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Dr. Ben Carson: From my devotional. (God is a nice guy).

As I’ve done in the past I like to share from my devotional. A few of them have been from Dr. Ben Carson and have always been inspirational, thought provoking to me causing me to ponder my own walk and to look inside and helpful in tough and dark time’s in my walk. This devotional was given to me by my father years ago, way before Ben Carson became a public figure or Presidential candidate . Sharing these posts from him I think would help to get to know him apart from the “Lame Stream Media’s” agenda, spin and other political sources and references and share a rare look at the man’s heart and faith if you’v never had the pleasure before.

I would be very comfortable with this man running the country along with my favorites of the Republican candidates, Fiorina, and of course love Ted Cruz. Personally I think both Carson and Cruz are godly, faithful men and we could do a lot worse with theses guy’s in charge. They both have a clear record on what they believe and stand for. Florina would be a good leader too, I voted for here when she ran in California and I think she is faithful and her sharing of her faith has been truthful though I do not agree with her on her comment’s last night on the talk show when she said ” a Muslim shouldn’t be prevented from serving as president “ I think that was a “Politically Correct” answer.

Though I may agree with most of what Trump say’s in regard to immigration, the border and the way he has forced the conversation to the front of issues we are facing today that need to be dealt with. I think we’v had enough of a prideful arrogant, divisive leader for quite sometime. No doubt he’s a good business man and if he were to get elected I think it would be a sad commentary on our nation, showing the world we are hateful, childish, arrogant, a generation of me, me, me and screw the rest of you. I respect and agree with what Scott Walker did and said yesterday another godly man! “I believe that I am being called to lead by helping to clear the field in this race so that a positive, conservative message can rise to the top of the field,” Walker said. “… I encourage other Republican presidential candidates to consider doing the same so that the voters can focus on a limited number of candidates who can offer a positive, conservative alternative to the current front-runner.”  That’s my two cents anyway, moving on to the devotional. BTW on subject of politics’s one of the most excellent tool’s I use fro none bias look at politicians  is VoteSmart.org , give it a try.

“The Love of the Father” Author: Dr. Ben Carson.

“ABOUT my faith in God, I want to express a few heartfelt thoughts that may sound simplistic or irreverent. As I continue to develop my relationship with him , I have discovered that God is a nice guy.

 I confess that while growing up, I had bought into the concept of God as a stern individual who busily jots down in a book every mistake we make, so that on Judgment Day he can call us up and point to each one, saying “Why did you do this? I know you did this,” and then divulge to everybody present the unpraiseworthy actions of our lives.

 I have slowly matured, and have experienced God’s help in many crises. I have come to realize the God does not want to punish us but, rather, to fulfill our lives. God created us, loves us, and want’s to help us to realize our potential so that we can be useful to others.

 The relationship that God wants with me became particularly clear to me after Candy and I had children of out own. I realized how much I love my sons and how much I want for them. Of course I want them to be successful, and want to give them everything I can to make them happy. And I realized that God loves me even more than I love my own children.

 I cannot give my children everything, but I try to arrange their environment so that they can learn to stand on their own feet, to respect others and to become valuable citizens. 

 If I lavish everything on them, they will never reach those goals, but as long as my children know that I love them- that I will stand behind them and do everything within my power to assure their success in life, I feel that I have done what I can for them. They will develop confidence in my love for them and will know that I only want good for them.

 As I have considered my relationship with my sons, it makes it clear to me the relationship that God wants with me and with all the children he has created in the world.” 

Been there, through that and still maturing. Though I don’t have children of my own I have nephews and nieces. I’m 50 something and about 22 years old as a Christian,( still young and growing) I tried and and I can only hope and pray what I’ve shared with them when they where young and coming up would be pleasing in your eyes Lord and help them some how on their journey and relationship with you.

Again I wouldn’t mind having a man with a heart and knowledge like this running the show for a while, especially after what we’ve been through these past seven years and opposed to the “front runner” now. Wouldn’t it be a nice change?

God bless America and you!

Real Love, Sex and Marriage the way it was meant to be.

I want to share a few articles from my devotional on Love, Sex and Marriage the way it was meant to be from the begging of time. The reading’s really touched my heart, encouraged and reminded me of something too. Hope it does for you too.

This is not a “Politically Correct” post though it would have been in years past. Think about how this goes against the norm now. Look at what the godless progressive liberal agenda is pushing in our time. Look at what is on the TV now day’s from Hollywood,”Mistresses” Modern Family” and all the rest. How women are portrayed and are supposed to act what’s portrayed as a superposed man,( a  abusive woman degrading thug) and the women go for it thinking they are not worthy of respect and having no shame, showing everything to everyone is right now. Anyways had to pontificate a little.

First up. The scriptures that go with all of these reading with a few exceptions can be found in Song OF Songs 

The Vocabulary of Love Passage for the day Song of Songs 1:1-4

“Frankly, sex in marriage should be a voluptuous experience. It is a gift to celebrate, excellent in every way… 

 Sexual intercourse is not a given, something that somehow miraculously takes car of it’s self once we enter marriage. It needs nurture, tenderness , training, education and much more. When two persons enter sexual intimacy, there must be a lot of emotional, spiritual and physical give and take.

  Men and women respond differently in the sexual experience, and we had better learn the differences. You can find them cataloged in ant number of books. But what you cannot find is the unique differences that exist between you and your spouse. the books can only provide hints point you in the right general direction. It is up to you to explore the unique and mysterious ways of your partner.

  Women, the experts tell us, respond to sex more in terms of relationship, of caring, sharing, than do men. But it is my God given responsibility to learn the specific rhythms of my wife. How often, how intense, how slow, how fast what gives pleasure, what offends-these and a thousand other things from the vocabulary of love. I must learn to read the language of her heart and soul, and she must learn to read mine.

  This is the agony and the ecstasy of sexual intimacy. But we cannot avoid it even if we want to. Besides, it is the very thing that provides such infinite variety and lifelong pleasure in our sexual experience. No wonder the Creator made marriage permanent-after a lifetime we have only just begun to understand the marvelous inner clockwork of each other.” Author: Richard Foster.

Wow! What woman wouldn’t want to be loved like this? Guy’s, how much better would life be if we learned and practiced this?

The Springtime of Fidelity Passage for the day Song of Songs 2:3-13 

“FIDELITY means a stubborn dedication to growth in personal relationship. A marriage partnership must have room for individual growth; but at the beating heart of any marriage is the delicate, fragile-often painful-but potentiality joyful relationship of two persons face to face in personal encounter. the vital core of marriage is the special kind of sex communion that vibrates on every level-physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual. All the institutional dimensions are only the framework for the dynamic center. And if partners are faithful in the complex ways mentioned above, their fidelity will mean a steady dedication to the growth of an honest and open relationship in every dimension.

  Fidelity is best practiced with an implicit understanding that the relationship happens within a permanent , lifelong structure. But within the structure of permanence, relationships are constantly shifting: they are never stagnant, but grow deeper or become shallow. To be faithful means that we can never lazily accept the present as our fated destiny. For relationships never have to be what they are; they can change. The future has possibilities wherever two human beings affirm it possibilities for them. No one can make a claim to faithfulness in marriage if he does not keep the door open to the possibilities that his relationship can be better tomorrow than it is today.

  Personal relationships are nourished only through communication, and communication between two people enmeshed in daily preoccupations with jobs, budgets, diapers and new math can be very difficult to maintain. For one thing, it takes time…And, above all, it takes desire. Personal communication is difficult because it is painful for us to talk about what we are feeling; it is much easier to discuss the unbalanced checking account than to discuss how we feel toward each other. But more, it is difficult because when we talk we are not sure what becomes of our message after it is filtered through the receptive apparatus of the person who receives it… Fidelity will give us the job of finding out what the other person is actually hearing from us and of patiently probing what the other person is actually trying to say.” Author: Lewis Smedes

Before we do anything else in the morning, my wife and I kiss, hug, say good morning to each other and sit out side on the porch and talk over coffee. Myself, I look forward to it every day. I’v watched how both of us has changed, grown and how our marriage has gotten better. Thank you very much Lord for this blessing!!

This next one is from a weekend reading entitled RETHINK and the scriptures that go with it are, Genesis 1:26-28 and 1 Corinthians 13

“Our human sexuality, our maleness and femaleness, is not just an accidental arrangement of the human species, not just a convenient way to keep the human race going. No, it is at the center of our true humanity. We exist as male and female in relationship. Our sexualness, our capacity to love and be loved is intimately related to our creation in the image of God. What a high view of human sexuality!

  Notice too that the Biblical stress upon relationship helps to enlarge our understanding of human sexuality. The problem with topless bars and the pornographic literature of our day is not that they emphasize sexuality too much but that they do not emphasize it enough. They totally eliminate relationship and restrain sexuality to the narrow confines of the genitals. They have made sex trivial.

  How much richer and fuller is the Biblical perceptive! To chat over coffee, to discuss a great book, to view a sunset together-this is sexuality at its best, for male and female are in intimate relationship.” Author: Richard Foster

Male and Female He created them in His own image.  Genesis 1:26-28 New International Version (NIV)

26 Then God said, “Let us make mankind in our image, in our likeness, so that they may rule over the fish in the sea and the birds in the sky, over the livestock and all the wild animals,[a] and over all the creatures that move along the ground.”

27 So God created mankind in his own image,
    in the image of God he created them;
    male and female he created them.

28 God blessed them and said to them, “Be fruitful and increase in number;fill the earth and subdue it. Rule over the fish in the sea and the birds in the sky and over every living creature that moves on the ground.”

Next up Sweet Surprise I really like this one, the scripture that goes with this one is Song of Songs 4:8-15

“IT’S ODD, when you think about it, that after living together for eleven years, your wife remains alien enough to surprise you. You figure you’ve seen all her tricks and quirks. You know at which foods she will stick out her tongue. You know by her walk, when you pick her up after work and watch her approach the car , if it’s been a good or bad day. You know before she’s read the funny pages, which cartoons she will put on the refrigerator.

  But then one day she surprises you. And you notice anew the exact spot where the hairline begins on her forehead and the unique character of her hands. You realize what you had forgotten for a while-that she’s not an extension of yourself,not a supporting actress in a private drama you are writing and directing…

  Sometimes I look at Sandy sleeping, unaware of me, vulnerable as a child, and remember that she lived a good part of her life before I even entered it. The face of a sleeping woman, is profound. With it’s soft lines, with it’s hidden eyes, with it’s closed lips, it says: “Eleven years are barley enough to get beneath the skin-let alone to the heart-of the mystery that is woman.”

  This woman is my wife. But she is also a sweet stranger, beyond the knowing of a lifetime. She surprises me, and I am glad for that because it renews our marriage.” Author Rodney Clapp 

I can totally relate to that. I sometimes watch my wife sleep too. It brings me great joy, peace and thankfulness.

Last one, thanks for staying with me, hope it’s worth it for you.

Peaceful Togetherness

“The different way in which a man and a woman experience life colors their entire marriage. for the man, sexual union is an event with a significance of it’s own, having it’s own independent experiential value. Through sexual intercourse, he is able to recover community after having spent some time in a certain emotional isolation, a certain erotic neutrality, for example, after a days work. This feeling of belonging, restored by the sexual event, he now takes with him joyfully and proceeds to discharge in his work the energy he has accumulated from being with his wife. He is now able to perform heightened creativity and new zest because his work now seems ever so much more meaningful to him. it is for this reason that the man is able to attribute a spiritual meaning to sexual union, indeed a metaphysical significance.

  The woman’s story is entirely different. For the feminine soul, sexual union is both less and more. It is sometimes very close and palpable. Her spiritual surrender is directed far more precisely at the person of her husband, perhaps at the hoped for child. A woman expects every sexual union to bring her closer to her husband and to remain closer to him ever after.

  An hour of peaceful togetherness in which the woman knows that her husband is really beside her, an hour during which he really participates in everything she tells him and he tells her, is likely to mean a great deal more to most women then any stormy sexual encounter during which she loves her husband, to be sure, but in which her husband actually gives himself to the experience rather than to his wife.” Author: Paul Plattner

Now a few observations from JoeDanMedia proud owner and operator of Intellectual Froglegs website  Judicial kings and Christian peasants – Intellectual Froglegs 09.07.15 

Well that’s it, hope you enjoyed it and someone got blessed by. God bless America and you.