Continued masks of shame – the months of their scamdemic

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We point out hypocrisy, expose know-it-all’s, and lampoon those who take advantage of others through hypocrisy, lying, or keeping the truth from the average citizen. We try to do so with satire, sarcasm and humor.

Quiet lamentations abound among the unwashed.

They hear, via their hand-held radiation devices or through television programming, that lest they might not be eternally tormented with this horrible curse the psychopath’s have inflicted upon them – the virus – all life will cease and in its’ place will be further insanity, much greater suffering will ensue, and the beatings will continue until morale improves.

All hail the dickheads!

Dispatches from the Asylum

As the psychopath’s prepare their daily executions, ready to smoke their victims’ remains and serve them at their community dining table, the lolcow’s lubricate whatever orifice at hand with gasoline and stand ready for sacrifice. It is their holy rite of passage into the nether world.

From jackasses and their signs at the entry-way of your local grocery store, restaurant, school or liquor shop, shouting out orders to don the masks of oxygen depravation in order to enter their establishment to buy the crap they sell, now we have commands from non-human plastic suits of programmed insanity to obey whatever shitf**kery is programmed into these machines

The avenue of choices towards one’s personal tank into the bowels of Hell here on Earth are so varied that choosing one’s demise is as mind-numbing as watching any local or corporate news programming, trying to find a grain of truth. Total annihilation of…

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