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New Iran uranium enrichment site raises concerns

news.yahoo.com — VIENNA – Iran’s newly revealed uranium enrichment plant is a heavily guarded, still-unfinished underground facility in the arid mountains near the holy city of Qom that will be able to produce nuclear fuel — or the payload for atomic warheads, Western intelligence officials and diplomats said Friday.

robertsdig 15 minutes ago
FTA,The U.S. has known of the facility’s existence for several years through intelligence developed by U.S., French and British agencies, a senior White House official said.A senior U.S. administration official, who demanded anonymity for discussing intelligence, described it as “a very heavily protected, very heavily disguised facility.”If we’ve know about it for years why wait till it goes public to say or get serieous about it? At least France and Britian or on board and a little more serieous.Hope it’s not more talk and do nothing.Be careful “theguyrighthere”they really might not want to negotiate with anyone after all.

The Conservative Monster.com
The time for debate is OVER…Sanctions DO NOT WORK…never did and NEVER WILLIt is time to teach them a lesson and then tell Putin to SHOVE IT…