Only when one side of the Biden/DOJ equation gets slighted do significant actions occur

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As of the morning of 23 May 2023, the biased press still reported on 6 January defendents being sentenced despite this obvious railroading
For the felony of disrupting a joint session of Congress, an Army veteran from Houston got a sentence of 13 months in prison and a demand to pay $2,000 in restitution. Let’s weigh that against Ray Epps’ sentence of nothing.

Now that a precedent has been set for local District Attorneys charging former presidents of unprovable crimes …
Now that District Attorney Bragg has opened pandora’s box, Obama might want to consider that presidents can be charged for jaywalking. Additionally, former presidents like him (and there are a few) might want to consider that they might get charged for real crimes that can be proven.

Therefore, it might be a good time for Democrat presidents to purchase beachfront property in a country where America does not have an extradition treaty.

Mark 1:1

Biden-nominated U.S. Attorney resigning for leaking information to press

Fox News tells us of the resignation of Rachael Rollins as she was found to have leaked “sensitive Department of Justice information” to the press.

Massachusetts U.S. Attorney Rachael Rollins is planning to resign after a lengthy investigation by the Department of Justice into her alleged misconduct found that she unethically attended a partisan Biden fundraiser last summer and “falsely testified under oath” about leaking “sensitive DOJ” information to the press in an effort to help a Democrat win elected office.

Details of Rollins’ misconduct – highlighted in the report released Wednesday by DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s office – showed that Rollins attempted to swing an election by assisting “Ricardo Arroyo with his Democratic primary campaign for Suffolk D.A.”

Rollins, according to the report, went so far as to offer Arroyo advice on how to handle the sexual assault allegations…

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