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You can’t Handel it, but the truth will set you fee! (Racism in America).

So last night I was watching Tucker Carlson Today on Fox Nation interview with Author @VinceEEllison.

Really enjoyed it and hope you get a chance to check it out. The guy is impressive to say the least. Learned a lot of history I didn’t even know about. Going to share some of his stuff because I can’t find the interviews anywhere but Fox Nation. I have never heard of him or watched before. About Vince Everett Ellison . Vince Everett Ellison was born on a cotton plantation in Haywood County, Tennessee.  His parents at that time were sharecroppers. Through hard work and a belief in Jesus Christ, his parents pulled him and his seven siblings out of poverty. Hope you check him out and spread his message. VINCE’S BLOG

Get a little taste of it here,

Biden’s SC Nomination Reveals Democrat Contempt For Black Americans

Every president before Biden had proudly professed that each of their nominees for the Court was the most qualified jurist available in America.

With his declaration that his next nominee to the Supreme Court will be a Black woman chosen because of her race and gender, not her qualifications, President Joe Biden reinforced a 220-year Democrat Party message to everyone in the world:

Do not be confused — Black people remain inferior.

They cannot achieve because of merit. I, your benevolent master, gave this to you. Black people, I don’t owe you a damn thing. You owe me.

Since the 1800s, it has been understood if the Democrats have any hope of maintaining power in the United States, this condescending line of thinking must be reinforced in the Black community. The Black community must be made to believe that they can have nothing, achieve nothing, and do nothing without the grace and mercy of the White Democrat demi-gods.

Because of this plantation mentality, Black Americans who are unfortunate enough to fall under the control of the Democrat Party remain at the bottom of every socioeconomic statistic in the western world.

Only the dregs at the bottom of the Black community, chosen by White Democrats to control the ghettos for them, have a chance at advancement

Vince Ellison: How liberals use race to divide Christians and America

Apr 7, 2020:

Vince Ellison sits down with Ryan Helfenbein, Executive Director of the Falkirk Center, to discuss his book, The Iron Triangle: Inside the Liberal Democrat Plan to Use Race to Divide Christians and America in their Quest for Power and How We Can Defeat Them.

Teaching Black People To Hate: Liberals’ And Democrats’ Damnable Legacy

On January 1, 2020, the Washington Post reported that in 2019 the murder rate had risen in cities controlled by Democrats with large Black populations like Cleveland, Detroit, Memphis, Baltimore, New York, Prince Georges County, MD, and Washington DC.   Why?  Hatred! 

Hatred taught to them by Democrats and the Iron Triangle.  Most Black Democrats will tell you they hate America, Republicans, Conservatives, White people, and police. 

With all of this hate, they inevitably end up hating and, therefor, murder each other.  But they have also been taught to love one thing above GOD and all else: The Democrat Party.

There is a funny thing about hatred.  It never stays put.  It cannot be compartmentalized. It will bleed across its borders and infect everything in its path. 

Hate is a mad dog, and once out of the cage, the mad dog will attack its own master. 

Like their old Confederate masters before them, Democrats taught Black people to hate America and hate Republicans. They taught Blacks to love Democrats and to have an inferiority complex toward themselves. 

In regards to America, they taught them to be envious, ungrateful, unforgiving, entitled, and vengeful.  As expected, these negative emotions have spread from the individual to the community, to the nation.

Democrats’ Hypocrisy On Voting Rights Advances The Cause Of Political Slavery

The great Thomas Sowell opined, “The fact that so many successful politicians are such shameless liars is not only a reflection on them, it is also a reflection on us.

When the people want the impossible, only liars can satisfy.”

I am reminded of Sowell’s statement whenever I contemplate the irony of today’s Democratic Party advocating for the voting rights of black Americans.

White Democrats are not seeking voting rights to empower black Americans. They strive to maintain power for themselves, consistently exploiting black Americans toward that end.

It is an indisputable historical fact that the 1965 Voting Rights Act was necessary because the Democratic Party systematically stole elections for over 100 years.

It is also a historical fact that in a 100-year reign of terror, Democrats used bribery, intimidation, torture, and murder against black Americans and poor whites to illegally maintain power.

Vince Everett Ellison, author of “The Iron Triangle”

Jun 23, 2020:

Vince Everett Ellison, author of “The Iron Triangle,” discusses his new book that covers how blacks have been tricked by Democratic leaders, clergymen, and more. The Brownsville, Tenn., native visits with Yall.com host Jon Rawl.

Vince Everett Ellison: The Ultimate Goal of BLM Leaders Is to Replace God with Statism or Totalitari

Jun 25, 2020:

Vince Everett Ellison: The Ultimate Goal of BLM Leaders Is to Replace God with Statism or Totalitarianism.

Vince Ellison: “MLK Achieved Nothing for Blacks”

Feb 1, 2022:

Vince Ellison is the son of black Tennessee sharecroppers and an expert on the civil rights movement.

He is the author of “The Iron Triangle: Inside the Liberal Democrat Plan to Use Race to Divide Christians and America in their Quest for Power“ and “25 Lies:

Exposing Democrats’ Most Dangerous, Seductive, Damnable, Destructive Lies.” 

He says that MLK made a fatal mistake with his movement: believing that Blacks were dependent on government to provide genuine freedom and equality.

Time To Re-Evaluate The Legacy Of Martin Luther King

After finding evidence that the “man of God” and “moral conscience of our nation,” the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., participated in the rape of a parishioner, engaged in numerous sex orgies, received cash payments from known communists, and admitted that he was a Marxist, King biographer and Pulitzer Prize-winning author David Garrow wrote of King, “There is no question that a profoundly painful reckoning and reconsideration inescapably awaits.”

Black Democrats and White liberals rail about the gains derived from the Civil Rights Movement.

I ask, “What gains?” If murder, poverty, and mass incarceration are gains, you may have a point.

In an attempt to make him untouchable, liberals have protected King’s counterfeit legacy by sealing his FBI files until 2027. Nevertheless, his reckoning is here.

But that reckoning shouldn’t occur exclusively because of King’s immoral behavior.

As always God bless America and you.

So you’re voting for Obama.

So you’re voting for Obama,I can respect that.

If you’re a hard core liberal Democrat,I understand that and this post will have nothing for you.

If you’re a racist and voting for him because he’s black.
I have a few things for you to look at.

If you’re an Independent,common sense rational thinking person then there’s hope and I have some things for you.

If you watch the “Lame Stream media”or don’t keep up with things,you defiantly need to go through post.

First off,for my friends in the Black Community,check theses out.
It’s old but relevant still today.

“I Got 15 Kids & 3 Babydaddies, Someone’s Gotta Pay For Me & My Kids!”

Jay-Z Admits He’s Voting Obama Because He’s Black…
Isn’t that racist and what the Dem’s are always accusing the Republicans of?

You have to see this one,love it.
“Obama Phone”: The Music Video

Some history on the Democrats and Blacks,
KKK and the Democratic Party Democratic KKK

The Long, Sad, Violent History of Democrats’ Racial Hatred for Blacks

History Of The Democrats And The KKK…..(Why the Democrats started the KKK)

KKK Terrorist Arm of the Democratic Party

The Truth About Democrats and Blacks

Bishop E.W. Jackson Christians leave Democrat Party, Manipulated deceived and misled black community for a long time, Democrats only care about staying in power

Obama embraces keeping Blacks stuck on the Democrat Plantation

Love him hate him,he always hit’s the nail on the head.

Moving on.

Given recent events and finally the vetting of Obama.Why would anyone in their right mind would vote for Obama is beyond me.

Take a look at these headlines,read the articles and make a case for voting for him.

Ask you’re self why you’d want four more years?

‘The Project’ Part I — All Totalitarian Ideologies Are Threat to U.S.

Democrats: Investigate Benghazi Attack AFTER the Election [Why?]

STUNNER! Iftar Dinner Lies – Obama Butchers The Truth – Bolsters Muslim Brotherhood

Crises in Mideast putting foreign policy on front burner

White House shifts spin on Benghazi assassination, downplays focus on anti-Islam video

Libya Attack Still an Inexplicable Failure

No, Obama Didn’t Call Benghazi “Act of Terror” in Speech

Comprehensive Timeline of the Obama Administration’s Handling of the Terror Attack in Libya

CNN hits hard on Libya: White House tried to cover something up

60 Minutes refutes Obama deception on Al Qaeda being defeated

Allen West: Obama misled on Benghazi to keep Americans from knowing his foreign policy is a failure

Must see this video.
2012.09.17 – TheBlazeTV – The Glenn Beck Program – Libya Attack Cover-Up

Switching gears a little bit and then I’ll come back to the failed foreign policies of Obama.

Seriously though, how in the world can you have confidence in this man and the people he’s put in charge of running the country?

The “Lame Stream Media”.
What the media isn’t telling you about our economy

This is great,you have to watch it.
Highlights: Pat Caddell Says: Media Have Become an “Enemy of the American people”

Americans losing faith in mainstream media?

With Weighted Democratic Turnout, Obama-leading Polls Mislead Voters

They Want You to Think the Election is Over

A pollster under oath: Admits to falsifying and lying

We Live Under a Media Coup d’État

Sessions: Under Obama, Government Getting Bigger And Middle Class Getting Smaller

Supreme Court opens door to another challenge to Obamacare

Dems’ Medicare lie Why granny should be afraid

These are the Top 5 Worst Taxes ‘Obamacare’ Will Impose in 2013

Chart of the Week: Obamacare’s Barrage of Tax Hikes Coming in 2013

National Council of Churches, MoveOn.org Boycott Christian Hobby Lobby Owners for Birth Control Mandate Opposition

The administration.

Probe slams VA over $6M conference tab including parody video, official resigns z

Why does this administration diss the Military?

Military ballot requests down in key battleground states

Politics at play over military voter turnout?

Back to the administration.

“THE UNVETTED” presented by America’s Survival, Inc & AB INDEPENDENT PRODUCTIONS

The Obama you don’t know

Bombshell: The Real Reason Barack Obama And Michele Lost Their Law License.

WOW. Special Report fact checks Obama’s alleged back story and it ain’t good

The Video That Killed Obama’s Re-Election

Obama Cabinet Flunks Disclosure Test With 19 in 20 Ignoring Law

Testing Obama’s Promise of Government Transparency

Justice Department Used Enemies List to Attack Critics

Hillary Clinton INVITES Islamic UN Nations to Discuss Intolerance – Ours, Not Theirs: Clinton Position on Benghazi Becomes Clearer

Obama USDA met 30 times with Mexican gov’t to promote food-stamp use among Mexican immigrants

Obama DOJ: Email Tracking Up 361%, Phone Call Tracking Up 60%

Foreign Policies, Israel and the Embassies attacks.

‘Obama and the Threat to Israel’: See the ‘Absolutely Uncertain’ Video That’s Gotten 650K Hits in Three Days

Must see.
Citizen Journalist Defends Pro-Israel Ad From Muslim Reporter’s Vandalism

Dead Ambassador’s Diary Revealed Concern of Islamist Threats

Iranian Senior Commander Promises “Swift Death” to Israel

Last Western Detainee At Gitmo Returns To Canada

Devastating new American Crossroads ad attacks our Campaigner-in-Chief

Our friend Eric Holder.

Thought We Were Out of Iraq? Obama Fast Furious Staffer Kevin O’Reilly Stashed Away There

Video: Preview of Univision’s “bombshell” report on Fast & Furious

Eric Holder Participated In Radical Black Group’s “Armed” Takeover Of Columbia University ROTC Office While A Student…

Food for thought.

Retiring Nancy Pelosi – Republican John Dennis for CA 12th District US House Seat – New Campaign Ad Features Bella-osi and Zombies

Intro to Islam: Death Cult

Understanding what our brave men go through in Afghanistan

Test of ALL Americans Who Vote, Those Who Don’t Bother, and Those Who Think They can Afford to Play 3rd Party Games

How Islam and Sharia Violates the US Constitution and Declaration of Independence, the Imminent Threat it Poses to American Sovereignty and Why it Should be Permanently Banned from The USA

Coming to America,learn from others mistakes!

Geert Wilders On Who Lost Europe?

I can’t help it,I just can’t get enough of this video.

GOD bless America and you.