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Shalom, The people of Israel will soon celebrate Channukah,

I got this from a friend on facebook,Henri Sebbane


Telling me about this and wanted to share if anyone else can help or share too,thanks.

Here is a short summery.

The people of Israel will soon celebrate Channukah, a Jewish holiday which commemorates resistance to the oppression of the Jewish people.

We would like to offer our IDF soldiers hundreds of pizzas, as well as personalized packages which contain sweets, drinks, cake and other .alimentation .

More than food provisions, our soldiers need our solidarity, our understanding and our comfort. These pizzas and gifts assist in the aid of morale support which we would like to provide to the soldiers, thanks to you, and thanks to the Chessed which you have shown.

Many of these soldiers will spend the festival of Channukah far away from their families. They are seeking your support.

Any person able to help fund the activity of TSAHAL-PIZZA by sponsoring 10 soldiers or 15 baskets, or more, will receive a Tsahal T-shirt and a flag of the State of Israel.

Hag Semeach!

GOD bless Isreal,America and you.