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Brokenness and God’s Healing Power

Awesome as always. Love the video and how true, Romans 7:21-25.

The Abuse Expose' with Secret Angel

like pulverized in millions of pieces…
is how many victims feel…

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#ThankYouHillary Trending and Not in a Good Way.

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I just ventured over to Twitter and noticed that #ThankYouHillary is trending. I have no idea who started the hashtag but Trump supporters are having a ball, as I suspect in light of the snowflakes who plan to scream as loud as they can in celebration at the sky as a result of last year’s presidential election.

They lost, we won.

Trigger a snowflake today with #ThankYouHillary

And like Crooked HIllary (#ThankYouHillary), snowflakes are still not over it.

So why not, let the mocking begin.

One year ago TODAY, President Donald J. Trump was elected to be the 45th President of the United States.

Feeling triggered today? See tweets below.#ThankYouHillary. See tweets below.

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Stinkin’ Thinkin’ (Romans 12:2)

The Abuse Expose' with Secret Angel

After years of abuse, many victims have been almost brainwashed into continued “stinkin’ thinkin'”. Even though their abusers may be out of the picture, their minds have a way of thinking negative instead of positive. This “stinkin’ thinkin'” has to stop… so we have to transform our minds. We do this by holding every thought captive… and only coming into agreement with good thoughts. It’s not easy… but then we are all a “work in progress”.

Stinkin’ Thinkin’…
is the words I would hear.
When I was depressed,
with confusion and fear.

 Stop that stinkin’ thinkin’…
is what my sister would say…
when I was crying and upset
and not able to get through the day.

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Domestic Violence Day 26: Gang Rape

The Abuse Expose' with Secret Angel

Image result for gang rape

According to Wikipedia, Gang rape occurs when a group of people participate in the rape of a single victim. Rape involving at least two or more violators, usually at least three, is widely reported to occur in many parts of the world.

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Domestic Violence Day 22: Partner Rape

The Abuse Expose' with Secret Angel

Accordng to RAINN, Intimate Partner Rape is defined as sexual acts committed without a person’s consent and/or against a person’s will when the perpetrator is the individual’s current partner (married or not), previous intimate partner, or co-habitat.

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