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Protesters Show Something Interesting!

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Hillary Didn’t Really Win The Popular Vote

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Lexington Libertarian

Supposedly Hillary won the popular vote by a little less than a million votes. But the Lexington Libertarian doesn’t believe it.

First of all I am believing that over 2 million illegal aliens voted. Add to that total felons and those incarcerated who were allowed to vote.

Next we have the dead people voting and the people who are voting for those who have moved away.

After that comes those that vote in two different states. They are usually bused from one state to the other.

The we have those who are paid to vote a certain way – very common in economically depressed areas.

Next comes the bogus mail in votes that are frauds in themselves.

Also what needs consideration here is that absentee ballots, if they do not excede the margin of victory are not counted but just thrown out. If they are not numerous enough to reverse…

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More surprises should Obama get re-elected

“During his show on TheBlazeTV Monday evening, Glenn Beck discussed the Obama administration’s continued push to close Guantanamo Bay detention center and allow terrorists — enemy combatants — onto U.S. soil.”
Glenn Beck: ‘Mounting Evidence’ Suggests Obama Admin May Close Gitmo, Bring Detainees to U.S. Facility After Election

GOD bless America and you.