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Blacks,Obama,Progressives, Liberals are pushing for war in America.

I’ve been trying to write this post for a week or so now but every time I start I just get to pissed to do it.

I guess it’s time.
Forget for a minute Gun Control and the attack on the 2nd amendment,the class warfare,the attack on the Constitution not to mention taxing us into Bolivian and putting us into debt for eternity just to name a few things.
I’ve posted on the subject before as have others.
Hannity used to report on the subject of “Black On White Crime”.
There is ample proof the the Democratic party has it’s roots in the K.K.K.
Nough said,not going to get bogged down in that kind of stuff do your own research and or look at previous post’s.
Black people not all but most are being used like puppets.

Slavery is a part of history.

I never or anyone I know owned a slave.
Get over it,quit wining and blaming other people and make something of yourselves.

Why do you attack,demonize or call traitors Blacks that have raised above hardships and made something of their lives?
Colin Powell,Mia Love,Allen west, Benjamin Carson just to name a very few.

Someone once told me,of all the civilizations in the world the Black civilization is the only one that never got over it’s hardships to become something in history.
I’m not a historian but think about it.

The “Lame Stream Media” is complicit in it too with it’s refusal to report news.
What happens when things don’t go the way you want it?
“Just when you thought you’ve seen it all with the Sandy Hook murders of a classroom full of children, America experiences another new low: A man named Christopher Dorner murders (as of this writing) three innocent people in order to air personal grievances. And his grievances are given serious attention by the national media, not to mention left-wing websites.
To better understand this, imagine the outcry if, let us say, a white student who was certain that he was denied admission to a prestigious university because of affirmative action, murdered a university official and the daughter of the dean of admissions and her fiance.
Imagine further that this man had posted a lengthy manifesto delineating how unfairly he had been treated by that university, and that he would continue to murder admissions department officials until the university admitted he was wrongfully rejected.
And imagine if the murderer had listed Fox News and conservative talk show hosts as media personalities he admired, as Dorner listed Chris Matthews, Tavis Smiley and Soledad O’Brien, among others, nearly all on the left.
Finally, imagine how the media, and perhaps the president himself, would have reacted.”
Read more here, Support for Dorner Is Troubling

Remember the LA Riots?

Anyone remember a man named Reginald Denny?

Attack on Reginald Denny

Let me share some headlines you don’t see in the “Lame Stream Media”.
This is the one that got me going a couple weeks ago I think it was.

Video: Black mob beats man until skull breaks

Where the hell is Obama, Jackson, Sharpton and all the rest of the race baiters?
Not to mention the parents.
Why are not people helping, just watching.

There is NO excuse for this anytime or place especially in America.

SEE IT: Graphic footage shows 37-year-old bloodied in brutal lower East Side beating in front of dozens of drunken onlookers

Atlanta killer said he learned to hate white people in school.

You’re white, you’re guilty, you’re dead!

2012 09 black mob violend and the media silence

Federal Statistics of black on white violence, with links and mathematical 
extrapolation formulas.

Are race riots not news? Thomas Sowell spotlights WND writer unafraid to cover black-on-white mobs
Other links found in the above article.
Wearing out the trump card

Black mobs terrorize 1 of ‘whitest big cities’ 

Black-on-white link in Minneapolis violence

Call for crackdown on black-on-white terror
Moving on.

High school food fight turns into violent ‘race riot’ leaving three students and a member of staff hospitalized

No White Children Allowed In After-School Tutoring Program

Peoria Mob Yells “Kill All The White People”

There are tons of articles and story’s about this stuff.
Do the research,cause no one else in the “Politically Correct” society wants to talk about it or report on it.

Now here is some common sense.
 Are these guys traitors too?
Carter G. Woodson, the founder of “Negro History Week” which became “Black History Month,” was ostracized by some of his peers because they opposed his “insistence on defining a category of history related to ethnic culture and race. At the time, these educators felt that it was wrong to teach or understand [Black] history as separate from more general American history. According to these educators, ‘Negroes’ were simply Americans, darker skinned, but with no history apart from that of any other. Thus Woodson’s efforts to get Black culture and history into the curricula of institutions, even historically Black colleges, were often unsuccessful.”

Imagine that,”were simply Americans”
Read more here, Supposed Blacks Had Stayed In Africa?

The Current State Of Black America with Pastor Broden


BLACKS and LIBERALS.Get you some edumacation.Don’t be afraid,it’s OK to think.

I hope you take the time to check these out and really give it some thought.
I’m just sick of people being lied to and taken advantage of by there so called leaders.

I don’t know if there is any hope for Liberals but there might be for others.

First up,for the liberals.
Andrew Klavan The Facts of Life for Liberals

PJTV: The Left Thinks Chris Dorner is a Superhero

Col. Allen West talks to Tamon Pearson of UrbanGameChanger.com about the issues plaguing Black America. Have gangs replaced families, churches and other forms of social capital in our cities? Are we powerless to reverse this trend? Find out.”
The Black Father Famine Is Destroying Families and Communities

Black History Month holds deep meaning for Col. Allen B. West, especially given what he learned from his mother and father. West worries about the state of Black America, especially the destruction of the Black nuclear family. West warns that the next generation of Black Americans may be creating a troubling history. Hear why.”
What Black History Are We Teaching the Next Generation of Black Americans?

Black History Month holds deep meaning for Col. Allen B. West, especially given what he learned from his mother and father. West worries about the state of Black America, especially the destruction of the Black nuclear family. West warns that the next generation of Black Americans may be creating a troubling history. Hear why.”
Living in Lotusland: What the Band ‘Rush’ Can Teach the Next Generation about Choices

Snoop Dogg a/k/a Snoop Lion, a/k/a Calvin made news after he expressed an interest in teaching his kids how to smoke weed. Zo thinks that Snoop Dogg is doing nothing more than promoting dependency. Hear why.”
Dependency Nation: Why Does Snoop Need the Dope to Cope?

Next Generation TV With Allen West

ZONATION With AlfonZo Rachel

Alfonzo Rachel: Examining Black Loyalty to Democrats
“Incredibly informative and historic video by the great Alfonzo Rachel.”

GOD bless America and you.

Obama Care. Just got my Open Enrollment package. Surprise,he lied.

With one day left before America makes it’s biggest decision in my life time.

I hope at least one person reads this post and makes an informed decision on the direction of the country and about who Obama really is.

Realize the man that sits in the White House now is not only a coward and traitor but a Lie’r as well.

Just got my Open Enrollment package for my Health Care coverage. Surprise,Obama lied.

Didn’t Obumer say our Health Care coverage wouldn’t  change or go up if we already had coverage?

Rising Health Costs Undermine Obama Pledge to Curb Trend

More ObamaCare high jinks: Conflicts of interests, rising costs

Cigna Executive: Health Care Reform Tax On Insurers Will Mean Higher Prices For Customers

Regardless of Supreme Court ruling on ‘Obamacare,’ health care costs going up

Another bold face lie from the coward and chief.
Not that I’m surprised.
I figured my company would opt out and pay the fine.

I’m retired on a very limited budget.
I’ve had the same coverage for almost 20 years.
Same doctor for almost 15 years.

Love my doc, small town, 10 minutes away.
I hope this isn’t true,going to have to ask.
Report: Doctors quit on Obamacare

I’m not married so my monthly deductible as always been zero for employee only.

Now it’s going up from zero to $60 a month.
Unless I change to Kaiser(coverage for employee only would zero until September,then goes to $5),
which I can’t stand and is at least a 40 minute drive.
Not including all the wait time for everything.

Believe me $60 more a month is a lot on my budget with gas prices and taxes that are going up especially here in California and the high cost of every thing else.
Wipes out my COLA.

I retired because of health problems so I have to have insurance.

I would love to get out of California but if I do my coast goes from 0 to $1,700 a month for employee only, before the changes.
But that’s because the employees won’t stand up to the Union.
That’s more then I bring home.
Would hate to see what it is now.

Now let me share some articles, news and some video’s on the subject so you can decide for your self.

First got to have some humor.Who can forget this one.
Obamacare Summed Up in One Sentence

Video at link.
ObamaCare 101: What the Healthcare Law Means to You Part 1 of 3

From “The Heritage Foundation”
Health Care Obamacare

A good resource.
ObamaCare Watch
And this one.
ObamaCare:The Truth.The Lies.

Side Effects: Under Obamacare, 29.4 Million Americans Will Change Health Plans Each Year

Issa to issue subpoena over ObamaCare documents

Small businessman to Obama: LIAR!

Obama’s Broken Promise to Wounded Warriors

Obamacare: Lies, Mistruths, Falsehoods and Fabrications

New Obamacare Tax Form Mandates Americans Report Personal Health ID Info to IRS

Like ObamaCare, Try the NHS

50 Pros and Cons about ObamaCare

PROS & CONS: Why Obamacare must be overturned

Federal Judge Grants Preliminary Injunction Halting Enforcement of the Obamacare Mandate

Crossroads GPS: Obama’s Promise

Got this one from a post from  TONY SALAZAR’s

Exodus: Inner-City Blacks Abandoning Obama & Democrat’s Liberal Agenda


Red Rocks

5 Reasons To Vote For Mitt Romney

GOD bless America and you.
Pray and vote for a new begging starting on Wednesday.

Abortion,the left,Blacks and the taxpayer.

Catching up on E-mail again and just had to stop and write.
This stuff always amazes me.

The libs always scream racism and they are the defender of the Black community.
The Black community always creams about “White”,”The man” and racism,(don’t keep up with the latest terms or “Politically Correct” titles)and if you call me a “racist” you don’t know me.So, get over it.

I got most of these links from the “Jimmy Z Show” blogspot, THE JIMMY Z TUESDAY SHOW

First check out this video from the unfriendly “Moxnews”
Watch the woman on the left of the screen,her typical liberal elitist attitude.Her mocking arrogance and refusal to deal with the truth.

Can you honestly watch without discuss,anger,a sick to the stomic feeling for her?She represents the left.The people who “Look out for the Black community.
With friends like this who needs enemy’s?Wake up.

What did she say?

Planned Parenthood of Eastern Oklahoma and Arkansas accepts racially-based money and promises to use it for an abortion “for a black baby.”

Rush hits he nail on the head.It’s hard to listen too but the truth often is.

“The most dangerous place for an African American is in the womb.” Shockingly, the sign has since been taken down. Rush Limbaugh, hearing the story and knowing that there’s an opportunity here to ruffle more feathers than with a thousand “Michelle Obama is fat” jokes put together, jumped into the fray”
Rush Limbaugh: “Planned Parenthood, Doing The Job The Klan Could Never Finish”

“How Does Planned Parenthood Celebrate Black History Month?”

Personal thoughts.

The CIA might have introduced crack and heroin to the Black community.If they did I’ll bet a liberal was behind it.
A honest look at history will reveal the facts about the left and the destruction of the black community and who really tries to help.
They keep you dependent on welfare and social programs.If you honestly need it fine but it shouldn’t be a way of life.

GOD and your Mom is PRO life.Thank them once and a while.

A history lesson.
Why Obama Really Voted For Infanticide

Other news encase you missed it.
House votes to defund Planned Parenthood

Media Ignore Planned Parenthood’s $1.3 Billion Federal Funding Discrepancy

GOD bless America and you.