This is crap. This needs to stop. VA waste.

This is ridiculous and shameful. With all the money this country wastes in the government, on welfare abuse, immigration, left leaning policies, refugees, the UN, this should not be. This should be one of the most smooth running organizations we have, we owe it to the Veterans. This makes me sick.

From the famed Sharyl Attkisson. Thank you. “A medical doctor-turned-whistleblower was part of a team that reviewed veterans’ medical files to see if they’re entitled to compensation for Agent Orange injuries. He says he caught reviewers pushing through files at an improbable rate, failing to give them a proper review and often denying vets their due. The company, a V.A. contractor, denies it.”Read more here. Were Vets and Taxpayers Cheated?

“David Vatan: By reviewing their files, I was honored and I felt that there is a purpose in what I do and at the end of the day every day I felt so good if I reviewed a file and I found the evidence that could benefit our veterans, that’s the least I could do.

Sharyl: So their ability to get payments or benefits hinged on the reviews that people like you were doing of their medical files?

David Vatan: Absolutely.

But Vatan says he quickly saw major problems at QTC: large numbers of vets denied benefits after he says their medical files weren’t properly reviewed.

Sharyl: What made you think that something wasn’t right?

David Vatan: I noticed that some of my co-workers are reviewing claim folders a lot faster than I did and then I realize some of them do not have the necessary background to review and understand the highly complex medical records. And, much to my surprise, some of them had only high school education.

QTC got $300-$350 per file. The faster the analysts worked, the more money QTC made.

Sharyl: How many files do you think could reasonably be reviewed in a day?

David Vatan: Uh, five or six based on my observation.

Sharyl: But some people were doing 50?”Read more here. VA Waste

FULL MEASURE: February 19, 2017 – VA Waste




God bless America and you.


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