asses. I truly hope this bit of information clears up a lot of things for you. It certainly did for me. Now you can stop wondering why they support the bill to help all Illegal Aliens. 🙂

Ooops got to go Ted Cruz is Fila busting.

Let’s keep that border open and some headlines you may have missed.

Let’s keep that border open and secure like they tell us it is. While we are at it lets OK Amnesty too.

LORD knows we all like and want to keep things like this happening.

From THE OLD VET, Of the 500 ILLEGALS Caught in McAllen, Texas Since Monday Over 350 Are “Other Than Mexican” (OTM)

FTA:  “THE MONITOR    |   McALLEN — Stormy weather didn’t deter immigrants from illegally crossing the Rio Grande on Sunday, keeping local Border Patrol agents busy overnight.

By 6 a.m. Monday, local Border Patrol agents had detained about 500 people at the McAllen Station, said spokesman Enrique Mendiola. Agents classified nearly 350 people as “OTMs” — other than Mexicans,”

Let’s not forget,”OTM’s” also include people from Middle Eastern country’s like say Syria, Iran… We want to with open arms welcome these American loving people into our country to do and go where ever they want./s

Like Obamas foreign policy, scandals, Obamacare, everything’s OK. Nothing to see here, keep moving./s

Speaking of Obamacare, check these out. From: RIGHT SPEAK , Obama touted Cleveland Clinic forced to Slash Budget as the Reality of Obamacare approaches . FTA: “An Ohio clinic that was touted by Obama while he was speaking on health care
reform is now blaming ObamaCare after it was forced to cut $330 million from its budget.”

And from: Tea Party Tribune , Showing ‘Who’s Boss’ FTA: “Many House and Senate Republicans are furious with senators Ted Cruz (R-Tex.) and Mike Lee (R-Utah) for appearing to be “the only two Republicans opposed to the health care law when in fact Republicans were united for months against Obama and the Democrats in trying to head off the law in 2009 and still vehemently oppose it,” said the Associated Press.

Anyone with a functioning brainstem knows this to be false. Establishment Republicans have certainly cast symbolic votes to defund ObamaCare (at least 40) but have balked at forcing President Obama’s hand by giving him an ultimatum: kill ObamaCare or see a government shutdown.”

From CainTV , In absolutely awesome piece, Palin rips GOP defeatists who fear defunding ObamaCare

FTA: “We love Gov. Palin here, and this is exactly why. As Washington GOP insiders cower in fear over the efforts of people like Ted Cruz, Mike Lee and Rand Paul – who actually want to fight this boondoggle – Palin lays out the real truth. For Republicans who insist the defunding of ObamaCare is unachievable, Palin exposes exactly why they think that: They expect to get beaten up by the media, and they’re afraid of that. If the House majority holds together and refuses to fund any particular thing, no money can be spent on it. That’s just a basic fact. If 218 House members refuse to fund ObamaCare, then funding ObamaCare is unachievable, no matter how much Obama, the Democrats and the media shriek about it.”

From: Breitbart , EXCLUSIVE: Palin — Bombs Away on Obamacare; Cruz Is over the Target

From: The Blaze , Harry Reid: Senate Will Not Pass Any Bill That Defunds Obamacare, Resistance Is ‘Futile’ .Hey wait a minute. I thought the Republicans wanted to shut down the Government. So, it’s really the Democrats? Hmmm, go figure./s

In Obamas continued policy of hypocrisy, Hypocritical Obama regime charged Army vet with treason for fighting alongside Syrian rebels. FTA: “In a move that reeks of hypocrisy and is dripping with irony, US prosecutors have reached a plea deal with Army veteran Eric Harroun, who had been fighting alongside the Syrian rebels against the Assad regime.  Back in March, Harroun had been arrested and charged with conspiracy to provide material support to a terrorist group.  After pleading guilty to a lesser charge dealing with exporting ammunition, he was sentenced to time served and released.”

“The irony and hypocrisy come from the fact that the groups he was fighting alongside are the very same ones that the Obama administration is supporting with weapons and supplies.  Does that mean the Obama regime can be charged with conspiracy to provide material support to a terrorist group?”

Did you see this one from: WND , Glenn Beck: Impeach Obama and GOP stars . FTA: “Media giant Glenn Beck is now calling for the impeachment of President Barack  Obama as well as some of the biggest names in the Republican Party for “arming  known terrorists.”

Beck is reacting to a White House announcement Monday that waives part of the  Arms Export Control Act to allow “non-lethal assistance” to rebels in Syria”

Want another one? From: Political Outcast , Obama Defies Congress And Keeps Immigration Position They Eliminated  FTA: “If you are keeping a list of impeachable charges against Barack Hussein Obama,  you may want to add this one to the list.  Congress passed a bill and Obama  signed it into law.  Then Obama defies the law he just signed.”