Dangerous Incompetence @Walgreens.

So my wife went yesterday to Walgreens to get her pneumococcal vaccination the one they recommend for all adults 65 years or older.

The first store she went to didn’t have it and couldn’t be bothered to call another store to see if they had it. So she set off to drive to the next store to see if they had. Fortunately they where more cooperative at the next store because they didn’t have it either and they called another store to see if they had, they did so she continued her journey.

She arrives at the Walgreens gives the employee all her paperwork that clearly say’s what she’s there for. “You’re her for you’re second shot correct?” the employee asked and she confirmed yes. She had already received the first pneumococcal vaccination before but do to Covid hadn’t gotten the second vaccination. The employee gives her the shot.

She get’s home and there is three messages from the store to call them back. she does.

They apologies for the mix up and told here they gave her the Covid-19 vaccine instead of the pneumococcal vaccination.

Problem is, she already had gotten both Covid vaccination’s making this her third one.

They told her it should be alright and scheduled another appointment for the correct vaccination. I wouldn’t go back but that’s me.

She didn’t sleep at all last night worrying what might happen now.

Hope you all are careful out there and make sure that you’r getting what you’r supposed to be getting.

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