I Am One

Cleaning out my in-box, over 1200 e-mails. I tend to get behind, LOL.
Came across this gem. Standing with you!

Politically UnEZ

I will stand and fight, I will walk on.

I will travel in groups, or alone on darkened roads.

I will scream the truth, or whisper it softly in your ear.

I will vote, I will rebel, I will preach, I will converse.

I will lead, I will follow.

I will stand in the bright sunshine, I will creep in the shadows.

I will take up arms, I will quietly wait.

I will keep watch, I will rest for the battle.

I will pray to God for the strength to carry on.

I will do all it takes of me to defend my God, my Country, my Family, my Freedom and Our American Liberty.


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