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The ‘architect of ObamaCare.’

Watched The Kelly File tonight. “HHS Secretary deflects ObamaCare rollout criticism”  Kathleen Sebelius refuses to take personal responsibility? was great but A ‘Kelly File’ exclusive: He’s been called the ‘architect of ObamaCare.’ So how did the rollout go so wrong? Megyn asks Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel  was I opening to say the least.

Ezekiel Emanuel, last name sound familiar? Remember Rahm Emanuel? That’s right it’s his brother. The Kelly File hasn’t uploaded the segment as of this writing but wanted to share some things about Ezekiel Emanuel.

Might help make more sense about Obamacare is all about.

Let’s start if off with a post from CNS News. FTA: “Emanuel is no stranger to controversy. He was dubbed a “deadly doctor” by Obamacare opponents for his promotion of “death panels.” He repeatedly supported medical rationing and even the denial of care to those with disabilities throughout his  career. Emanuel is the brother of former White House Chief of Staff and  Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel” –  Obamacare Architect: It’ll Take ‘Year or Two’ to Fix Technical ‘Glitches’ –

Wait, what? Ezekiel J. Emanuel is a Senior Fellow at American Progress and the vice provost for global initiatives, Center for American Progress .

“Watch American Progress’s 10-year anniversary conference here. Watch former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s speech here.

Today, as the Center for American Progress and Center for American Progress Action Fund celebrate their 10th anniversary, we look at the impact American Progress has had on the country. From producing the blueprints to achieve universal health care coverage and end the Iraq War to developing a new middle-out economic-growth agenda and showing the economic benefits of clean energy, our ideas are helping address the country’s most pressing challenges“. Making Progress: 10 Years of Ideas, Action, and Change

Just gota love those Progressives./s

“‘Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel, health adviser to President Barack Obama, is under scrutiny. As a bioethicist, he has written extensively about who should get medical care, who should decide, and whose life is worth saving. Dr. Emanuel is part of a school of thought that redefines a physician’s duty, insisting that it includes working for the greater good of society instead of focusing only on a patient’s needs. Many physicians find that view dangerous, and most Americans are likely to agree”Obama’s Health Rationer-in-Chief

“Jake Tapper isn’t a hard-core leftist, but he is easily manipulated by the left.  Tapper looks at the responses that Dr. Emanuel gives for the recent criticism of his writings about rationing of health care and the “complete lives” philosophy for determining who gets what health care and how much.” Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel Tries To Tap-Dance His Way Out Of His Own Writings

Now this is interesting, Dr. Ezekiel J. Emanuel and the U.N. Remarks at reception to mark Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunisation (GAVI) Call for Action and Resources

The Kelly File just posted. Exclusive: ObamaCare ‘architect’ on what went wrong

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GOD bless America and you.

A history lesson on Obamacare and commentary. Lib’s move along, fact’s involved.

Megyn Kelly & Brit Hume review the past and future of Obamacare

And in other news.

WELCOME TO HELL, BOB: Beckel, ‘White House Called Me After I Criticized  ObamaCare’

When does ANYONE in this administration take responsibility for anything, from the president on down?

SEBELIUS: “Obama Did Not Know” Healthcare.gov Sucked Like A Lamprey

Sebelius: I’m Not Signing Up for Obamacare , FTA. “But  Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) says government officials like Sebelius should be  required to live under the same laws they impose on everyone else.

Desperate Obama Pimping ObamaCare (Video) FTA. “In what can only be called a desperation  move, Obama is now pimping Obamacare.”