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Kermit Gosnell, Benghazi, Tea Party, I.R.S.Move along,nothing to see here./s

NOT from the “Lame Stream Media”.

“Rep. Marsha Blackburn tells MRCTV that she’s trying to find out why major media aren’t covering the murder trial of abortionist Kermit Gosnell.

“I had  71 of my colleagues join me on the letter to the executives of ABC, NBC, CBS asking why they have not been covering this story,” Rep. Blackburn told MRCTV.”

Rep. Blackburn: Gosnell ‘One of the Most Tragic Murder Stories of Our Time,’ So Why Won’t Media Cover It?

BENGHAZI SCANDAL! (Featuring Andrew Klavan)

“Republican lawmakers blasted the Internal Revenue Service on Friday after a top IRS official apologized for “inappropriate” targeting by the agency of applications for tax-exempt status from conservative political groups.”
IRS Apologizes for Targeting Conservative Groups

“The IRS acknowledging that it targeted conservative political groups during the 2012 election season has sparked bipartisan calls for investigation — with House Republicans already saying they will hold a hearing on the issue.
House Majority Speaker Eric Cantor said Friday the Republican-led chamber would investigate the tax-collecting agency for flagging the groups for additional review to see whether they were violating their tax-exempt status.”
See video on link.
House Republicans swiftly announce hearing on IRS targeting conservative groups

Don’t look to closely. You might notice a pattern or even an agenda.

GOD bless America and you!

WOW.This is sad!

There has never been a more important time to be praying for our country then today in light of all that is going on and what the Obama administration is doing to “Fundamentally Change the Country” in my humble opinion.

So very sad that the news is no longer reported.

GOSNELL WHO?! (It Ain’t Easy Being a Babykiller)

Doctor Finds Severed Head Of Baby Inside Woman After Botched Abortion

In other news that goes unreported by “The Lame Stream Media”.

Case Worker: Illegal Aliens Got Food Stamps by the “Vanload”

Report: Secret Timeline Shows Obama Administration Knowingly Doctored Talking Points To Mislead Public On Benghazi Attacks

Check it out and join with Billy Graham.
My Hope with Billy Graham “I have hope for America because of Jesus Christ.”

GOD bless America and you.