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"Ultimately common sense is what should prevail, not political correctness."

Finally someone with common sense.

Video Excerpt:

“I’m Muslim, I’m brown. My father has the name Muhammad in his name and I do say profile me. Profile my family”.

“Ultimately common sense is what should prevail, not political correctness.”

A couple of headlines and new blogs that are Worth checking out.

The Hidden Soros Agenda: Drugs, Money, the Media, and Political Power
Soros may be the biggest political fat cat of all time.

(With the interest in George Soros generated by Glenn Beck’s Fox News programs, we thought it would be useful to post a special report that AIM editor Cliff Kincaid wrote about Soros in 2004, years before other conservatives started paying attention to the mysterious and controversial billionaire. AIM editor Cliff Kincaid personally covered two of the Soros-funded “Free Press” conventions, where plans were made to influence and manipulate the news media.

Don’t spend money on ads for Obamacare
President Obama is spending taxpayer money on ads. Democrats say it’s a drop in the bucket. That’s the problem — millions make billions. We can’t keep allowing our government to get away with wasting our tax money.

Obama has made a $700,000 national cable ad buy, featuring Andy Griffith talking about the Medicare benefits within Obamacare. It’s a slick taxpayer-funded ad that did not mention health reform’s reductions in spending on Medicare Advantage plans.


Anew blog find from a twitter friend.


Just got this this morning and joined,looks good a virtual march on DC.

Join the virtual march today.

GOD bless America and you.