Immigration, H1B Visa and the dummying down of America.

I was looking at some of the Blogs I follow here on WordPress yesterday. Don’t do it as much as I should or would like to. It’s hard to keep up with everything. This one got my eye, not sure how true it is but it sent me on a journey about HB1 Visas that I had heard about but really knew nothing about.

Given that Obama wants to focuses on Immigration to “Fundamentally change America” and add more democrat voters to the roaster and to the “nanny state” welfare system this is pretty important stuff. Especially if your out of work and care about the direction of the country.

An interesting read, “Newtown — A shocking display as three American software engineers sat down in the city square doused themselves with gasoline and set themselves on fire. A note left behind stated simply “The US Government has commited genocide against software engineers. They import over 500,000 Indian engineers with fake degrees every year while American software engineers starve in the streets. Indian mafias have taken control of placement agencies and management positions making it impossible for our best and brightest to find jobs. We have lost everything and have no other way to protest this criminal government’s actions that have destroyed the American software profession Read more. Trio of American Software Engineers Burn Themselves Alive To Protest H-1B Visa

March 20, 2012. “When President Obama was participating in a live video chat, Jennifer Wedel asked him, “Why does the government continue to issue and extend H-1B visas when there are tons of Americans just like my husband with no job?” Her husband is a semiconductor engineer who was laid off three years ago and is still unable to find an engineering job.” Schlafly: H-1B Visas Take American Jobs

February 28, 2013. “H-1B guest worker visas are not a useful way to drive U.S. innovation, a new EPI paper finds. In Are foreign students the ‘best and brightest’? Data and implications for immigration policy, Norman Matloff, a professor of computer science at the University of California, Davis, discusses the H-1B program, which allows employers to temporarily hire foreign STEM workers.

H-1B visas are often described as a way to attract the “best and brightest” to American shores, but many employers use the H-1B program as a source of cheap, compliant labor.” H-1B Visa Program Is Not Attracting the Best and Brightest Workers, New EPI Paper Finds

Washington, Apr 23, 2013. “Amid Congressional debate on the comprehensive immigration reform, a US Senator has accused Indian Information Technology (IT) comp­anies–TCS, Infosys and Wipro–of abusing the H-1B visa system.

“There are some specific abuses of H-1B,” Senator Richard Durbin said during a Congressional hearing on immigration reform by the Senate Judiciary Committee on Monday.

In fact, Senator Durbin went on to brand Indian IT companies as outsourcing firms.

“These outsourcing firms like Infosys, Wipro, Tata and others, Americans would be shocked to know that the H-1B visas are not going to Microsoft. They are going to these firms, largely in India, who are finding workers, engineers, who will work at low wages in the US for three years and pay a fee to Infosys or these companies,” Durbin alleged.” Indians cos abusing H-1B visas, says senator

DML:  H1B Visas and the myth about shortage of tech workers

This is a good one too. The H1-B visa scam

Dr. Michio Kaku – H1B Visa is Destroying America 

October 30, 2013. “A federal investigation into visa use by Infosys, the Indian technology outsourcing giant, has brought to light widespread abuses in the industry and prompted investigations into other foreign outsourcing firms, federal officials said Wednesday.” “In the largest settlement ever in an immigration case, Infosys admitted no visa violations but agreed Wednesday to pay $34 million to resolve claims made by federal prosecutors in Texas” Federal Inquiry Into Indian Firm Puts a Focus on Widespread Visa Abuses

Nov. 4, 2013.”Tech companies have lobbied aggressively for immigration reform to allow more skilled foreign workers to enter the U.S. to increase America’s global competitiveness.

But the companies that request the most H1-B work visas for engineers are actually facilitating outsourcing, critics say, including a firm fined last week by the Department of Justice for alleged “systemic” visa fraud.” Record Visa ‘Fraud’ Fine as Tech Firms Under Fire for Relying on Foreign Workers

Updated November 16, 2013: “There are currently no extended unemployment benefits in place for 2014. Legislation providing for an unemployment extension will need to be passed by Congress in order to continue extended benefits for 2014. All current federally funded programs expire at the end of 2013” Unemployment Extension 2013

The Number of Long-Term Unemployed Americans Has Shot Up by a Staggering Percentage Since 2007 (Yes, Triple Digits)

“It is forbidden for the main stream media to ever mention the H-1B visa. Lou Dobbs did on his show and NINE private equity groups banned together, purchased Nielson ratings, and then surprise surprise his ratings “magically” had dropped to almost zero out of nowhere after they took over. This is big money and big power playing and it comes straight from the federal reserve trillion dollar abuse america fund.”

“If it is true that Obamacare crashed because it was subcontracted to Infosys and Cognizant – big Indian bodyshoppers who abuse the H-1B visa, then where is the press on the H-1B? Not one mention.” Indian Admits to Crashing Obamacare With Bad Software

17 November, 2013. “A Colorado Democrat who wanted Obamacare waivers for some of the country’s wealthiest patrons of ski resorts wants the law’s individual mandate to apply to today’s illegal immigrants, which can only happen if they are given a pathway to citizenship.”

“Rep. Jared Polis (D-CO) said on Friday that the House should pass comprehensive immigration reform with a pathway to citizenship for all of the country’s illegal immigrants so they could get on Obamacare.” DEMOCRAT WANTS AMNESTY SO ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS CAN ENROLL IN OBAMACARE

A couple headlines on Obamacare. D.C. insurance commissioner fired a day after questioning Obamacare fix

October 31, 2013. White House: 93 Million Americans Must Be Sacrificed

“Dummying down of America” continues. It’s amazing what while asleep, America has allowed the Progressives to do to this great country. Hopefully with Obama being exposed more and more, the lies and more lies, with all the scandals they keep trying to hide and distract from America is finally starting to see what Progressivism is all about.

From Drop out Nation “No one should be surprised that the U.S. Department of Education’s new guidance for 41 states to renew the waivers granted to them under the Obama Administration’s effort to eviscerate the No Child Left Behind Act and its accountability provisions effectively allows states to get away with continuing their shortchanging of poor and minority children. After all, the Obama Administration is facing a maelstrom of problems on every front inside and outside of education — and it has neither the political capital or fiscal coffers to stop states from going their own way.” Obama & Duncan Just Give Up

” A Common Core School District, Gulfport, MS is covering up failing test scores. At a recent meeting by Superintendent Glen East, parents were told that the test scores of the district had improved dramatically under the implementation of the Common Core curriculum.  The Superintendent made his claims regarding dramatic academic improvement of all students by using ONLY the scores of the  top 150 student.” Officials Hide Evidence: After 4 Years Of Common Core-Test Scores Plummet

If you haven’t heard of “Common Cor” yet, you’d better wake up. More Progressive take over of the country and the youth. The Blaze and on The Blaze TV Glenn Beck program usually have good coverage on the subject, also see, Common Core for the latest updates on The Blaze.

“Speaking at a local school board meeting earlier this month, a Tennessee high school senior issued a brief and incredibly insightful address on the problems with Common Core standards.

Ethan Young, a student at Farragut High School in Knox County, Tenn., made his case as to why he believes the school district should drop the new national education standards, a set of guidelines that were never voted on by Congress, the Department of Education nor by local or state governments.” This Could Be One of the Best Cases Ever Made Against Common Core – No One Expected It to Come From a High School Student

Check out Parental fighting the U.N.’s attach on our children.

Encase you missed this back in July on Hannity. Hannity Special:  The Cost of Amnesty w/ Dennis Michael Lynch

If you get a chance check this great post out, it’s worth the time! The Greatest Fraud In American History (Committed by the Man who promised to Fundamentally Change America)

GOD bless America and you.


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