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Happy 4th of July. Military tribute. Try not to cry on the last one.

I love my country so much. I’m thankful first of all to GOD for letting me be born in America the greatest nation on earth! For allowing me to serve and for ALL our Soldier’s, Marine’s, Sailors, Airmen and the rest that serve and keep us free.


I’m a Soldier so I’ll start with that. I’m a Soldier (Warrior Ethos)

Let’s get the blood pumping. U S Army Tribute – The Warrior Song

Marine’s. The Warrior Song – Hard Corps

Navy. My Dad served, thank you sir. The Warrior Song – Leviathan

Air Force. My niece served, thank you young lady. The Warrior Song – Aer Vis

To all of the United States Armed Forces, with our thanks. The Warrior Song


Like only they can. Red White and Blue, Lynyrd Skynyrd: Military Tribute

Take a minute. Watch, listen, read. This is the one that got me teary eyed.

US Military Tribute – Far Away – Nickleback


more room



For the Christian.

GOD bless America her troops and you. Happy 4th of July.

Soldier’s Chilling Letter Reveals How Obama Is Shaping Our Military Against Us

Don’t worry when the time comes patriots will be standing with you.

Socialism is not the Answer

The Free Patriot

A soldier’s letter sheds chilling revelation from a militant’s point of view on what President Barack Obama and the current Administration are doing to the U.S. military.

“Here’s the problem for us soldiers: we can’t trust each other, as there are those who are extreme liberals, socialists, and those who love the current administration.

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Pentagon OKs beards, turbans and religious body art for some soldiers

This B.S. you know who this is meant to benefit given Obamas sympathy toward islam and muslims. No problem at all with it in regards to chaplains and the rest in the performance of their duties. We are a nation of religious freedom, supposed to be any ways.
The ARMY, the Marines and the rest are ONE! Not a rag tag band of misfits. This is the ways it is and always should be.
The Military should NOT be another social experiment for the progressives liberals.
As many hail it as a good thing, Of course right of the back they attack the Christian and or afraid of Christians being able to share their religion or beliefs.

Failed Duty – No Honor

More truth comes out. “Robert Gates slams Obama Cabinet”.

What many have believed and have been saying for years has finally be gone to come out. Eventually, the truth always comes out.

Communist Style Purge Of U.S. Military Over 200 top military leaders forced out.

Brit Hume reacts to the former Defense Secretary’s remarks

“Public confidence in the commander in chief and his team is taking another hit today in the wake of new allegations about President Obama’s political calculations on military strategy.” GATES RAISES NEW TRUST QUESTIONS FOR EMBATTLED OBAMA –

“Syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer said Tuesday on “Special Report with Bret Baier” that former Obama Defense Secretary Robert Gates’ revelation in his new memoir that his commander-in-chief didn’t believe in the war in Afghanistan and subsequent surge in troops was shocking.”

 “Obama doesn’t believe in the surge or in the war, or in his own actions,” Krauthammer said, “He doesn’t believe in [General] Petraeus, he hates [Afghan President] Karzai, he thinks the war isn’t his. How can a commander-in-chief do that?”

Krauthammer on Gates’ revelations about Obama: ‘How can a commander-in-chief do that?

Did President Obama believe in his own war strategy?

Gates throws the book at Obama

Questions? Anyone?