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Obama’s distraction,Gay Marriage.

Conservatives should just make one statement on Obama’s distraction of the week.

Post it on their website and refer everyone to it and then say I want to talk about Obama’s failed record,polices,economy,stimulus,back door deals,wasted tax payer money,corruption,pick a topic.
If all you want to do is talk about the latest distraction go to my website for my comment.
Don’t let the left wing media run the show.
Vet Obama this time,expose his lies,distortion’s,the corrupt people he has working for him.
I had read before that the “Gay Community” was less then 10% of the population,around 7,8% I think it was.
According to Dobbs,it’s barley 4%.
I always thought it amazing how such a small percent of the population could make so much noise after an overwhelming majority of the states had constantly voted to ban “Gay Marriage”.
Here in California we are still in court for something we voted on years ago.
Isn’t that the way it’s supposed to work in America?
Vote on it,the will of the people.
The majority,not the minority.
With the the liberal “lame stream media” and progressive influence there and in the schools and court’s,I guess there should be no surprise this has happened.
Lou Dobbs broke it all down very simply last night on his show.
Hope you take the time to check them out out.

GOD bless America and you.

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